ChatGPT reimagines judicial reform through a South Park sketch

Israeli content creator uses chatbot to connect one of his favorite cartoon shows with current events in Israel, and found that it can conjure up some brilliant analogies

Yoni Beinart|
As OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT continues to gain massive popularity, Israeli content creator Itay Gal has put it to an unusual but innovative use - creating a short South Park sketch to depict the complexities of the country's judicial reform saga.
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The two-and-a-half-minute clip shows Eric Cartman, one of South Park's main characters ("I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!"), who thinks that being given just one chocolate pudding every meal is unfair and decides to run for school president.
(ChatGPT illustrates judicial overhaul via South Park)
After winning, he manages to find a loophole and change the rules so that the new school head administrator would be his mother, thus allowing him to have as many chocolate puddings as he wishes. That, in turn, sparks a wave of school protests from students who believe Cartman has amassed too much power.
Cartman, in turn, sends his friend Kenny to explain the situation to the students, but seeing as Kenny is barely understandable, it makes things worse. The speech he attempts to give even includes the word "grandmeiser" (making fun of Smotrich's mispronunciation of the word "grandmother").
The sketch ends with students realizing the school cafeteria will no longer serve chocolate pudding at all because Cartman used up the entire budget to buy himself a private jet, chock full of chocolate pudding cups.
Itay, a former Ynet employee, said: "South Park already had one episode about ChatGPT so there's already a connection. I love South Park and was always curious how they would tackle judicial reform.
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מתוך "סאות'פארק" גרסת ChatGPT
מתוך "סאות'פארק" גרסת ChatGPT
Cartman as Prime Minister Netanyahu
(Photo: Itay Gal)
"ChatGPT is a crazy tool with potential we still don't fully understand, but there are limitations. I can't just ask it to write an entire South Park episode. It needs some detailed instructions.
"Since it's not fully aware of what's going on in Israel with the reform, I updated it with some text. Just some bullet points about what's been happening. I didn't tell it anything about Netanyahu being this dictator. It made that connection on its own and decided to illustrate Cartman as South Park's Netanyahu, changing the system for his own benefit.
"I actually asked ChatGPT not to make a clip about Israel, but rather make a South Park analogy regarding the events in Israel. It even made its own conclusion that Smotrich would be best illustrated by using Kenny, a character whose words you can't understand, just like people couldn't understand when Smotrich spoke in English. It's amazing!"
The clip has amassed over 10,000 views on YouTube within hours.
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