Palestinians say Israeli forces nabbed son of Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin

Military says Yahya al-Saadi was detained during clashes with IDF; his father, Bassam al-Saadi, was nabbed in Jenin in August on suspicion of terror activities, and his arrest sparked a three-day conflict with Gaza militant groups

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Israeli forces on Monday morning arrested a son of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) senior official Bassam al-Saadi in the West Bank city of Jenin, according to Palestinian reports.
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  • Yahya al-Saadi, the son of Bassam al-Saadi, who was arrested in Jenin in August on suspicion of terrorist activities, was detained during clashes with the Israeli military (IDF). During the operation, Molotov cocktail and pipe bombs were thrown at Israeli soldiers, who also came under the gunfire.
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    יחיא א-סעדי
    יחיא א-סעדי
    Bassam al-Saadi; Yahya al-Saadi
    Bassam al-Saadi’s arrest has previously sparked a three-day conflict on the Gaza border following PIJ’s threats of retaliation. In response Israel launched Operation “Breaking Dawn” against PIJ. Palestinian militants fired over 1,000 rockets towards Israel, while the IDF hit PIJ's military targets.
    The conflict ended after an Egypt-brokered ceasefire agreement was signed, which allegedly included the release of al-Saadi but the Israeli side later denied such conditions were negotiated. Late August Israel’s military prosecution filed an indictment against al-Saadi, accusing him of receiving funds for "terrorism."
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    יחיא א-סעדי
    יחיא א-סעדי
    Yahya al-Saadi
    Meanwhile, during an early Monday morning Israeli raid in the Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem, clashes erupted and one Palestinian was killed, according to Palestinian medical workers. Several other people were arrested, Palestinian officials said.
    The Israeli forces said they had been targeted by Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs and responded with live fire.
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