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08/31/2015 22:2908/31/2015 22:2908/31/2015 22:29

Historical Highway:
Second Temple stairs discovered

Jerusalem dig uncovers mysterious podium and pyramid-like staircase built two millennia ago, apparently used by pilgrims en route to the Second Temple.
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Photo: Shai Halevy/Israel Antiquities Authority


Russian jets in Syrian skies
Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS.
Photo: Reuters
Fisheries to stop Gaza tunnels
Military begins work on fish farms that will fill border area with water in attempt to put an end to smuggling tunnels into Hamas-ruled enclave.
Photo: AP
Israelis healthy into old age
New report examines 188 countries, names Israel 6th in healthy life expectancy - meaning years of life without terminal illness.  
Photo: Shutterstock
Week's best Mideast photos
Migrants on the way to Europe continued to face danger, mass protests erupted in Lebanon and Iraq, and Egypt sent journalists to prison.
Lebanese anti-government protesters (Photo: AP)
Israel's beauty from above
Summer 2015 is coming to a close but thanks to aerial photographer Nir Hoffman, our favorite spots and all their beauty can't be missed.  
Photo: Nir Hoffman
Photo: Reuters 
'Supergiant' gas field found off Egyptian coast
Photo: AP Hezbollah 3.0: How Israel's No. 1 enemy is preparing for the next Lebanon war
Photo: Reuters How IDF Intelligence failed to predict 'Hamastan' in Gaza following Israeli pullot
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An Iranian Fatah 313 missile 
Garbage crisis symbolic of Iran's threat to the region and itself
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Jewish World
Photo: Memorial Society Archive 
Aliyah activist who attempted to hijack Soviet aircraft passes away at 88
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Culture & Travel
Bar Rafaeli 
Bar Refaeli reveals wedding dress
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Israeli mobile operator Cellcom looks at buying rival Golan
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Meet the Hasidic Jew fighting in Syria
Liron Nagler-Cohen
An Israeli's journey to North Korea
Daniel Edelson
Initiatives to reform Jewish radicals falling
Associated Press
The Israeli fighter jet that never was
Yaron Druckman  
An Egyptian voice in Tel Aviv
Smadar Perry
'I'm haredi, lesbian, and live with a woman'
Yael Gazith
Ex-IDF chief Gantz: I might not go into politics
Nechama Duek

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