U2's Bono pays tribute to Israeli victims: 'Let's sing for our brothers and sisters'

During Las Vegas performance, Irish singer dedicates Pride (In the Name of Love) to hundreds of revelers massacred by Hamas terrorists at southern Israel music festival
Bono, the lead vocalist of legendary rockers U2, paid tribute during his performance at The Sphere in Las Vegas on Sunday to the victims of a music festival in southern Israel that was raided by Hamas terrorists, resulting in hundreds of casualties.
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"I want to sing for our brothers and sisters, who they themselves were singing at the Supernova Sukkot Festival in Israel," the Irish singer said on stage, "we sing for those, our people, our kind of people, music people, playful, experimental people, our kind of people, we sing for them."
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Bono dedicated the song Pride (In the Name of Love) to the revelers, and changed the lyrics: "Early morning, October 7 / The sun rises in the desert sky / Stars of David, they took your life / But they could not take the your pride!"
Bono's gesture came in following reports detailing a massacre at a rave near Kibbutz Re'im, where thousands of part-goers suddenly found themselves fleeing a surprise attack that marked the inception of the Swords of Iron War.
Some sought shelter while others were documented being taken prisoner. The ZAKA emergency service reported that some 260 bodies were recovered from the party site, with spokesman Motti Bokchin underscoring that "we have not yet completed scanning the entire surrounding area."
According to Bokchin, "It was a scene the like of which I have never witnessed; every 30-40 meters, we found vehicles with dead young people." Numerous festival-goers remain unaccounted for, with their families persistently seeking information regarding their whereabouts and condition.
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