IDF strikes Iran-backed militia in Syrian Golan

UK based Observatory for Human Rights claims barrages of more than 20 shells fired, causing no injuries; BBC reports Iranian air defenses activated over Isfahan, where a drone attack attributed to Israel took place last January

Israeli artillery barrage on Syrian Golan
The IDF, overnight Sunday attacked a Syrian military position close to the border overnight, the UK-based Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian opposition group, said.
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הפגזה ארטילרית ישראלית באתר באזור קונייטרה  בדרום סוריה
הפגזה ארטילרית ישראלית באתר באזור קונייטרה  בדרום סוריה
IDF artillery barrage on Syrian Golan
The over 20 shell artillery barrages targeted a position held by a militia aligned with the Lebanon-based Hezbollah group and were attacked the week prior as well, the rights group said, because it was monitoring IDF troop movements. No injuries were reported.
A resident of the Druze village of Magdal Shams, on the Israeli side of the border said sounds of explosions and flashes of light were visible.
In a separate incident, the BBC reported that Iranian air defenses were operated near Isfahan overnight, although the report was denied by the Iranian press.
Attacks on the area were attributed to Israel in the past and last January Tehran accused Israel of targeting a security installation there in a drone attack.
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אתר בבסיס צבאי באיראן נפגע על ידי מזל"ט
אתר בבסיס צבאי באיראן נפגע על ידי מזל"ט
An Iranian military instillation in Isfahan, Iran comes under attack attributed to Israel
(Photo: Planet Labs PBC via AP)
Both reports, still officially unconfirmed, come as increased security concerns persist in the north after the uptick in violence earlier this month when a barrage of rockets from Lebanon hit the Galilee and later more rockets fired from Syria to the Golan Heights.
Israel claimed it responded to the attacks by striking Hamas targets in southern Lebanon, likely to avoid a broader confrontation with Hezbollah.
The leader of the Iran-backed group, Hassan Nasrallah said Israel hit banana groves and warned against continued strikes on Syria.
Defense Minister Yoav Galant said last week, that since he stepped into office, early in 2023, Israel doubled the pace of its attacks on Syria.
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תרגיל צה"ל ברמת הגולן
תרגיל צה"ל ברמת הגולן
IDF artillery drill on Golan Heights
(Photo: AFP)
"We continue to strike Iranian assets," he said. "We will not allow Iran to set up a military force in Syria."
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