Real Madrid star and Israeli girlfriend spotted poolside in Tel Aviv

The Israeli model and her fiancé, Belgian soccer star, soak up the sun in a Jaffa Hotel shortly after their engagement; Mishel made my love for Israel grow, Courtois says

Bar Zoga|
A week and a half after their engagement, Israeli model Mishel Gerzig and her fiancé Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid's Belgian goalkeeper, were seen enjoying their time together at a hotel in Jaffa.
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  • The couple landed in Israel earlier this week, and paparazzi managed to catch a glimpse of them lounging by the pool.
    Thibaut Courtois & Mishel Gerzig
    ( )
    While they were picked out from afar, Courtois, at an impressive 1.99 meters tall, was hard to miss.
    Mishel Gerzig, a bit harder to spot at 1.78 meters tall, has recently caught the public eye and made a breakthrough in her modeling career both in Israel and abroad. This is largely thanks to her romantic relationship with the Belgian star.
    The 25-year-old model and 30-year-old Thibaut Courtois have been dating for almost a year, having met on Instagram.
    "In the modeling business, the more famous you are, the more work you get", Gerzig said, pleased with the surge in fame. Although she claimed her relationship comes with a price.
    The up and becoming model shared that she was a subject of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel abuse.
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    מישל גרציג וטיבו קורטואה
    מישל גרציג וטיבו קורטואה
    Thibaut Courtois & Mishel Gerzig in Croatia
    (Photo: private album)
    Gerzig recently said that she and Courtois do the traditional Kiddush - blessing over the wine and sanctification of the day for Shabbat - on a weekly basis, and the Belgian soccer star claims to be "very interested" in learning about Jewish and Israeli culture.
    "I see from the pictures what a beautiful country it is and I just can’t wait to travel there," Courtois said before their trip, adding that he was proud of his fiancé's military service. "Thanks to Mishel, my love of Israel has grown even more.”
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    פפראצי מישל גרציג טיבו קורטואה
    פפראצי מישל גרציג טיבו קורטואה
    Thibaut Courtois & Mishel Gerzig in Israel, paparazzi
    (Photo: Motti Levton)
    Shortly after enjoying the hot Tel Aviv sun and dipping in the luxurious pool, the two left their hotel and drove off to explore the Tel Aviv.
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