'Whoever doesn't want me, it’s their problem'

Judy in the Big City - Episode 11: After making the Big Apple her second home, Judy Mozes is eager to get back into action; She starts talks with TV executives about launching her own show, but gets rejected; The media personality takes the blow on the chin and already sets her sights on her next pursuit


Although she enjoys New York City, which has become her second home, Judy Mozes has to stay in action. She started talks with TV executives about launching her own show.
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"Initially, I thought about making a show for Israelis, but they told me it wasn't a good idea because it would constrict the target audience," she said at the opening of the 11th episode of Judy in the Big City. She added that they advised her to produce content in English. "I said fine, my English isn't perfect, but people know I'm Israeli."
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ג'ודי ניר מוזס שלום
ג'ודי ניר מוזס שלום
The bitter taste of rejection
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Fate had it that the media personality got a no. "They are looking for political content; they don't want me," she said, quickly adding that she wasn't offended.
"I know I'm excellent—whoever doesn't want me, it’s their problem. I wanted to do one thing, but the station owners had something else in mind—something much more boring in my eyes, and I'm not willing to go with that concept.
I think this whole world here, the Jewish aspect, the content they're promoting—it's all very, very heavy. They've entrenched themselves in a serious, heavy stance. Israel is heavy. Or maybe they just didn't want me, which is also possible, but I doubt it. Why wouldn't someone want me?"
Anyone who knows Judy is aware that she doesn't give up easily. If one idea doesn't succeed, the next one is already lined up and ready. "I'm here to conquer New York, that's clear."
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