Dubai's Miracle Gardens
Dubai's Miracle Gardens
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Dubai by night

Israelis, say hi to Dubai

From flowers to towers and skydiving to sky lights, normalization deal with the UAE opens up Dubai's collection of amazing attractions to Israeli tourists, and the Emirati city is already anticipating an influx of first-time visitors

Yaniv Halili |
Published: 08.22.20 , 09:21
A source in Dubai's tourism industry told Ynet on Sunday that preparations are already underway for the expected influx of Israeli tourists, just days after the two countries announced a normalization agreement.
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  • "Until recently, government officials told us to wait when it comes to bringing in groups from Israel, even those with a foreign passport, to Dubai. Now we have been given the green light," he said.
    Dubai by night
    (Photo: Alex Sofinski)
    "But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of tourists to the city has gone down drastically. Now we are waiting for Israeli tourists and businessmen how surely will want to do business here and fill Dubai's streets and attractions."
    It was also reported that the UAE's two national flight carriers, Emirates and Etihad Airways, have already started preparations for direct flights from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
    בורג' ח'ליפה בדובאיבורג' ח'ליפה בדובאי
    The Burj Khalifa skyscraper
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    According to sources, the routes could become operational as soon as October.
    "There is a reason Turkey so vocally condemns the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE," a source said
    "One of the main economic victims of this deal is Turkish Airlines, which is very popular among Israelis."
    So what is there to do in Dubai?
    Dubai's most popular attraction of course is the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the tallest tower in the world, from the top of which a beautiful panoramic view of the city can be seen. Admission costs 110 Dirham (1 UAE Dirham = 0.93 Israeli shekels), but tickets can be bought at a lower price through coupon sites.
    At the base of the tower lays the Dubai Mall, which houses a beautiful aquarium (admission is 120 Dirham) and also a fashionable boulevard with many designer shops.
    Also at the mall is a beautiful water show that can be seen freely. The spectacular performance happens every half hour and starts at 6pm.
    קניון ב דובאיקניון ב דובאי
    The Dubai Mall
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    Exiting the city by transport from the mall, visitors reach the Miracle Gardens (admission 50 Dirham), where you can see gigantic statues made out of flowers of Disney characters, Alice in Wonderland and even a life-sized airplane.
    The city's newest shining attraction is the "Dubai Frame" - a massive architectural installation, shaped like a golden picture frame, towering at 150 meters.
    Dubai's Miracle Gardens Dubai's Miracle Gardens
    Dubai's Miracle Gardens
    (Photo: Shutterstock)
    At the Frame, there is an audiovisual performance on Dubai's past, present and future (admission 52 Dirham).
    Dubai proudly shows its Emirati and Arab heritage. If you wish to see and feel that heritage, two attractions are a must.
    מסגרת דובאימסגרת דובאי
    The Dubai Frame
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    The first if the Global Village - a massive fairground presenting over 90 cultures from around the world. Each section is filled with shops, restaurants, concerts and carnivals from each respected culture.
    The Village's main showcase is the various Arab nations and cultures, where you can find dancing performances, fancy restaurants and spectacular firework performances (admission 15 Dirham).
    אקווריום דובאיאקווריום דובאי
    The Dubai Aquarium
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    Driving along the main highway leading to the border with Oman, you can take a desert safari ride. The trip includes a dune buggy ride not for the faint of heart, an authentic Emirati dinner, a belly dancing show and more. The trip lasts about half a day and costs about NIS 300 all-included.
    Even though it might be the middle of the summer, but you still feel like skying, Dubai has got you covered.
    מזרקת דובאימזרקת דובאי
    The Dubai Fountain
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    "Ski Dubai", located at the "Mall of the Emirates", is a massive complex with over 22 km of ski lanes and other attractions (admission 200-500 Dirham). The mall is also a great place to shop at low prices.
    If you're tired of the more modern attractions of Dubai, you can head north from the "Mall of the Emirates" and head down to the Old City, where you can also find the massive Al Souk Al Kabir.
    Ski Dubai Ski Dubai
    Ski Dubai
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    The traditional Arab souk is a great place to buy souvenirs, traditional clothing and beautiful houseware.
    On the other side of the canal crossing of the Old City are Dubai's spice, gold and clothing markets.
    Dubai's Spice Souk Dubai's Spice Souk
    Dubai's Spice Souk
    (Photo: Shutterstock )
    The Palm Islands are an awesome sight to see, filled with the city's best and most luxurious hotels and could even be seen from above with a 15-minute helicopter ride which costs around 800 Dirham.
    Dubai is also home to a variety of theme parks and child attractions. Two of the most recommended ones (and not only for kids) are "Lego Land" and "Atlantis," the city's local waterpark.
    Dubai is also home for great culinary experiences of all kinds and prices. You can eat at a Persian or Lebanese restaurant for 50-100 Dirham, or one of its Michelin Star eateries or chef Gordon Ramsey's "Bread Street Kitchen & Bar" on the Palm Islands.

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