Islamic Jihad releases video of hostage Sasha Trufanov from Gaza

Psychological terrorism by Gaza terror groups: Islamic Jihad released a 30-second video of Sasha Trufanov, who was kidnapped on October 7, along with his mother, his grandmother and his girlfriend from their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz; The women were released in the hostage deal at the end of November

Islamic Jihad published a 30-second video of hostage Sasha Trufanov from captivity in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening.
Sasha was kidnapped on October 7, along with his mother, Yelena; his grandmother, Irena Tati; and his girlfriend, Sapir Cohen from their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz. The three women were released in the hostage deal at the end of November, after 54 days in captivity.
Sasha's father, Vitaly was murdered during the October 7 massacre by Hamas terrorists. Sasha and Sapir, who were visiting the kibbutz at the time of the surprise attack, were abducted to Gaza along with their mother Yelena and grandmother Irena Tati. In the last message he sent to his friends, Trufanov wrote: "It's a shame I came to visit the kibbutz this weekend with Sapir."
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סשה טרופנוב
סשה טרופנוב
Screenshot from video of hostage Sasha Trufanov released by Islamic Jihad
The family has not yet approved the publication of the video and the things said in it. The video appears to be undated.
This is another psychological warfare video published by the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip since the October 7 massacre and the outbreak of the war. On Saturday, Hamas claimed in an official statement that it had "lured" soldiers into a tunnel in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, where terrorists managed to kill the fighters and kidnap their bodies. That night, the IDF spokesman clarified in an unusual message that "there is no incident of kidnapping of a soldier."
At the beginning of the month, Hamas released a short video of the captivity of hostage Nadav Popplewell, 51, who was kidnapped from Kibbutz Nirim in the October 7 massacre. Popplewell is seen in the video suffering from a bruise on his face. It was not known when the short video was taken, and at the time the family asked the media not to publish the video itself. Last week, the IDF spokesman released a psychological terror video filmed by Hamas terrorists, in which Ella Elyakim, 8, who was kidnapped on October 7 with her sister Dafna, 15, and released with her sister after 51 days in captivity, is seen talking to the camera.
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