A gesture from the heavens: pilots draw Star of David on flight radars

Prof. Guy Katz flies over Munich and creates Star of David on the radar; Delta Airlines pilot flies private plane in shape of Israeli flag
Iris Lifshitz Klieger|
Prof. Guy Katz showing solidarity with Israel
(Video: Prof. Guy Katz)

Prof. Guy Katz, an Israeli living in Munich, flew his private plane over the German city, tracing a Star of David on the radar to show his support for the State of Israel.
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Katz, a former intelligence officer and currently a lecturer in the Department of Business at the University of Munich, is known as the "flying professor." He shared about his grandfather, Arye Steinmetz, a survivor of Auschwitz. "After enduring the Holocaust, my grandfather believed that we are our own protectors, rather than relying on divine intervention. I imagine that, even today, he would have imparted the same sentiment to me."
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המטוס של גיא כץ
המטוס של גיא כץ
Prof. Guy Katz's plane in Germany
(Photo: Guy Katz)
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מגן דוד במכ"ם
מגן דוד במכ"ם
Star of David on radar
(Photo: Flightradar24)
Captain Tim Velasco of Delta Airlines made a similar gesture by flying his private jet over Salt Lake City, sketching the Israeli flag on the radar.
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