Ziv Medical Center's coronavirus ward

Israel sees drop in serious COVID cases, rise in booster shot vaccinations

Health Ministry says of those seriously ill, 439 or 94% are not vaccinated with third vaccine shot; 117 have yet to receive their booster and only 40 or 6% are fully inoculated with all three jabs; infection rate remains at 3.6%

Yaron Druckman, Alexandra Lukash, Attila Somfalvi |
Published: 09.30.21, 12:14
Israel on Thursday continued to see signs that the current wave of coronavirus infections is subsiding, with the Health Ministry reporting that the number of serious patients dropped again decreased, while a spike was recorded in the number of people receiving their COVID vaccine booster shot.
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  • According to the ministry, 639 patients are in serious condition, a drop from 731 a week prior. Of those seriously ill, 439 or 94% are not vaccinated, 117 have yet to receive their booster shot and only 40 or 6% are fully inoculated with all three jabs. It was also reported that 219 patients are connected to ventilators.
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    מחלקת הקורונה בבית החולים צפת
    מחלקת הקורונה בבית החולים צפת
    Ziv Medical Center's coronavirus ward
    (Photo: Avihu Shapira)
    The ministry also said that 3,550 Israelis were diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday after some 99,000 tests had been conducted. The infection rate now stands at 3.6% - the lowest it has been in weeks.
    The death toll since the start of the pandemic rose to 7,734.
    Israel also saw 58,679 people receive their COVID vaccine booster shot on Wednesday, the highest daily rise in vaccinations since September 9.
    The ministry reported 3,326,167 Israelis have received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine as of Thursday morning.
    Israel's Green Pass system, which permits the vaccinated access to a variety of spaces and activities, will no longer apply to those who have not received a third booster shot by Sunday.
    Recent research by the Health Ministry shows that only over three million Israelis have received a booster dose and will retain their certificate.
    2 צפייה בגלריה
    מתחסנים בחיסון שלישי
    מתחסנים בחיסון שלישי
    A man receives his coronavirus vaccine booster shot at a pop-up clinic in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: Reuters)
    The announcement will see over a million Israelis who have not yet receive a third shot denied entrance to many public areas until they are inoculated.
    Following booster vaccination, an updated Green Pass will be issued one week after the shot.
    The verification will then be valid for a period of six months.
    Updated guidelines indicate that even those who have been infected previously are required to get the vaccine to keep their Green Passes.
    With schools reopening following the Jewish holiday season, it was reported that 99,513 students are currently in quarantine. The ministry said that 74,322 came into contact with a confirmed carrier or returned from abroad, while 25,191 tested positive for the virus.

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