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Text messages won’t erase the evidence
Op-ed: The mountains of documents, recordings and testimonies collected by police and ISA investigators in Case 4000 have nothing to do with the judge and attorney’s stupidity. Some politicians, however, are eager to destroy the entire legal system to rescue a few corrupt people from the hands of justice.
(20:59 ,02/26/18)
Hotovely Syndrome: the Israelis who are estranging American Jewry
Op-ed: Netanyahu neglected the second largest Jewish community in the world for the sake of his own political survival. When the leader allows itself to disregard American Jewry what can we expect of the Tzipi Hotovely's of the world.
(21:40 ,11/24/17)
Welcome to the golden age of Bibism
Op-ed: Addressing the Knesset this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu presented the political world he wants to live in, a world in which criticism is a crime, free thought is sourness, and flattering the leader and his regime is a way of life.
(10:59 ,10/25/17)
Peres's book a memoir for millennials
Op-ed: Late President Shimon Peres's new memoir No Room for Small Dreams is made for the new generation, who has not already been inundated with his exploits over decades in politics. Glossing over the rougher patches, it offers a concise view of some of Israel's biggest milestones.
(13:56 ,09/24/17)
Shimon Peres: Bigger than life
Op-ed: It’s hard to say goodbye to Shimon Peres, a leader who evoked feelings of astonishment and envy, admiration and contempt, love and hate. It’s hard to say goodbye because of the illusive feeling he created that he was here to stay.
(10:44 ,09/28/16)
Sa'ar's restraint spared Likud a bloody battle
Analysis: Former minister could have put up a serious fight against Netanyahu within Likud, but if he would have won he would have been left with a bruised, beaten and mangled party; his mature decision will eventually pay off.
(00:52 ,12/12/14)
Isaac Herzog: From 'nerd' to fighter
Analysis: Labor-Hatnua union proves that Herzog is a seasoned politician with a killer instinct and that Tzipi Livni hasn't given up her dream of becoming prime minister. But will it be enough for them to win the elections?
(17:23 ,12/11/14)
Era of King Bibi is over
Analysis: Latest election polls show Israelis are willing to bid farewell to Benjamin Netanyahu and give someone else, like Isaac Herzog, a chance.
(00:23 ,12/11/14)
Netanyahu's team of losers
Analysis: After he singlehandedly drove away the best people in the Likud, the prime minister is left with those who are prepared to burn down the house as long as they win in the primary elections.
(10:45 ,12/09/14)
Welcome to the UN's festival of hypocrisy
Op-ed: In his accusations against Israel, Ban Ki-moon fired the opening shot in an international diplomatic war of attrition.
(01:41 ,08/08/14)
Rivlin victory could spell the end for Netanyahu
President elect's close relationship with Sa'ar and poor connection to prime minister may collapse coalition.
(01:13 ,06/11/14)
Nukes and Palestine - Obama’s worktable
Analysis: In his UN address, American president created a logical connection between Tehran, Ramallah and Jerusalem
(21:29 ,09/24/13)
Obama encouraged Israelis to rebel
Op-ed: In Jerusalem speech, US president went over the head of a prime minister he does not trust
(14:54 ,03/23/13)
Divide and rule
Analysis: Likud trying to break Lapid-Bennett alliance by turning religious public against Yesh Atid
(14:27 ,03/01/13)
Netanyahu in a jam: Haredim or Lapid and Bennett?
Analysis: Will prime minister be courageous enough to end sacred alliance with ultra-Orthodox parties?
(23:42 ,02/04/13)
Succumbed to the 'good souls'
Analysis: Yachimovich forced to make dramatic statement after people began questioning her credibility
(14:43 ,01/04/13)
European warning shot
Analysis: Europe fed up with Bibi; wants to put Palestinian issue back on the agenda ahead of elections
(11:05 ,12/04/12)
Pressure overcame ego
Op-ed: Bibi-Lieberman merger may awaken all those who fear for Israel's democratic character
(14:06 ,10/26/12)
Someone to run against
Op-ed: Bibi has no doubt he will form next government, but Olmert may turn elections upside down
(18:24 ,10/10/12)
Peres' behind-the-scenes campaign against Iran strike
Analysis: President's public comments against solo military operation indicative of tense relations with prime minister
(14:03 ,08/17/12)
US punched Bibi, Barak in the face
Analysis: Dempsey's remark regarding IDF's inability to destroy Iran's nuclear capability meant to show Israel who's boss
(20:03 ,08/15/12)
Prepare for early elections
Analysis: Shaul Mofaz is the big loser of Kadima’s departure, but who are the big winners?
(11:31 ,07/18/12)
Olmert deserves second chance
Op-ed: After being acquitted of key charges, former prime minister ready to go back into politics
(00:46 ,07/11/12)
Time to change direction
Ahead of Winograd Report, Bibi shows moderate face, Olmert woos Right
(17:07 ,01/26/08)
The 'Halutz Effect'
Politicians waiting for dust to settle in wake of IDF chief of staff's resignation
(12:51 ,01/19/07)
Barak's sleepy comeback
Former PM begins campaign at two kibbutzim, exhausts listeners with slogans
(00:31 ,01/17/07)
Labor's three-way race
Labor leadership up for grabs as Peretz, Barak and Ayalon prepare for fight
(13:35 ,01/09/07)
Arik, what did you do to us?
In retrospect, Ariel Sharon's term in office raises difficult questions
(11:41 ,12/24/06)
Grace period needed
Olmert, Peretz realize they cannot run country while engaging in mudslinging
(11:45 ,12/04/06)
Halutz was a mistake
Sharon's associates discuss army chief's appointment; will Peretz have to go?
(18:19 ,11/14/06)
Coalition relaxant
Lieberman's addition to government made quite a few politicians happy
(23:35 ,10/24/06)
Shimon's trauma
More than anything, Peres wants to become president
(16:54 ,10/22/06)
Is the end in sight?
It seems Amir Peretz has not learned a thing from the 'slings and arrows' of Israeli politics
(22:53 ,09/15/06)
Peretz's outburst of suspicion
Defense minister's decision to back a state commission of inquiry is rather confusing
(12:55 ,09/01/06)
Time to settle the bill
Nearly three months after the establishment of Olmert’s cabinet, Israel seeks a change that will bring a sense of revenge. Meanwhile, PM is zigzagging his way to state commission of inquiry
(15:32 ,08/27/06)
Netanyahu, Barak biding their time
Political fallout from war could exact stiff price from current leaders, while providing golden opportunity for others
(18:23 ,08/20/06)
Too many questions
War has exposed too many questions about defense establishment, home front, politics and much more
(09:42 ,08/15/06)
Politics (almost) as usual
Despite the war, senior politicians are quick to criticize Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz, even the IDF – off the record
(10:24 ,07/18/06)
Threats and breakdowns
Some things never change over in the Labor Party
(13:25 ,06/12/06)
Battle of government egos
Olmert may play on Peretz's fears, but latter seems to forget just who's in charge here
(17:36 ,05/31/06)
Coalition of the frustrated waiting for Peretz
The Labor Party chairman had better move quickly to consolidate his power
(10:18 ,05/01/06)
Suddenly 'extreme' doesn't sound so bad
Someone has got to put an end to Amir Peretz's visions of grandeur
(16:26 ,04/03/06)
Elections 2006: Israeli earthquake
Make no mistake about it: These elections most dramatic in years
(02:50 ,03/29/06)
No questions, no answers
This election campaign was marked by moustaches, sweat and cigars, but no real issues
(07:20 ,03/28/06)
Dangers of a flat world
French youth are screaming for all of us
(12:05 ,03/19/06)
Likud hump removed
Netanyahu convinced Likud Central Committee to shoot itself in the foot
(12:11 ,03/02/06)
Corruption? Who cares?
Only thing Kadima's spin-masters aren't ready for is public waking up
(10:01 ,02/22/06)
Stupidly optimistic
Kadima is trying to dumb down these elections, and neither Labor nor Likud can do anything about it
(11:11 ,02/13/06)
After the freeze
Everyone will try to seize opportunity created by Sharon’s departure
(15:55 ,01/06/06)
Sharon era is over
PM's political career over, but Israel's democracy can handle it
(03:08 ,01/05/06)
Father, the son and the holy stench
Sharon's latest scandal should shake Israelis out of their complacency. But it won't.
(10:45 ,01/04/06)
Bibi's McCarthyism?
Attempt to oust Moshe Feiglin is unprecedented chutzpah
(13:21 ,12/25/05)
Welcome to Sharon’s circus
Criticism leveled at Mofaz for defecting to Kadima party may be unfair
(15:34 ,12/13/05)
Likud continues to atrophy
Hanegbi defection signifies new political reality in Israel
(14:58 ,12/07/05)
Revenge of the losers
History will remember Peres as a man who dedicated his life for peace
(12:21 ,12/01/05)
Arik's dream team
Peretz, Lapid and Shinui are the main losers of Sharon's decision
(10:23 ,11/21/05)
Upcoming elections: Ugly and dirty
Upcoming elections campaign expected to be short but painful
(14:08 ,11/18/05)
The spin stops here
After long months of political spin aimed at keeping the prime minister in power, those in the political arena are beginning to tire of the cynical use of any means possible to stall for time. One can accuse Likud rebels of factionalism, but perhaps it is finally time to ask the prime minister and his people some tough questions
(08:17 ,11/08/05)
Not easy being a rebel
Likud ‘rebels’ long for the good old days
(00:09 ,10/10/05)
Long live the King
It's official: Ariel Sharon is the ultimate Houdini of Israeli politics
(09:48 ,09/27/05)
Does Sharon need this?
Is prime minister getting sick and tired of Likud shenanigans?
(09:30 ,09/26/05)
Crazy logic
The Likud's march towards early primaries can only be explained with madness
(14:20 ,09/23/05)
Comrade George, Comrade Landau
Ariel Sharon will return from the U.N. confident, strong and stable
(13:32 ,09/15/05)
So who's in charge here?
Sharon may emerge as the unrivalled king of Israeli politics by the end of the month
(11:13 ,09/09/05)
Bibi Superstar
Netanyahu sure knows how to put on a show
(20:25 ,08/30/05)
The least worst option
Sharon has a number of choices ahead of him, but luck will probably see him through no matter what he does
(01:59 ,08/30/05)
Europe's bear hug
Global admiration for PM Sharon comes with price tag
(10:47 ,08/25/05)
Who's the big winner?
Rocket attacks will determine Prime Minister Sharon's popularity
(08:27 ,08/24/05)
Big bang? Not now
No dramatic political shifts expected at this time
(12:51 ,08/13/05)
The rotating rabbinate
One does not have to abolish office of Chief Rabbi - just rotate in Reform and Conservative candidates
(17:01 ,06/04/05)
Behind the smiles
Political correspondent Attila Somfalvi offers behind-the-scenes look at Bush-Sharon summit
(18:28 ,04/14/05)

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