UN refuses to recognize two killed in Palestinian attacks as terror victims

The UN explains that despite the fact Irina Korolova and Staff Sgt. Asil Sawaed were killed as a result of a terror attack, they aren't considered to be terror victims according to the UN's guidelines
The UN recently refused to include the name of Irina Korolova and Staff Sgt. Asil Sawaed, who were killed in separate terror attacks, to the list of terror victims.
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Korolova, a 60-year-old foreign worker from Ukraine, was killed in a shooting attack near a synagogue in Jerusalem back in January, won’t be recognized by the UN due to her not being an official Israeli national.
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אירינה קורולובה לוחם מג"ב אסיל פאעור סואעד נהרג ב פיגוע ב מחסום שועפט
אירינה קורולובה לוחם מג"ב אסיל פאעור סואעד נהרג ב פיגוע ב מחסום שועפט
Irina Korolova, Staff Sgt. Asil Sawaed
Seven victims were killed in the harrowing terror attack, though in the UN’s records, the names of only six of them are included. In addition, according to the U’s definition, the attack occurred "in occupied Palestinian territory," therefore the victims are considered to be Jewish settlers.
Staff Sgt. Sawaed, an Israeli Border Police cop killed by friendly fire after being stabbed in a terrorist attack at a military checkpoint in East Jerusalem, also won’t be recognized by the UN, the reason being that he was killed in a friendly fire incident, and not by his stab wounds.
As was previously reported by Ynet, the UN distorts data regarding the murder of Israeli citizens in terrorist attacks. For example, the UN doesn't include Shulamit Rachel Ovadia, who was killed last year in a terrorist attack in Holon, on the list of victims.
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זירת האירוע בחולון
זירת האירוע בחולון
Shulamit Rachel Ovadia's body transported to the hospital by first responders
(Photo: Nadav Abas)
The decision was made by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which monitors international crises around the world and publishes a biweekly report with the names of people killed and injured in terrorist attacks, both Israelis and Palestinians.
While innocent Israelis aren’t recognized in the report, the names of terrorists who confronted IDF troops can be seen there. Following the UN's refusal to alter the list, Israel informed OCHA personnel that their visas in the country would not be renewed.
Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, and the "Btsalmo" organization wrote scalding letters to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, writing that "It’s unacceptable for UN officials to ignore this fact and not take into account the full count of Israeli terror victims."
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גלעד ארדן
גלעד ארדן
Gilad Erdan
(Photo: AFP)
"Rachel Ovadia’s only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's enough that the shameful inquiry committee ignores Palestinian terror, and her colleagues openly express antisemitic comments without condemnation from UN officials.”
“OCHA's unwillingness to quickly condemn and properly label these Palestinian acts as terrorism only encourages the terrorists to continue their actions. This behavior must stop immediately," the letter added.
“Btsalmo” head Shai Glick added, "The UN's antisemitism is soaring to new heights. To claim that an Israeli soldier wasn’t killed in a terrorist attack because a security guard hit him is a severe blow to his grieving family and to all Israeli citizens.
“To dismiss the murder of an Israeli woman because she’s a foreign resident is a serious violation of human rights. To say that a terror victim is a Jewish settler is an antisemitic statement. The UN has lost its moral compass."
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