New footage shows Jerusalem bombing terrorist placing explosives

Former engineering college classmates describe suspected bomber Islam Faroh as a 'shy and quiet' person who did not speak much to Jewish peers; 'It's sad people take advantage of our resources to hurt us'

Haim Goldich|
New footage emerged on Tuesday showing suspected terrorist Islam Faroh allegedly planting explosives at the scene of last month's twin explosions on the outskirts of Jerusalem that left two Israelis dead.
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  • The 26-year-old resident of predominately Palestinian East Jerusalem studied mechanical engineering at the capital's Azrieli College of Engineering.
    Footage of the terrorist Islam Faroh placing the bomb
    (Video: Haim Goldberg)
    According to suspicion, Faroh subscribes to Islamic State ideology but is not an active member of the extremist group. He was arrested about three weeks ago, and on Tuesday his remand was extended ahead of an indictment.
    A former classmate of Faroh's was aghast upon finding out he was behind the gruesome terror attack. "I was shocked to find out I know him, he was always shy and we studied engineering for three years together," he said
    "He was always quiet, and didn't talk much to Jews, he only hung out with other Arab students. Unfortunately, now he will probably complete his master's degree in prison at the expense of our taxes. It is sad that people who study with us take advantage of our resources to hurt us."
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    המחבל , אסלאם פרוח
    המחבל , אסלאם פרוח
    The scene of the terror attack and Islam Faroh
    (Photo: Amit Shabi, Yoav Dudkevtich)
    Yosef Hatab, another former classmate of the terrorist, said: "We always treated the Arab students as equals, and now I find out that the guy who studied with me for two years decided to murder Jews, as he used his knowledge in engineering to assemble a bomb."
    Faroh confessed to executing the attack during his interrogation but did not show any remorse for his actions. He also stressed that he did not go into hiding after the attack, and continued with his daily routine afterward.
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