IDF calls up reserves, security cabinet to meet, amid threat of attack from Iran

Military cancels weekend leave for combat troops, calls up forces to be deployed in aerial defense, intelligence and Home Front command
The Security Cabinet will meet on Thursday amid concerns that an Iranian attack was imminent soon after the IDF said it was suspending weekend leaves for troops in combat units. On Wednesday, the military said it was calling up reserve forces to bolster deployment of the IDF aerial defense systems and today that decision was extended to reservists serving in the military intelligence and in the Home Front command.
The call up was sent to soldiers in the reserves that have just recently been released from active duty in the war and have now been instructed to return to base.
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קלע דוד מערכת הגנה אווירית ליירוט מטרות בטווח בינוני־ארוך
קלע דוד מערכת הגנה אווירית ליירוט מטרות בטווח בינוני־ארוך
David's Sling aerial defense system
(Photo: Rafael)
"I've told you repeatedly that we cannot be sure the worse is behind us and we are facing complex days ahead," military intelligence chief Major General Aharon Haliva told his senior officers on Thursday.
"Since the start of the war we have intercepted a large number of threats from Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq," the IDF said. "We are investigating every one of the events because our defense does not provide hermetically sealed protection. We've adapted to the changing circumstances and the chief of the Air Force himself attended some of the investigations when a projectile or UAV successfully penetrated our defenses. We will be prepared for a variety of options," the military said.
On Monday, a drone launched in Iraq by pro-Iranian militias, landed inside a naval base in the southern city of Eilat, causing damage. The attack came a day after the interception of another drone as it attempted to enter Israeli air-space on the Golan Heights
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האנגר בבסיס חיל הים באילת שנפגע מכטב"מ ששוגר מעיראק
האנגר בבסיס חיל הים באילת שנפגע מכטב"מ ששוגר מעיראק
Building damaged in drone strike on an Eilan naval base
Israel was on high alert after a strike in Damascus on Monday that was attributed to Israel, killed a senior Iranian commander in the IRGC. Iran vowed to avenge the death of General Mohammad Reza Zahedi - a threat Israeli security forces have taken seriously.
The Waze navigational app showed Israelis in central Israel that they were in Beirut since the early hours on Thursday. Israel's cybersecurity chief Yigal Unna told Ynet that the disruption of the GPS apps was an effective tool to confuse weapons using the technology to reach their targets.
The municipalities of Tel Aviv and Herzliya urged citizens to prepare emergency lighting in case of a prolonged power outage, should an attack begin.
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps issued a stark warning promising an attack on Israel was coming soon. "The resistance front will do its duty.” the force said.
Iranian's President Ebrahim Raisi also said Israel would pay dearly for its crime. "This crime won’t pass without a response. The Zionist enemy should know that the resistance front is strengthening both in terms of its power and its hatred toward the enemy," he said.
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