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Secret backchannel
Israeli official met with Palestinian PM over Gaza

With Israel, Hamas holding indirect talks on Gaza, Ynet learned that top Israeli official held secret talks with Rami Hamdallah 'to cement Gaza truce.'
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Rami Hamdallah (Photo: EPA)


Netanyahu, Obama to talk Iran
Two set to meet in DC; Netanyahu to press on Iran issue, while Obama wants to talks peace.
Photo: Reuters
Legendary TLV mayor dies
IDF general turned Tel Aviv mayor, Shlomo 'Chich' Lahat, who grew city dies at 86.
Photo: David Rubinger
ISIS war could foster terror
Experts say neglecting domestic issues for ISIS war could fuel new terror groups in Gulf States.
Photo: EPA
Israel's gas field good to go
Leviathan gas field group submits $6.5 b development plan after export deals go sour.
Photo: Albatros
Hospitals on life support
Israel's public medical centers needs millions, running out of vital meds, top doctors warn.
Photo: Yonatan Bloom
3 soldiers commit suicide
IDF investigating if traumatic experiences from Gaza war led soldiers to take their own life.
Photo: AP
Jordan finds Israeli spying devices, explosives from 1969
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Photo: Mark Israel Slame / EPA 
Will Cairo suspend Israeli-Palestinian talks? / Smadar Perry
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Jewish World
Photo: Reuters 
Flemish minister calls for ritual slaughter ban in Belgium
Jewish World

Culture & Travel
(Photo: LAV-Studio) 
Peres Center turns pink for breast cancer awareness
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Illustration: Shutterstock 
Israeli firm wins contract to develop flesh-eating bacteria treatment
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Will Cairo suspend Israeli-Palestinian talks?
Smadar Perry
Religious woman soldier has fighting spirit
Israel Moskowitz
Eid celebrations toned down on Yom Kippur
Hassan Shaalan
Jordan finds Israeli spying gear from 1969
Roi Kais
Israel helps move lions from stricken Gaza zoo
Roi Kais
IDF orphans celebrate with army chief, president
Akiva Novick
Netanyahu's UN speech: All talk, no action
Nahum Barnea

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