Tayibe man arrested for teaching children how to handle a gun

Police arrest 25-year-old for allegedly letting 4 and 10-year-old nephews operate firearm as Arab sector sees surge in gun violence
Raanan Ben-Zur|
Police arrested a 25-year-old Tayibe resident on Sunday for allegedly teaching his 4 and 10-year-old nephews how to handle a firearm.
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The arrest came at the end of an undercover police investigation after claims surfaced the suspect let his minor relatives fire a handgun.
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Tayibe Man teaches nephew how to shoot
Tayibe Man teaches nephew how to shoot
Tayibe Man teaches nephew how to shoot
After his investigation, the police are expected to bring the suspect to the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court and request he be remanded into custody.
The incident comes against the backdrop of a law and order crisis nationwide as crime, and gun violence in particular, has surged in recent months throughout the country, especially among Israel's Arab minority.
Speaking to Ynet on Sunday, Mansour Abbas, head of the Islamist Ra'am Party, stated that the increase in criminal activity affects Jewish and Arab communities alike and stressed the importance of allowing the justice system to hold criminals accountable and restore trust in state institutions.
Last week, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir approved measures that would make it easier for Israeli citizens to obtain firearms as part of his plan to tackle surging crime.
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The far-right minister has long touted the proliferation of firearms among civilians as an effective tool to address the issue of crime as well as Palestinian terrorism.
However, various human rights groups have strongly criticized the decision, contending that relaxing gun control measures would inevitably result in a surge of gun-related violence.
"Exempting those seeking a firearm license from the obligation to undergo a personal interview reflects a disregard for the risks associated with firearms," the Association for Civil Rights in Israel said.
These are moves that will turn Israel into an even more violent and unsafe place. Ben Gvir's action primarily reflects the failure of the ministry headed by him to combat violence and transfer responsibility for the rampant crime to citizens."
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While private gun ownership is still not easily accessible for most Israelis, the debate around the issue often draws comparisons to the United States where it is a constitutionally-protected right.
Gun control advocates in the U.S. are calling for more stringent curbs on the right to bear arms and restricting the ease of access to firearms, which has gained attention due to the frequent occurrence of mass shooting events throughout the country.
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