Gal Gadot: 'I wanted to create a really strong, female-driven action movie'

Israeli Hollywood star produces and stars in new film, 'Heart of Stone,' which she says was inspired by other popular action films including 'Fast & Furious' and 'James Bond'
From 'Heart of Stone'

Ever since making it in Hollywood, Gal Gadot has starred in many action roles, from Fast & Furious to Wonder Woman.
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Now, the Israeli actress is set to launch Heart of Stone, a new spy thriller that she produces and stars in, aiming to be Netflix's female answer to cinematic franchises like Mission: Impossible.
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מתוך "לב של אבן"
מתוך "לב של אבן"
Gal Gadot in 'Heart of Stone'
(Photo: Netflix)
"I realized that there was an audience for a female action protagonist,” Gadot revealed in an interview with Empire magazine, with her movie set to premiere on Netflix on August 11.
"I grew up watching [James] Bond, and Mission[:Impossible], and [Jason] Bourne. I wanted to create a really strong, female-driven action movie that is for everybody, not a male story that’s been done many times already."
In the film, whose plot is still relatively under wraps, Gadot portrays Rachel Stone, a CIA agent who hides a massive secret: she’s the only woman standing between a secretive, global and powerful organization called The Charter and the loss of its most precious and dangerous asset, the Heart.
Alongside Gadot, the movie features Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades of Grey") and Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt ("RRR"), with the production being signed by Gadot and her husband's production company, Pilot Wave. The film is directed by Tom Harper ("The Aeronauts").
In a newly revealed image from the upcoming film, the Israeli actress is seen wearing a black suit as she escapes from massive explosions.
In her interview with Empire, she revealed that "the scene was even crazier, at a higher altitude." She also shared: "That was something I wanted to really make sure we nailed," referring to the scene the image was taken from.
During the scene’s shooting, Gadot crawled inside a wind tunnel to recreate the conditions of the explosions seen in the film. "We got into the science of it and dialed it down so that a human could do it," she explained.
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