Young immigrants from Ukraine, Russia become ambassadors for Aliyah

Three young students who arrived in Israel from Ukraine and Russia will head to a summer camp in Detroit where they'll meet with other Jewish youth and future new immigrants

Israel Moskovitz|Updated:
From new immigrants to young ambassadors: Bogdan and Daria fled the war in Ukraine, Maria arrived from Russia, and the three of them began learning in schools in Nof HaGalil in northern Israel. Now, during their summer vacation, the three of them will head to summer camp in Michigan, where they’ll meet with other Jewish youths and encourage them to make Aliyah.
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The three will leave alongside 74 other students from across Israel’s north including Nof HaGalil, Jezreel Valley and Migdal HaEmek in a plan initiated by the Jewish Agency.
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Maria, Daria and Bogdan will meet with other Jewish youths and encourage them to make Aliyah
(Photo: ORT Sharet)
“Since the start of the war in Ukraine, we’ve integrated over 600 children who made Aliyah from Ukraine and Russia into the education system,” Mina Klein, head of Nof HaGalil’s educational committee, said.
“Bogdan, Daria and Maria, all age 13, are learning in ORT Sharet and finished their seventh grade while showing a high motivation to learn Hebrew,” she added.
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The Israeli teens are heading to Detriot
The Israeli teens are heading to Detriot
The Israeli teens are heading to Detriot
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The northern Israel communities are keeping close ties with Detroit’s Jewish community, with dozens of teenagers heading there for summer camp every year.
“When our partners in the U.S. learned about our integration of olim from Ukraine and Russia, they asked to add new immigrants to the group arriving to work at camps in the U.S.,” she said.
Perach Abargil, ORT Sharet’s principal, said that she is "very proud to know these students will represent our school in the U.S. They’re the best Aliyah ambassadors to send out to the world.”
Nof HaGalil’s mayor, Ronen Plot, added: “I have no doubt Bogdan, Daria and Maria will show Israel’s beauty and positivity.”
First published: 13:35, 07.12.23
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