Terrorist neutralized in suspected terror attack near Mount Hebron

Local eyewitnesses report a member of an Israeli settlement's security team noticed the suspect attempting to stab residents before shooting and neutralizing him; IDF warns of suspected infiltration by the terrorist

Liran Tamari, Yoav Zitun, Einav Halabi, Ilana Curiel|
The terrorist infiltrating Teneh Omarim
A terrorist wielding a knife was shot and neutralized on Friday after, according to suspicions, he infiltrated Teneh Omarim, an Israeli settlement in the southern Hebron Hills, and attempted to stab people near a local synagogue. No injuries were reported in the attempted attack.
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Reports from eyewitnesses at the scene said that the person who shot the assailant is a member of the settlement's security team, who noticed the terrorist attempting to stab local residents while heading for the synagogue and opened fire to neutralize the suspect.
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חדירת המחבל לטנא עומרים הסכין של המחבל שחדר באיזור טנא עומרים
חדירת המחבל לטנא עומרים הסכין של המחבל שחדר באיזור טנא עומרים
Knife used by the suspect, footage of the terrorist infiltrating Teneh Omarim
Teneh Omarim resident Boaz Levi recounted that in the past, IDF soldiers were stationed at the entrance to the settlement, but it was later decided to remove them. "We work with private security companies today, but an extra pair of eyes would've made sure the terrorist wouldn't have succeeded in infiltrating," he noted.
"The assailant marked his target at the synagogue, and I assume he wished to carry out a significant attack. Many of us are armed, so when he reached the synagogue one of the worshippers noticed him holding a knife in his hand and fired at him before he could carry out the attack," he added.
The IDF’s Home Front Command issued an alert to the settlement of suspected infiltration by terrorists after initial reports of the attack were received. "Enter your homes immediately, lock the doors, and close the windows," the Home Front Command said in a statement to the residents, and added that military forces are scanning the area.
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Road leading to Teneh Omarim
Road leading to Teneh Omarim
Road leading to Teneh Omarim
(Photo: Hebron Mount Reginal Council)
Meanwhile, the Palestinians have reported a Palestinian “youth” was shot in front of a synagogue in the settlement, south of Hebron.
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