First Sergeant Amir Khouri

Police bodycam footage shows dramatic shootout with Bnei Brak terrorist

Clip shows officers rushing to the scene of the attack in the Tel Aviv suburb and the firefight with the Palestinian gunman in which First Sergeant Amir Khouri was killed

Liran Levi |
Published: 03.30.22, 22:00
Israel Police on Wednesday released body camera footage showing the dramatic moments of a shootout between officers and Palestinian terrorist Diaa Hamarsheh who carried out a deadly terror attack in the city of Bnei Brak the previous day.
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  • At 7:57pm, the Tel Aviv District Police received the first call about an active shooter situation on the ultra-Orthodox Tel Aviv suburb's Jabotinsky Street and dispatched large forces to the area.
    Police bodycam footage shows dramatic shootout with Bnei Brak terrorist
    (Video: Israel Police)
    At 7:58pm, Team 417 of the Tel Aviv District Police's Motorcycle Unit — First Sergeant Amir Khouri and his partner — were walking the beat in the neighboring city of Ramat Gan when they received a call about the attack and headed out toward the scene.
    At 8:01pm, Team 417 arrived at Bnei Brak's Jabotinsky 22 and reported they were hearing the sound of gunshots emanating from one of the side streets. They began moving in the direction of the shooting while receiving directions from the police district control center and from citizens on the street.
    A voice on the police radio can be called shouting, "HaShnaim Street, HaShnaim Street," followed by "Khouri, Watch out!"
    At 8:02 pm: The team spots the shooter on a nearby street as he opens fire at them, critically wounding Khouri. Khouri's partner gets off the motorcycle and shoots the attacker dead.
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    אמיר חורי
    אמיר חורי
    First Sergeant Amir Khouri
    (Photo: Courtesy of the family)
    "Units, eliminated, eliminated. Units, scan the area," he can be heard saying on the radio. "Send an ambulance pronto, officer down, ambulance now. Herzl [Street] 65, get me an ambulance now. One suspect neutralized, officer down, get me an ambulance and additional teams. Terrorist eliminated, motorcycle cop down. Over."
    First responders found Khouri lying prone on the ground in critical condition and tried to stabilize him. He was rushed to Rabin Medical Center nearby and succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving there.
    He was one of five victims killed in the attack, alongside four other civilians.
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