Czech Republic stands by Israel during war with Hamas

While Jerusalem faces severe international criticism for the Gaza war, the government of the Czech Republic, its local parliament, and the general public are offering unwavering, unequivocal support for actions against Hamas
Since the outbreak of the war, there is one country whose support for Israel is unwavering. In the sea of animosity in the Western nations, where some demonstrate in support of Hamas the Czech Republic stands as a moral beacon.
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The Czech Republic's support for Israel is genuine and deeply rooted. "They truly hold Israel in high esteem," explains Daniel Maron, Deputy Director General of the European Division at the Foreign Ministry. "These are the Czechs who sent weapons to Israel to assist during the War of Independence."
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חברי הפרלמנט הצ'כי קוראים להחזרה מיידית של החטופים
חברי הפרלמנט הצ'כי קוראים להחזרה מיידית של החטופים
Members of the Czech Parliament call for the immediate return of Israeli hostages
With the war began, the Czech Republic dispatched all the supplies it had at its disposal and declared its commitment to provide any necessary aid to Israel. Jan Lipavský was the first foreign minister in the world to visit Israel in a show of solidarity back on October 10.
"The Czechs made an effort to show that they stand with Israel," Maron adds, "and their support for us has remained steadfast throughout this month of war. The public, the government, the parliament, everyone is with us."
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הפגנות תמיכה בעד ישראל לשחרור החטופים בפראג, צ'כיה
הפגנות תמיכה בעד ישראל לשחרור החטופים בפראג, צ'כיה
Pro-Israeli protest in the Czech Republic
(Photo: Reuters/David W Cerny)
Another touching display of support came from the Czech Defense Minister, Jana Černochová, at the heart of Prague, amid a protest by pro-Palestinian demonstrators. Wrapped in the blue and white flag, she sang the Israeli national anthem with some friends of Israel.
Following the UN call for a ceasefire, Černochová demanded her country's departure from the United Nations, stating, "Hamas has killed around 1,400 Israelis, and only 14 countries, including us, have taken a clear stand against this terrorist attack. I am ashamed of the UN. There is no place for the Czech Republic in an organization that appeases terrorists and does not respect the fundamental right to self-defense. Let's get out of there."
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