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IDF incorporating VR simulators into training
Future Lab corps is recruiting computer gamers to design the next generation of
Yoav Zitun
Israeli banks under increasing threat from cyber
While there have been repeated attacks on the country's financial institutions,
Irit Avissar
Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to disrupt
Dozens of groups, 65 Israeli accounts, 161 pages, 4 Instagram accounts purged —
Associated Press
A new way to stay connected to Israel
Now Ynetnews readers can get the news they want, when they want with our new
Israel's chip sales to China jump as Intel
Semiconductor exports to China up 80 percent, most produced by Intel's Kiryat
Unique Dead Sea region is good fit for NASA
The special characteristics of the Amiaz plateau in Judean Desert make it
Tel Aviv deploys 'zombie lights' for
Municipality installs special LED sidewalk lights in bid to reduce number of
Associated Press
Israel is feeding the world
In a conference held by the Israel Export Institute and attended by many foreign
Yuval Haninyovich
Smoke without fire: Cannabis for the observant
How do you smoke marijuana on the Sabbath without smoking? The Jewish mind has
Itzchak Tessler
Intel to invest $10B on new Israeli headquarters
Investment means up to 1,000 new jobs as technology giant chooses to put new
Gad Lior
Israeli spacecraft ready for 2019 moon launch
SpaceIL engineers say they aim to launch the 585 kg Beresheet craft, which
New Israeli technology could revolutionize
Israel’s first-ever three-dimensional photography booth, from high-tech
The Media Line
The Israeli car that will take off from the roof
With the help of engineers from Israeli defense industries, and with funds from
Udi Ezyon
Mark Zuckerberg joins popular 'Secret Tel Aviv'
Founder and CEO of the social network became member of the popular group, which
Korin Elbaz Alush
New video game lets players be Nazi guards
Ukrainian developers say the claims the game's missions include killing and
'Kill all Jews' trends on Twitter
Social network issues apology after anti-Semitic slurs appeared on most popular
Agar Buhbut
An Israeli development will save lives in mass
CardioScale, an Israeli medtech startup company, developed a portable sensor
Liat Zand
The app that brought you to the World Cup
An extraordinary viewing experience in the Israel Public Broadcasting
Ynet Sports
Match made in hi-tech heaven: Israel and South
Israel and South Korea top the list of countries that spend the most on science
The Media Line
No need to share headphones: Music reaches
Israeli company MUGO brings the message of listening to music together to social
Liat Zand
The Israeli secure smartphone sold around the
CommuniTake’s advanced smartphone is probably one of the safest encrypted
Liat Zand
President Rivlin to direct drivers for
Israel's president becomes an alternative voice for navigation and directions on
Guy Levy  
Israeli websites hacked: 'Jerusalem is the
Website homepage replaced with photo from Gaza clashes, with text in Arabic
Adir Yanko  
Turning the desert green and red
Microalgae produce almost all the nutrients that humans need to survive. But, to
Assaf Kamar  
The smart periphery: Cisco to launch a network
With President Rivlin in attendance, Cisco's CEO and Chairman Chuck Robbins
Universal McCann’s Sekindo rebrands as Primis
UM’s Sekindo started 2018 with an exciting rebranding to Primis, expressing a
EXCLUSIVE: A sneak peak at the new G7 phone from
At least 3 months before its official launch, Ynet was able to get its hands on
Guy Levy  
Israeli scientists complete mock Mars mission in
6 Israelis scientists conclude 4-day mock mission to Mars in Negev desert;
Israeli teen awarded by Facebook for finding
Yuval Sprintz, 17, notifies social network of breach in instant messaging app's
Sagi Cohen
Palestinian, Israeli Arab indicted for credit
Two friends, Palestinian and Israeli Arab from Jerusalem, indicted for running
Gilad Morag
Israeli firm provides surveillance to 200M
An Israeli success story: IDF veterans founded surveillance technology company
Liat Zand
Messaging app WhatsApp went down for users
Extent of the outage not fully known, but users in Israel, Europe, the US, India
WhatsApp founder shares Israeli anthem in
Protesting the banning of Israeli symbols in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 2017 judo
Hagar Bohbot
Leaders to tech firms at UN: Yank terror
During first-of-its-kind session on the sidelines of UN General Assembly
Associated Press
Facebook tightens ad policies after 'Jew-hater'
Social media giant's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg issues apology for
Associated Press
Israeli developers behind new iPhone X tech
Employees at Apple's Israeli research and development center came up with the
Sagi Cohen
Construction of Israeli spacecraft to the moon
The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is currently building and assembling the
Israeli company to build US-Mexico border wall
Elta North America, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, is named one of
Udi Etsion
New app to crack down on illegal Palestinian
Samaria Regional Council launches new communal watchdog app enabling settlers to
Elisha Ben Kimon
GoDaddy gives neo-Nazi website das boot
Internet domain registrar gives The Daily Stormer 24 hours to move its domain to
Associated Press  
Two Israeli satellites launched to space
On 4:58am Wednesday, two Israeli-made satellites were launched from French
Yaron Druckman  
Hackers break into cyber company, stealing IDF,
Break-in discovered after hackers publish stolen information on Pastebin
Raphael Kahan, Calcalist
Israel to launch two satellites into space this
For the very first time, two Israeli satellites will be launched into space
Udi Etsion
Intel Israel expected to recruit 1,500 employees
Intel Israel CEO, Yaniv Garty says company currently running new chip generation
Tzahi Sade
Apple looking to Israel for camera technology
Apple Israel is currently in midst of campaign aimed at recruiting Israeli
Sagi Cohen
Short of IT workers at home, Israeli startups
Facing a shortage of around 10,000 engineers and programmers over the next
The system that will save lives: This is how the
The new system will monitor in real time the phenomena that characterize the
Itay Blumental
Ramallah start-up uses algorithms to predict
Ramallah-based RedCrow proves its effectiveness in predicting conflict in the
Dima Abumaria/The Media Line
Digital rights groups fight back against
A digital rights group fights Israel’s biometric database law, set to go into
Andrew Friedman/TPS
IDF launches app to teach soldiers basic Arabic
The app Bab al Ta’am allows soldiers to practice popular greetings and blessings
Israeli environmental research satellite
The satellite named Venus will monitor fields and plots of land from space for
Yaron Druckman
Did you mean Jerusalem? Google looks at
To mark Jerusalem Day, the search giant releases a list of terms users from
China's tech money heads for Israel as US
With US regulatory scrutiny tightening, particularly under President Trump,
New virtual goggles assist IDF in tunnel combat
The 3D goggles now being used in the elite combat engineers Yahalom unit contain
Yoav Zitun  
NASA: We will not prepare kosher food for
NASA astronauts will not have kosher or halal meals because the place where the
Israeli start-up invents traumatic
With Israel unfortunately being a leading force in dealing with traumatic
Gil Kalian
WATCH: A satellite built by Israeli students
The hard work of more than 80 students from Ofakim, Yeruham, Ofra, Hura and
Stop talking gibberish or just stop talking
Inexplicably, Google translates random strings of Hebrew letters, essentially
Sagi Cohen
Israel's swanky high-tech office scene
Companies large and small have adopted the approach of building extraordinary
Einat Alfassa
Head of IDF's new Cyber Division: It’s a world
The world is facing a new battle front, where tanks and fighter jets are just
Yoav Zitun
The physics of building the pyramids
How did the ancient Egyptians manage to move stone blocks weighing tons? Perhaps
Anna Grivnin, Weizmann Institute
Toyota shows robotic leg brace to help paralyzed
Similar to the exoskeleton made by Israeli manufacturer ReWalk Robotics, the
Associated Press
Paris Hilton partners with Weizmann Institute
Though less of a reality TV attraction these days, the entrepreneur and hotel
Israel defense exports rise 14% in 2016
According to an Israeli Ministry of Defense report, sales of Israeli-made
Ilana Messika/TPS
Jerusalem hackathon fights online incitement
A competition to promote digital solutions in the fight against anti-Semitism
Ilana Messika/TPS
Israel looks to leverage tech in $50 billion
Medical marijuana a growing global market; Israel aims to export medical-grade
Israeli tech firms revving up engines for
Intel's acquisition of Israeli tech company Mobileye for more than $15 billion
Associated Press
Intel snaps up Israeli Mobileye for $14.9
In what is the most expensive acquisition of an Israeli high-tech company, the
Reuters and Itamar Eichner  
Israeli tech protects from video, image
Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev have developed a new platform
Ilana Messika/TPS
Israeli-made astronaut radiation shield set for
A vest developed by Tel Aviv-based StemRad will be tested on a dummy; it seeks
Israeli medical innovations to be presented
A device attached to a diaper alerting you when it's full, an ECG shirt, and a
Rotem Elizera
Mercedes incorporates Israeli technology into
Mercedes Benz unveils the car of the future, integrating technology by Israeli
Alexander J. Apfel
Israeli start-up predicting Oscars
An Israeli start-up company engineers an application that is supposed to
Ilana Messika/TPS
Minister discusses eliminating Hamas with robots
Ayoob Kara makes the extraordinary claim that in a few years, Israel will have
Ilana Curiel
EU awards €7.7 million to Israeli-led project
The three-year project aims to demonstrate state-of-the-art antimicrobial
Anav Silverman/TPS
India launches 104 nanosatellites into space,
BGUSAT, developed by Ben Gurion University in collaboration with the Israel
Associated Press  
In Israel, teaching kids cyber skills is a
With special youth programs and an elite IDF digital communications intelligence
Associated Press
Israeli tech helps Syrian refugees regain
A green-tech startup based in Israel has gone to Jordan to help Syrian refugees
Eitan Goldstein
SpaceIL achievement: Israel is getting close to
The Israeli company SpaceIL is among the five finalists in the Google Lunar
Alexandra Lukash and Yaron Druckman
A look at the Shin Bet's Cyber Unit
The Shin Bet has drastically expanded their Cyber Unit to include more young
Itamar Eichner
WATCH: IDF's first combat robot in operational
The new Roni robot goes into tunnels, records both in light and dark and helps
Yoav Zitun  
WATCH: Israeli micro-observation balloon
The latest Israeli observation balloon has new and improved features allowing
Yoav Zitun  
Israel's 'flying car' passenger drone moves
The Comorant may be the world's first autonomous flying car; being developed in
Hebrew keyboard about to change
In an effort to reduce the number of common mistakes and keep punctuation key
Ofer Petersburg
Breaching a terrorist's door in a matter of
Ran Nakash, former commander in the IDF's elite Duvdevan unit, developed a
Assaf Kamar  
IDF reveals video-interpreting system
The army also revealed the existence of the advanced, start-up-styled unit that
Israel Wullman
Meet the new system to combat drones
The new system, which is capable of detecting, identifying, tracking and
Itay Blumental
Israel pioneers green transportation solutions
The Fuel Choices Summit, hosted by the prime minister, hopes to 'promote
The Media Line
New Israeli invention to standardize diamond
The new machine, which is currently in advanced testing and meant to be marketed
Israeli start-up attracts millions from US, Asia
Following surprise announcements of collaboration with Mercedes-Benz in July,
Alexander J. Apfel  
The Israeli technology that’s linked to
Almost every industrially-made drink is pasteurized, but the food industry uses
Tel Aviv to assist in development of new Kenyan
Announcing a Memorandum of Understanding between Tel Aviv Municipality and
Ilana Messika/TPS
‘Apple is secretly developing the iPhone 8 in
Business website Business Insider reports that an employee at Apple’s Herzliya
Preparing for the International Homeland
This November, 160 Israeli companies will be presenting homeland security and
Assaf Kamer  
Israeli system to help prevent 'friendly fire'
SafeShoot can be affixed to any kind of weapon. It will alert both the operator
Israel Wullman
Google takes on ISIS
A Google tech incubator that aims to counter violent extremism worldwide has
Daniela Regev
Facebook page provides welcome space for Israeli
Page set up by Israeli Arab together with Orthodox Jew seeks to foster
Tzvi Lev/TPS
How Israeli-made spyware made it to the Arab
Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry officials have made it clear that while
Ronen Bergman
Israelis to present utopian design in London
Graduates of Shenkar College will feature their projects at the three-week event
Yaniv Halily
Video advertising will also go mobile
Oren Berdichevsky
iPhone spyware spotlights Israel's secretive
Israel boasts some 27 surveillance firms, a high number for a country of 8
The Israeli game that Arab countries love
Jelly Button Games flagship smartphone social game, Pirate Kings, which passed
Sagi Cohen  
Spacecom sold to Chinese group
Israel satellite company Space Communications was sold to Chinese group Xinwei
Uzi Etzion
Apple boosts iPhone security after Mideast
A human rights worker in the United Arab Emirates received a text message one
Yaron Druckman, Saul Sa'arhaas & AP
Palestinian-Saudi team invents 'smart' solar
The umbrella is marketed to Muslims making the journey to Mecca, is fitted with
The Media Line
WhatsApp to share your phone number with
In a controversial move, WhatsApp messaging service will be sharing phone
Associated Press
Charge and discard: 'Credit cards' and 'cans'
Too much Pokemon Go can eat away at your phone battery, leaving you in the red
Sagi Cohen  
Fugitive businessman Kobi Alexander to return to
The founder and former CEO of the Israeli-American company Comverse Technology,
Birthright Excel Ventures ends first cohort with
A brand new Birthright program, Excel Ventures, takes the cream of the crop of
Eitan Goldstein
The IDF's first combat robot
IDF advanced robotics technology has made its way to the infantry brigades from
Udi Etzion  
Driverless Uber begins pilot, thanks to an
Uber has acquired the startup Otto, which has developed technology allowing
AP & Sagi Cohen  
Israeli technology presented to leading US
Group of representatives from 13 Israeli companies visited San Francisco and New
Israeli app making millions off old photos
Hundreds of thousands have paid $5 for the Israeli app Photomyne, which scans
New WAZE feature to prevent children being
The GPS app has installed a new feature reminding drivers prior to arrival at
Sagi Cohen
Israeli app helps secure 2016 Rio Olympics
When the user is in distress, SayVU automatically records relevant data and
Tzvi Lev/TPS
Modi'in to become a smart city
Bezeq Internet is teaming up with the Modi'in Municipality to create a better,
Yisrael Vollman
Israeli start-up aims to promote better US gun
IDF veterans Yonatan Zimmerman and Yalon Fishbein's company is focused on
Michael Bachner/TPS
WATCH: Israeli tech hopes to prevent forgetting
Five children in Israel have died of heatstroke in the past two months after
The Media Line
The Israeli application to cut shop lines
New Israeli application currently being used in an Osher Ad supermarket in Tel
Yaron Drukman
Peres launches Israeli innovation center
The new center will tell the story of Israel's transformation from a desert
EU eyes Israeli technologies for spotting
With lone wolf attacks in both Germany and France within days of each other,
Israeli start-up announces collaboration with
Gauzy's cutting-edge technology, which allows control of glass's levels of
Alexander J. Apfel  
The Israelis who went to Jupiter
Two Israeli planetary researchers played pivotal roles in NASA's new Juno space
Elad Zeret
Israel's high tech boom threatened by shallow
The 'start-up nation' has a dearth of high-tech-ready employees, fewer students
'The eastern Negev is a model for the world'
The eastern Negev region is set to become the first digital region in Israel;
Ynet Authors
Building hi-tech bridges between Arabs and Jews
In an effort to bring more hi-tech jobs to the north of Israel and help Israel's
Eitan Goldstein
New Israeli application determines taste of
The application was developed in Haifa's Technion University by three students
Israel Moskowitz
'Commercial airliners are exposed to cyber
The head of Israel Aerospace Industry's cyber divisions explain that not only
Udi Etzion
PayPal seeks to offer better financial services
Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO and social idealist, has decided to transform the
Karen Zuriel Harari
‘Google of the Bible’ launches after five-year
15 million NIS were invested in the project, which will provide comprehensive
Yisrael Wolman
Google chief: Israeli tech second only to
Alongside his praise, Eric Schmidt warns the 'Startup Nation' is facing 'worthy
Israeli students fight BDS using Google
Every month, Google sees an average of 165,000 searches for the term 'BDS' and
Sapir Kleinbort  
Israeli high-tech company extends hand to Gaza's
Mellanox Technologies to employ 10 programmers in Gaza within six months; the
Robots and drones: Israeli developments impress
Eurosatory, Europe’s most important defense conference, will feature several
Udi Etsion  
'Israel is the center of the digital future'
At the Dell Future Ready conference held in Tel Aviv, Dell CEO Michael Dell
Guy Levy
Fighting terrorists with technology
Several Israeli companies have been working on advanced solution to fight
Moshe Glantz  
Israeli app wins 1st place in Google Play awards
Interior-design app Houzz won 'Best App' in Google Play's inaugural awards; the
Robots, drones, bionic men descend on Jerusalem
Geek Picnic, the largest pop-science, tech, and arts festival in Eastern Europe,
Michael Zeff, TPS
Israel eyes autonomous car development
Representatives of various ministries hope to turn Israel into a global
Hillel Possek
How many startups does it take to fill a flight
Dozens of leading startup entrepreneurs are joining a delegation of Israeli high
Meir Orbach, Calcalist
Apple takes a bite out of Israel's high tech
The technology giant has quietly created a hardware development center in
Sagi Cohen, Israel Wullman
New search engine to target anti-Semitism
Meet the Sniper, an app that will scan the net using a new algorithm, looking
Itamar Eichner
High-tech 'incubator' nurtures Gaza start-ups
Gaza may be physically cut off from the world under a blockade imposed by Egypt

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