Rampant antisemitism in New York terrorizes Israeli restaurants

Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, antisemitism world wide has sky rocketed, primarily in places with large Jewish populations such as New York City; Watch footage of vandalism against Jewish establishments that support Israel in its war against terror

There have been increasingly harrowing antisemitic expressions and attacks around the world, and this time these incidents have come from New York, which has one of the largest Jewish populations outside of Israel. Four recent attacks have taken place against Jewish/Israeli establishments in New York, including one on Wednesday.
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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators who passed by the Israeli Zizi restaurant in the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea broke tables, threatened employees and spray painted the Israeli flag at the entrance with a red triangle which is associated with the Hamas terror videos. Police officers who were called to the scene had to stay and secure the customers and employees until the protesters left.
"I'm in Israel on a visit and I can't relax. I feel that my team is in danger and I don't know how to help them," said the owner of the Zizi restaurant, Maor Vanuno.
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הכתובת שרוססה על דגל ישראל בכניסה למסעדה
הכתובת שרוססה על דגל ישראל בכניסה למסעדה
Israeli flag hanging at NYC restaurant vandalized
Israeli restaurants in New York have become targets for pro-Palestinian protesters since the beginning of the war. The Jewish 2nd Avenue Deli, which spread pro-Israel posts on social media and donated all its profits for a day to United Hatzalah, was vandalized with a swastika at the entrance. In another incident, the windows of the building that houses a bakery were shattered and vandalized with "Free Palestine" graffiti.
At the Israeli 19 Cleveland restaurant, diners were caught in the middle of a pro-Palestinian march. Videos from that hateful incident, showed up on social media showing the customers closed up in the restaurant in terror.
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