'Terrorists broke into the house. I saw my wife and daughters in terrorists' videos'

The father of 3- and 5-year-old girls lost contact with his family who visited Kibbutz Nir Oz on the border with Gaza, after they informed him that terrorists had infiltrated the house
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Yoni Asher, resident of Ganot Hadar village in the Sharon area, said on Saturday night that his wife and two daughters are missing, after they visited his mother-in-law at Kibbutz Nir Oz for the Simchat Torah holiday. Asher, said that his wife and daughters contacted him when terrorists entered the house and seized the grandmother's partner, and fears that they too were taken into the Gaza Strip. "The tracking of my wife's phone shows that it is in Khan Yunis. I'm afraid that she, our two daughters and my mother-in-law are also there. None of them have answered for five hours," he said.
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Asher noted that his daughters are 3 and 5 years old, and added: "I have contacted all security forces." After several hours, Asher said that he saw his wife and daughters in videos that Hamas had distributed from Gaza.
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Yoni Asher with wife and daughters in better times
"We receive very little information and cannot get in touch with the neighbors because the communication network has been down for a long time. I need to get proof, I ask that someone from the security forces or anyone to go there in person and get information about the whereabouts of my daughters, wife and mother-in-law," Asher told Ynet.
"I turned to the German Embassy," he recounted. "My wife and her mother hold German passports. I contacted the police to file an official report, but they aren't saying anything."
Israel is under attack
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Since the surprise attack on Israel on Saturday morning, Hamas has released a series of videos allegedly showing Israeli citizens kidnapped to the Gaza Strip. According to the terror organization, there are dozens of abductees and dead bodies.
Dozens of senior military officers were called up in the reserves, including brigadier generals and major generals in the ground and air forces, and some of them were also transferred to the Galilee Division and the Northern Command, as part of the preparations for a possible confrontation with Hezbollah in the north as well.
Magen David Adom informed that at least 300 people have been murdered in the surprise attack since Saturday morning. Teams of emergency medics and paramedics have been providing medical treatment since morning to hundreds of wounded. The victims were hit both by rockets and by clashes with the terrorists who infiltrated the surrounding settlements.
First published: 03:45, 10.08.23
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