Six months after Huwara attack, IDF razes home of terrorist who killed Israeli brothers

Israeli forces enter Askar refugee camp near Nablus to demolish home of Hamas operative Abd al-Fattah Kharousha, who killed Hillel and Yagel Yaniv in fatal February shooting in Huwara
Yoav Zitun|
Israeli security forces move in to destroy terrorist home
(Video: IDF spokesperson unit, J-media)

IDF forces overnight Tuesday razed the home of the terrorist responsible for the fatal February shooting attack in the Palestinian village of Huwara that killed Israeli brothers Hillel and Yagel Yaniv.
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During the operation in the Askar refugee camp near Nablus where Hamas operative Abd al-Fattah Kharousha resided, Palestinian rioters clashed with Israeli troops, burning tires, hurling explosives and firing gunshots. The troops responded with riot-control measures.
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מיפוי בית לפני הריסה בשכם
מיפוי בית לפני הריסה בשכם
IDF forces mapping out Kharousha's home for demolition
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Kharousha was killed by Israeli force in a raid nine days after the deadly attack on the Yaniv brothers. Security officials believe he intended to execute another attack, leading to the daylight operation. As the forces attempted to apprehend him and other suspects, a firefight ensued between security forces and terrorists. Five other terrorists were killed alongside Kharousha and 23 Palestinians were wounded.
The Yaniv brothers were shot and killed by Kharousha at point-blank while driving their car through the Palestinian West Bank town of Kharousha. Hours later, dozens of settlers rampaged through Huwara in retaliation, torching homes and vehicles.
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עבד אלפתאח חרושה
עבד אלפתאח חרושה
Abd al-Fattah Kharousha
After the attack, the IDF began a search for the assailant around Nablus and nearby villages. Special forces used intelligence to locate the assailant and collected evidence by accessing security camera footage. The military also examined the assailant's entry and exit routes, given earlier reports that the shots might have come from a moving vehicle.
Hillel Yaniv, 22, had previously served in the Israeli Navy and his younger brother, 20-year-old Yagel, was set to enlist in the IDF.
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