Tarantino family spotted on Tel Aviv shopping trip

Hollywood director's Israeli wife Daniella and daughter Adriana spent the morning at a Tel Aviv shopping mall, with baby's grandmother and aunt; dad was nowhere to be found
Bar Zaga|
Adriana Pick, the latest addition to the iconic Israeli-Hollywood mashup household, appears to be keeping Quentin Tarantino and his wife Daniella Pick immersed in parenthood.
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  • Daniella and Adriana were spotted on Monday morning at a Tel Aviv shopping mall, spending some mother-daughter quality time together.
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    Daniella Pick at the mall with her daughter Adriana
    (Photo: Motti Lovton)
    The two were accompanied by Daniella's sister Sharona Pick and their mother - Israeli songwriter Mirit Shem-Or.
    Daneilla held Adriana in her arms while chatting with the girls. Later, she placed her infant back in her stroller and the two carried on with their day.
    Tarantino and Pick welcomed their daughter into the world in July, giving their 3-year-old son Leo a sister. Shortly after Adriana's birth, Daniella lost her father Svika Pick, the iconic Israeli musician.
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    צביקה פיק
    צביקה פיק
    Svika Pick
    (Photo: Tal Shahar)
    The couple's attorneys filed a request for their client to be appointed executrix of her father's estate and administrator of the inheritance until the rightful heirs - his children from his later marriage - come of age.
    The inheritance has an estimated worth in the tens of millions of shekels, and includes an apartment in a luxurious building in the heart of Tel Aviv.
    Tarantino, 59, and Pick, 39, first met in Israel in 2009, during the Holywood director's visit to promote his film "Inglorious Bastards," which describes a fictional account of the fight against the Nazis during WWII.
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    דניאלה פיק וקוונטין טרנטינו בגלובוס הזהב
    דניאלה פיק וקוונטין טרנטינו בגלובוס הזהב
    Quentin Tarantino and Daniella Pick at the Golden Globes
    (Photo: Getty Images)
    Since becoming man and wife in 2018, the couple has been residing in Israel.
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