We must strongly proclaim that terror will never win

Opinion: Rabbi M S Ginsbury of the Hendon United Synagogue in London, shares his thoughts with Ynet after the murder of Lucy, Maia and Rina Dee in a terror attack and joins his colleague and friend Rabbi Leo Dee in assuring all that terror will never win

Rabbi M S Ginsbury|Updated:
Funeral service for Lucy Dee
(Gil Yohanan)
Rabbi Leo Dee, his wife Lucy and their lovely children were with us at Hendon United Synagogue from 2008–2011 when Rabbi Dee served as our assistant Rabbi. They are still fondly remembered for the impact they made whilst with us.
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They applied their great intelligence, warmth, care and dynamism selflessly and unstintingly for the benefit of our Community, introducing new initiatives, especially relevant to our younger families and generously offering a great amount of home hospitality.
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לאה די ובנותיה שנרצחו בפיגוע
לאה די ובנותיה שנרצחו בפיגוע
The Dee family
(Photo: Courtesy )
It is so painful that such an awful end should have been inflicted on Lucy and two of her and Rabbi Leo’s daughters when they only espoused goodness, kindness, love and positivity.
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קבלת שבת באפרת לאחר הפיגוע בו נרצחו שתי אחיות מהישוב
קבלת שבת באפרת לאחר הפיגוע בו נרצחו שתי אחיות מהישוב
Youth gather in the West Bank settlement of Efrat after the murder of Maia and Rina Dee
(Photo: Efrat local council )
Our own Community, in conjunction with the Radlett Community, where the Dees served from 201-2014, and the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue held a special Tehillim service in Hendon this past Sunday evening to pray for Lucy’s recovery and show solidarity with Rabbi Leo, Keren, Tali and Yehuda, as well as to elicit the blessings of better times for Israel and all its citizens.
Rabbi Leo Dee eulogizing his wife Lucy
(גיל יוחנן)
I wouldn‘t presume to offer advice on how to combat terror – Israel has a Government and Zaha”l to do that, with the help of G-d. What I would say is that we are all so inspired and moved by the brave positive messaging which Rabbi Dee has himself conveyed to the world, both in his tributes at the funerals for Maia and Rina and for Lucy and in his ‘Deesday’ news conference. We should take our lead from him and strongly proclaim the message that terror will never win and that the world must call out violence, terror and destructiveness as the evils which they are whilst promoting peace, love and positivity.
First published: 23:56, 04.12.23
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