Bernie Sanders: 'I don’t know how you can have cease-fire with Hamas'

Vermont senator says terror group 'dedicated to destroying Israel,' adds that other Arab countries in the region understand that 'Hamas has got to go'

Amid calls from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for a cease-fire in Gaza, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said in a CNN interview Sunday that despite his support for a humanitarian pause of the war, he does not see how Israel could achieve a truce with Hamas, whose stated goal is the eradication of Israel.
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“I don’t know how you can have a permanent cease-fire with an organization like Hamas which is dedicated to turmoil and chaos and destroying the State of Israel. And I think what the Arab countries in the region understand is that Hamas has got to go,” he said.
Sanders, who is Jewish, has long been vocal about his stance on Israel, advocating for a U.S. foreign policy that prioritizes peace and humanitarian interests in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
He emphasizes his commitment to Israel's right to exist in peace and security. However, he also calls for an end to what he describes as the "disproportionate response" by the IDF against Hamas in Gaza, citing concerns over the humanitarian crisis and civilian casualties.
In the Senate, Sanders has consistently voted in favor of aid to Israel but has also been critical of some Israeli government policies. He has pushed for a reassessment of the U.S.-Israel relationship, arguing for a more balanced approach that considers the rights and needs of Palestinians.
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ברני סנדרס
ברני סנדרס
Bernie Sanders
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During his presidential campaigns, Sanders' position on Israel set him apart from many of his Democratic counterparts. He has called for a more even-handed approach to the Middle East and has criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his governments' for settlement expansion and blockade of the Gaza Strip, labeling it as counterproductive to peace efforts.
The Vermont senator has also expressed concern over the political influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and skipped its conference, citing disagreements with its platform. Instead, Sanders advocates for engaging with a wide range of voices in the Israeli-Palestinian debate, highlighting the importance of diplomacy and dialogue.
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