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Wild animals found in a Jerusalem home
Authorities uncover a collection of 10 snakes, including venomous species, along
ynet correspondents (22:11 , 14.12.23 ) 
It's not terrorists: Monkeys spotted on roof of
Soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip noticed monkeys that had apparently escaped
Adir Yanko (16:52 , 13.12.23 ) 
Furry and feathered heroes: IDF soldiers rescue
Cats, dogs, parrots and even an owl: Israeli forces make new friends and ship
Ilana Curiel (15:12 , 12.12.23 )
In rare sighting, divers spot giant manta ray
They spotted the elusive marine animal while going out for a routine swim;
Ynet (10:32 , 07.12.23 ) 
'A soldier like any other': IDF K-9 treated at
Hospital proud to treat one of IDF's most skilled and seasoned warriors, Mikey
Adir Yanko (18:00 , 06.12.23 )
The valiant dogs of October 7
Opinion: Never before have so many dogs played so great a part in so terrible a
Boaz Gaon (12:56 , 06.12.23 )
Former K-9 Unit soldier opens kennel for dogs of
Lior Gal Yam volunteers to take care of dogs that can't stay in hotels in Eilat
Ilana Curiel (21:34 , 05.12.23 )
Mia hid her dog in captivity, sustained her on
Family frantically searches for little Bella after 17-year old and mother taken
Roni Green Shaulov (19:54 , 30.11.23 )
Rodney the dog managed to hide from Hamas
He managed to flee from terrorists who had cruelly killed other dogs in the
Ilana Curiel (21:17 , 28.11.23 ) 
Watch: butterflies blanket Israeli border towns
Hundreds of plain tiger butterflies descend upon communities that endured the
Ilana Curiel (21:59 , 20.11.23 ) 
IDF troops find puppy near Gaza rocket sites,
In the heat of battle against Hamas terrorists, puppy runs over to troops,
Ilana Curiel, Meir Turgeman (01:25 , 16.11.23 )
Former police dog killed by Hamas terrorists
On Oct.7, Bonita the dog was shot by Hamas terrorists as she neared them, likely
Meir Turgeman (07:30 , 11.11.23 ) 
Loyalty beyond the grave: Dog of Israeli man
Dror Bahat was among the victims of the Oct. 7 music festival massacre; his dog
Israel Moskowitz, Iris Lifshitz-Kliger (00:55 , 25.10.23 ) 
Animals can inform the weather, researchers say
By attaching advanced sensors to the bodies of fish, birds, seals, and other
Yogev Israely (19:58 , 26.09.23 )
Israeli zoo rescues baby hedgehog strangled by
The Ramat Gan Safari's wildlife hospital staff say the hoglet was saved at the
Noa Fisher (15:15 , 26.09.23 )
Watch: Galilee snake vomits out live snake
In video caught in Kafr Manda in Israel's Galilee, a large Montpellier snake
Hasan Shaalan (11:33 , 26.09.23 ) 
After years of recovery, popular giant fish now
The Atlantic goliath grouper is a large fish which became a protected species in
AFP (23:45 , 20.09.23 )
Circle of life: Only 25,000 lions left in Africa
Some 90% of lion habitats were damaged, leaving lions with only 25 suitable
Yogev Israely (15:37 , 18.09.23 )
Rare dolphin sighted off coast of Eilat again
The endangered humpback dolphin is regularly found in the Red Sea but its
Noa Fisher (14:49 , 12.09.23 ) 
Three dead whales beached in Mediterranean in
Experts worry as whales all beached over relatively short stretch of coast
Noa Fisher (16:49 , 06.09.23 )
What happens in Eilat, stays in Eilat: Female
Two hotel employees identified a female bat and her cub in a hotel room in
Ilana Curiel (17:19 , 05.09.23 ) 
Invasive species threaten biodiversity around
Researchers gather 13,000 scientific studies on invasive species and reveal they
Noa Fisher (22:44 , 04.09.23 )
Kākāpō parrots have genome sequenced en masse in
Researchers find highly endangered New Zealand bird susceptible to disease and
Yogev Israely (16:50 , 04.09.23 )
Scientists discover seven new 'walking leaves'
From India, Vietnam and Indonesia to the Philippines, these leaf insects use
Yogev Israely (09:45 , 03.09.23 )
A bird's Aliyah: White storks converge in
This week, the Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature documented large
Noa Fisher (19:19 , 30.08.23 ) 
Humpback whale washes up dead on Israeli beach
Marine biologists say species lives in deep waters in the eastern Mediterranean
Noa Fisher (16:35 , 28.08.23 )
For the first time eagle ray snapped jumping out
A 14-year-old bird watcher and his father are surprised by the rare sight while
Noa Fisher (15:40 , 27.08.23 )
Fang-tastic! What to do when encountering wild
Some are dangerous and the majority are harmless, but most people make no
Noa Fisher (12:42 , 27.08.23 )
Rare sighting: Camera spots elusive otters in
Nature and Parks Authority says they hope new water crossings designed to
Ilana Curiel (13:12 , 23.08.23 )
Madagascar sentences Israeli to prison after
Israeli national attempted to smuggle 59 rare tortoises from the country to
Itamar Eichner (14:02 , 21.08.23 )
Record-breaking egg laying sea turtle returns to
Nature and Parks Authority says green sea turtle named Coral laid approximately
Ilana Curiel (11:23 , 20.08.23 ) 
In photos: The lives of ibexes in Israel's
Conservation efforts throughout the years have slowly managed to bolster the
Noa Fisher (15:23 , 16.08.23 )
A meal beckons: Research shows Nile crocs react
Study of crocks in a Moroccan park find heir responsiveness grows with
Yogev Israely (15:50 , 13.08.23 )
Rabies-infected jackals terrorize rural
At least four Ethiopian immigrants at Beit Alfa's absorption center are bitten,
Israel Moskowitz (23:28 , 09.08.23 )
Swimming with a whale shark off the coast of
The Nature and Parks Authority, which filmed the rare encounter, said that the
Noa Fisher (10:57 , 09.08.23 ) 
Accused Israeli tortoise-smuggler pleads for aid
Israeli national’s lawyer says client subjected to harsh conditions in prison
Itamar Eichner (13:40 , 03.08.23 )
From impalas to sharks: Awe-inspiring
Members of the Israeli Nature Photography Association have captured amazing
Noa Fisher (11:12 , 03.08.23 )
Injured whitespotted eagle ray found off the
While conducting a dive in the southern area of Eilat, a Nature and Parks
ynet correspondents (11:22 , 30.07.23 ) 
Heartbreaking: Sea turtle nest destroyed and
Nature and Parks Authority discovered fence placed around the sea turtle nest
Ynet (22:44 , 23.07.23 )
A web of discoveries: Four new types of
A remarkable discovery was made of spiders, mainly belonging to the tarantula
Yogev Israely (18:34 , 20.07.23 )
Since start of war in Ukraine, some 500 pets
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews ensures Ukrainians,
Itamar Eichner (23:48 , 18.07.23 )
In rare sight, barn owl family takes falcon
Environmentalists find common kestrel chick along with its five adoptive barn
Ilana Curiel (19:25 , 18.07.23 )
Israel sends abused donkeys to animal haven in
In a joint operation with a local Israeli sanctuary, and the Environmental
Noa Fisher (21:44 , 16.07.23 ) 
Rare Footage: Deadly false killer whale dolphins
Members of the Derech Hayam club in Herzliya captured footage of the dolphin,
Noa Fisher (18:51 , 02.07.23 ) 
Sister knows best: Israeli study finds hyenas
Israeli researchers document behavior never seen before in local population of
Ilana Curiel (09:46 , 29.06.23 ) 
Israeli arrested in Madagascar for smuggling
Customs officials in the African country discover 59 tortoises among the
Itamar Eichner (10:32 , 27.06.23 )
Endangered vultures find sanctuary at secretive
Accompanied by Assaf Kamar and photographer Nadav Abas, the Nature and Parks
Assaf Kamar (16:23 , 26.06.23 ) 
When a capybara goes viral: The rodent that has
The South American rodent was a pretty obscure attraction at Jerusalem Biblical
Gilad Jalon (14:38 , 11.06.23 )
Why Nepal's crocodiles turned orange and other
Nepal's intriguing "tanned" crocodiles, the butterfly's triumphant return to
Meshi Ayad (13:31 , 08.06.23 )
Sad sight: Owl dies after getting caught in glue
Wildlife Hospital treatment wasn't enough to save the bird; Safari Zoological
Noa Fisher (17:18 , 07.06.23 ) 
Scores of sheep dead after eating poisonous
Israeli farmer finds 86 of his sheep dead after apparently consuming rough
Yair Kraus (14:24 , 04.06.23 ) 
Yulia briefly sighted on Gaza shore
The Gaza Fisheries Department reported that the rare seal paid a brief visit to
Einav Halabi , Yoav Zitun (19:16 , 31.05.23 )
A bird's advent: Rare footage of great crested
The great crested grebe, which typically breeds across Asia and Eastern Europe,
Noa Fisher (23:52 , 30.05.23 ) 
Israel's favorite seal Yulia is still here: 'It
After being driven away from one of Bat Yam's beaches, the rare seal reappears
Attila Somfalvi, Moran Azulay (14:44 , 29.05.23 )
Watch: Lion cub rescued in Israel adjusting to
Zion-Neev, also known as Abu Malek, was rescued in Israel after becoming viral
Ilana Curiel (13:02 , 29.05.23 ) 
Stundy finds endangered marine mammals in
Research highlights the need for conservation; Dolphins and beaked whales were
Noa Fisher (17:15 , 28.05.23 )
Israeli startup unlocks the secrets of bee
BeeHero's Healthy Hive Score transforms bee health management, safeguarding
Gilad Meiri (13:40 , 26.05.23 )
Rescued lion cub arrives at new home in South
The young lion, formerly known as TikTok sensation Abu Malek, was rescued by
Ilana Curiel (10:08 , 25.05.23 ) 
Scaly and venomous: Meet America's largest
Female Gila monster lizards take no prisoners when facing each other, and often
Yogev Israely (17:14 , 22.05.23 )
Sad sight: White stork pierced by arrow lands in
Avian veterinarian Dr. Ady Gancz says he was taking pictures of thousands of
Noa Fisher (16:13 , 21.05.23 )
New arrivals: Rare bird chicks hatch in Israel
Watchful eyes witnessed the miraculous arrival of endangered bird chicks,
Noa Fisher (18:27 , 18.05.23 ) 
Research reveals concerning decline in Southern
Threatened by food scarcity and warming waters, migrating Eubalaena Australis
Yogev Israely (14:30 , 17.05.23 )
Rare Mediterranean monk seal stays to rest on
The arrival of Julia, a Neomonachus seal, spars concerns she may suffer trauma
Ilana Curiel (10:05 , 17.05.23 ) 
Researchers find evidence of jackal
Groundbreaking study reveals jackals exhibiting pet dog-like behavior continuing
Ilana Curiel (11:23 , 16.05.23 ) 
A welcome guest: Why did this rare seal make a
Yulia the Mediterranean monk seal, an endangered species, arrived at a central
Sharon Kidon, Ishay Shnerb (00:04 , 15.05.23 ) 
Endangered seal spotted lounging around on
Once common in the area, a Mediterranean monk seal was seen enjoying the warm
Noa Fisher (00:15 , 13.05.23 ) 
The Lion Project: Rescued cub returning to wild
Requests came from all over the world to take in the kidnapped lion cub, which
Ilana Curiel (13:47 , 12.05.23 )
When pigs fly: Rare Israeli footage captures
A wild boar near Elon Moreh became prey when an eastern imperial eagle snatched
Ynetnews (09:14 , 11.05.23 )
Eastern winds blow beetles to Israel's beaches
Weevils are invasive beetles that feed on plants and seeds and are considered
Ilana Curiel (18:00 , 08.05.23 ) 
Leave it to the professionals: Fawn 'rescued' by
A group of children discovered a lone fawn while hiking near Jerusalem and
Ilana Curiel (14:17 , 28.04.23 )
Meet Israel's newly named national butterfly
A familiar sight in Israel, the butterfly is known for its metallic blue color
Noa Fisher (22:59 , 23.04.23 )
Israeli Labrador whelps rare green puppy
Bruce - the Hulk is the first of his kind in Israel, born with green fur stained
Attila Somfalvi, Nir (Shoko) Cohen (16:16 , 23.04.23 )
Rare marbled polecats sighted in southern Israel
Once a common sight in our natural surroundings, these small and furry mammals
Ilana Curiel (15:48 , 23.04.23 )
Dialogue with the dog: I took my dog to see a
When Ori Sa’ada adopted Sebastian, a cute and innocent-looking puppy, he did not
Ori Sa'ada (19:07 , 22.04.23 )
The dark side of Eilat's rabbit park
Noy Zilberman, who cares for the rabbits, says that people are abandoning
Asaf Kamar, Nir Cohen (09:03 , 22.04.23 )






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