Danke schön: German Air Force commander arrives in Israel to donate blood

Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz and his staff donate blood in Sheba Medical Center, meets with Israeli counterpart and expresses support for Air Force operations to eradicate Hamas in Gaza

The Commander of the German Air Force, Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, arrived at Israel's Sheba Medical Center so he and his staff could donate blood.
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Gerhartz met with Major General Tomer Bar, his Israeli counterpart, and was given a thorough review of the war effort against Hamas. He expressed support for the operations and said he has complete faith in the Israeli Air Force's capability to get the job done accurately.
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מפקד חיל האוויר הגרמני תרם דם
מפקד חיל האוויר הגרמני תרם דם
Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz donating blood
Just several hours into the war on October 7, Magen David Adom cautioned about the lack of proper blood reserves, prompting Israelis by the thousands to donate blood immediately, surpassing the need to the extent that several blood donating stations had closed, saying they now have more than enough.
They've made the point that all blood types are now in a status of full reserve, and any soldier who needs blood is getting a transfusion with absolutely no issues. Magen David Adom is telling people that should they wish to donate, it is important to first inquire about the necessity, in order to effectively distribute blood wherever required.
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מפקד חיל האוויר הגרמני תרם דם
מפקד חיל האוויר הגרמני תרם דם
Gerhartz and his staff
The need to replenish blood supplies currently stands at 100 blood donations a day, Magen David Adom told Ynet.
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