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IDF prepares to takes more responsibility in
The military is assisting local governments in their care for the elderly and
(14:08 , 24.03.20 )
Senior health official says multiple COVID-19
According to Prof. Sigal Sadetsky, number of patients in Israel is under control
(13:52 , 24.03.20 )
Bank of Israel to buy NIS 50 billion in bonds to
Measure aims to ease credit conditions in the economy and support economic
(12:56 , 24.03.20 )
Unity talks stalled over High Court ruling to
Adding to already tense relations between right-wing and religious parties and
(10:44 , 24.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus sick count leaps by 234 to
Number includes 31 people in serious condition and 49 who have recovered from
(10:26 , 24.03.20 )
In Jerusalem, Church of Holy Sepulcher is eerily
Holy site asks the few worshipers not to enter in groups of more than 10,
(09:40 , 24.03.20 )
Government to okay further movement restrictions
Sports activities, walking dogs limited to 30-50 meters from home; Public
(09:12 , 24.03.20 )
High Court rules Edelstein must allow vote for
Chief Justice Hayut wrote in the ruling 'the continued refusal to allow for a
(23:05 , 23.03.20 )
Israel confirms 1,442 coronavirus cases
Number includes 29 people in serious condition and 41 who have recovered from
(22:00 , 23.03.20 )
Knesset okays key panel, paving way for vote on
Blue & White expected to choose replacement for Likud's Yuli Edelstein, advance
(21:45 , 23.03.20 )
Israel tightens coronavirus enforcement but no
Health officials demand full shutdown on all non-essential movement of the
(20:09 , 23.03.20 )
State Comptroller report shows Israel ill
New ombudsman report, composed before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic,
(18:36 , 23.03.20 )
Health Ministry No. 2: Coronavirus spread
Senior health official says measures to fight virus will bear fruit in coming
(17:56 , 23.03.20 )
65 Chabad members diagnosed with coronavirus
Group came back to Israel last week after studying in virus-stricken Crown
(16:02 , 23.03.20 )
Israel's High Court orders parliament to clarify
Chief Justice Esther Hayut gives Edelstein until 5 pm to announce whether he
(15:39 , 23.03.20 )
Hundreds protest in front of Knesset, calling on
Demonstrators, who arrived on vehicles with 'Democracy or Fascism' stickers,
(15:06 , 23.03.20 ) 
Traders fume as police shutter markets over
Local business owners say Health Ministry regulations unclear; PM holds
(12:19 , 23.03.20 ) 
Israel won't extend winter time to fight virus,
Daylight saving time was set to be delayed by a month but following widespread
(11:59 , 23.03.20 )
Israel using AI to predict spread of coronavirus
New method already gaining worldwide attention, uses public questionnaires to
(11:17 , 23.03.20 ) 
Israeli forces open fire, killing Palestinian
IDF says the 32-year-old man along with an accomplice had been hurling boulders
(10:11 , 23.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally up to 1,238, another
The Health Ministry confirms a rise of another 135 diagnoses since Sunday
(08:48 , 23.03.20 )
Senior health official: 20,000 Israelis could
Health Ministry's deputy director warns if the epidemic isn't stopped in time,
(22:14 , 22.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus count reaches 1071, health
The Health Ministry says since the morning hours the condition of 2 people who
(21:25 , 22.03.20 )
Israel set to extend winter time by a month to
AG approves Interior Ministry's request to delay daylight saving time that was
(20:56 , 22.03.20 )
El Al answers government's plea to rescure more
Company reports it is currently preparing flights to Australia, Brazil and Costa
(18:27 , 22.03.20 ) 
Supreme Court rules not to replace Edelstein as
Chief Justice Esther Hayut at the start of the hearing said the court sides with
(17:59 , 22.03.20 )
Supreme Court to rule on demand to reopen
Civil rights group petition court against decision by Knesset Speaker Yuli
(15:47 , 22.03.20 )
PA orders all West Bank Palestinians into 14-day
Order announced by Shtayyeh on television goes into force at 10 pm local time
(14:38 , 22.03.20 )
Israel's unemployment rate quadruples as
Some 512,000 people have joined the ranks of the unemployed since the start of
(12:53 , 22.03.20 )
Mandelblit to Supreme Court: Government must
AG last week told Likud ministers that government has no authority over the
(11:22 , 22.03.20 )
Palestinians report first 2 cases of coronavirus
The pair, who returned recently from Pakistan, tested positive for the
(09:46 , 22.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally rises to 945 as
In efforts to contain the spread of virus, the state can now enforce further
(09:41 , 22.03.20 ) 
Netanyahu offers to step down next year in unity
In an interview with Channel 12, PM called on an 'emergency' unity government
(22:40 , 21.03.20 )
Health officials threaten 'stricter virus
The Health Ministry's statement comes after hundreds of Israelis defy the
(17:11 , 21.03.20 ) 
Israel's coronavirus count up to 833, more
The Health Ministry confirms an increase of 178 diagnoses over the past 24 hours
(12:05 , 21.03.20 )
Israel sees first coronavirus fatality
Jerusalem hospital reports deceased is elderly man who had significant
(23:04 , 20.03.20 )
Smaller crowds at Jerusalem Friday prayers amid
Worshipers scuffle with Israeli police enforcing restrictions on numbers praying
(17:14 , 20.03.20 )
Israel coronavirus counts rises to 705, Health
Of that number, most have light symptoms, 18 in moderate condition, 10 serious
(12:37 , 20.03.20 )
Israeli workforce suffers as coronavirus hits
Almost 400,000 registering as unemployed since the start of the month, the newly
(23:44 , 19.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally jumps to 677; one in
The Health Ministry confirms an unprecedented rise of 148 infected since the
(22:36 , 19.03.20 )
Netanyahu: Israel set for major coronavirus
Netanyahu says the order to stay home will now be enforced by police as part of
(21:27 , 19.03.20 )
Palestinians defy leaders' ban on work in
As the PA tries to limit peoples' movements during the coronavirus outbreak,
(19:09 , 19.03.20 )
Blue & White rejects Likud plan for key Knesset
The move, which comes shortly after 8 people were arrested at a demo against
(18:19 , 19.03.20 )
Israel's top court hears challenge to
Critics say government-mandated mass surveillance of COVID-19 patients violates
(16:22 , 19.03.20 )
8 arrested at protest against suspension of
Convoy of cars drives on main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem artery, earning some
(15:15 , 19.03.20 )
Israel braces for worst-case coronavirus
As number of infected passes the 500-mark, with six in critical condition,
(14:23 , 19.03.20 )
Israel wages war on Palestinian coronavirus
IDF, Israeli healthcare experts and international aid groups rush to bolster
(13:38 , 19.03.20 )
Israel opens coronavirus tests to all with
New clinics run by HMOs will be available for those who show signs of virus but
(12:10 , 19.03.20 )
Rabbis: Leave phones on for Shabbat coronavirus
Chief Rabbi to initiate communication systems to inform religious communities of
(11:28 , 19.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus count leaps to 529
Six people hospitalized in serious condition while 12 patients have made full
(10:53 , 19.03.20 )
Mossad procures test kits for COVID-19, but
Following concerns the supplies purchased by spy agency are not the most
(10:26 , 19.03.20 )
With draconian clampdown, Netanyahu accused of
Controversial measures taken without parliamentary oversight and political
(09:05 , 19.03.20 )
Israel bans entry of non-Israelis in coronavirus
People who can prove they are based in the country will be allowed in according
(22:32 , 18.03.20 )
Chief Rabbi of Western Wall pleads: Do not kiss
In order to comply with the Health Ministry's instructions regarding the
(22:21 , 18.03.20 )
Jerusalem prepares for mass closure against
Moshe Leon assures city is prepared in case Health Ministry directives get
(20:10 , 18.03.20 )
Blockaded Gaza looks wryly on as world isolates
Irony is not lost on Gazans that the restrictions they chafe against may also
(19:14 , 18.03.20 )
Rivlin tells Knesset speaker he is concerned
The Speaker dissolved the Knesset sessions twice after disputes between the
(17:59 , 18.03.20 )
Nationwide lockdown 'inevitable,' says public
Erdan says preferable to take tough measures for a short time in order to defeat
(17:18 , 18.03.20 )
Israel steps up restrictions, testing as 433
Public Security Ministry says compulsory closures enforced by police could soon
(16:10 , 18.03.20 )
Peace Now: West Bank settlements surged in 2019
Watchdog says construction began last year on 1,917 new settler homes , with
(12:40 , 18.03.20 )
Health Ministry official: Coronavirus
The ministry Deputy Director-General Itamar Grotto says authorities are taking
(11:43 , 18.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus count leaps to 427 as 90
Five people hospitalized in serious condition; 11 patients have made full
(09:12 , 18.03.20 )
Netanyahu urges more discipline from the public
The PM expresses amazement that people have still not internalized the threat
(22:21 , 17.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally up to 337, with 5 in
The Health Ministry confirms a jump of 33 infected since the morning hours with
(22:20 , 17.03.20 )
Knesset at impasse as major factions bicker on
New coronavirus guidelines threaten to hamper parliamentary work; Likud demand
(19:46 , 17.03.20 )
Modi'in neighborhood at risk of full closure due
The rise in confirmed cases and the growing number of quarantined residents
(19:07 , 17.03.20 )
Setup of 'drive in' coronavirus testing lab in
Center expected to begin operations by Tuesday afternoon, with Health Ministry's
(18:30 , 17.03.20 ) 
Under coronavirus lock down, Israel's Armageddon
Christian pilgrimage sites see no visitors, deeply hurting the economy of the
(17:46 , 17.03.20 )
Public Transportation halts on evenings and
In an effort to the stop the spread of coronavirus, lines will be halted to
(17:23 , 17.03.20 )
Israel tightens coronavirus ban: Don't leave
New far-reaching guidelines effectively prohibit Israelis from entering public
(17:02 , 17.03.20 ) 
Israelis in Peru race against coronavirus
Many travelers stranded in South American country are scrambling to find a
(15:54 , 17.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally up to 324, with 5 in
The Health Ministry confirms a jump of 20 infected since the morning hours with
(15:04 , 17.03.20 )
Suspected coronavirus patient nabbed after
Police say the man is suspected to have escaped from a hospital in the northern
(14:25 , 17.03.20 ) 
IDF soldiers arrested in plot to steal army
6 troops are among 21 people, most from same extended family, arrested following
(13:46 , 17.03.20 )
Bennett lauds turning hotels into 'coronavirus
The defense minister also issues order allowing Palestinian workers and
(12:32 , 17.03.20 )
Minister mulls lockdown of Haredi 'coronavirus'
Some 1,500 of residents of Kiryat Ye’arim near Jerusalem are in quarantine, with
(11:55 , 17.03.20 )
Israel approves mass surveillance to fight
Shin Bet director says security agency would not use new measure to enforce or
(10:52 , 17.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally reaches 304, health
The Health Ministry says at least 223 patients are hospitalized, 15 are in the
(08:53 , 17.03.20 )
In Tel Aviv, coronavirus is no bar to springtime
Routines are hard to break says one local resident who visited his local cafe
(23:35 , 16.03.20 )
Netanyahu announces further restrictions on
New measures demand both public and private sectors to place most of staff on
(22:25 , 16.03.20 )
IDF: Hotels being readied to treat mild cases of
Home Front Command commander says each facility has capacity to care for 1,000
(21:54 , 16.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus tally climbs to 298
Health Ministry accidentally reported dozens more cases, before issuing updated
(21:45 , 16.03.20 )
Fear and confusion as doctors battle coronavirus
With 21 medical staff already quarantined, health workers warn of lack of
(19:29 , 16.03.20 )
Health Ministry mulling home confinement for all
Health officials mull mounting additional restrictions on public as further
(19:14 , 16.03.20 )
Health Ministry accidentally inflates
Official statistics erroneously report 90 new cases to bring tally to 344, which
(16:09 , 16.03.20 )
Israel swears in new Knesset in shadow of
Instead of normal festive gathering of all 120 parliament members, lawmakers are
(15:30 , 16.03.20 )
Knesset wants you to choose name of new guard
Pups on parade: The Knesset Guard's canine unit recently replaced a retired
(15:08 , 16.03.20 )
Dozens of cars vandalized in suspected hate
Police believe the 'price tag' attack was in response to an incident that
(13:41 , 16.03.20 )
Indian Israeli beaten in Tiberias for 'causing
Am-Shalem Singson, a member of the Bnei Menashe community, suffers severe chest
(13:07 , 16.03.20 )
Urging haste, Rivlin taps Gantz to form next
President says fourth round of elections since April 2019 is not possible, warns
(12:25 , 16.03.20 )
Israel's health officials demanding Italy-style
Government sources claim Health Ministry officials have approached PM 3 times
(12:14 , 16.03.20 )
250 in Israel infected with coronavirus, 4 in
The Health Ministry says not only the number of diagnoses is up by 37 since
(08:44 , 16.03.20 )
Chief physician at Ichilov Hospital contracts
Health worker reportedly works as usual for two days before being tested despite
(22:51 , 15.03.20 )
Health Ministry confirms 13 new coronavirus
Eighteen patients are medical workers who contracted the virus while caring for
(21:08 , 15.03.20 )
Government approves penalties for violating
Incarceration facilities to be reassigned as quarantine compounds for prisoners;
(19:33 , 15.03.20 ) 
Rivlin to tap Gantz to form next government, his
President summons Blue & White leader and Netanyahu to his residence to discuss
(19:22 , 15.03.20 )
Netanyahu tests for coronavirus
According to PM Office's emergency guidelines, Netanyahu and close surroundings
(17:01 , 15.03.20 )
Shin Bet reveals Hamas recruited Israeli-Arab
Aya Khatib, a 31-year-old mother of two from Arab town of Ar'ara was arrested 2
(14:46 , 15.03.20 )
Joint List unanimously backs Gantz to form next
Odeh warns his party will not support a unity government between Likud and Blue
(14:41 , 15.03.20 )
Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque shut by Muslim
Director of the mosque says prayers will still be held on the huge open area
(13:11 , 15.03.20 )
Netanyahu, Gantz spar over emergency coronavirus
PM calls for six-month government under his leadership, with equal distribution
(12:44 , 15.03.20 )
New coronavirus measures: What's closed and
With a set of new measures meant to combat COVID-19 spread recently introduced,
(12:13 , 15.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus count reaches 200, say
Health Ministry says more patients are contracting COVID-19 inside the country
(09:56 , 15.03.20 )
Israel to use anti-terror tech to counter
Capabilities could include real-time tracking of infected persons’ mobile phones
(09:53 , 15.03.20 )
Netanyahu’s criminal trial postponed until May
Supreme Court says due to justice minister’s declarations of the state of
(09:03 , 15.03.20 )
Netanyahu announces closure of shops,
PM says supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations will remain open; adds anyone
(21:41 , 14.03.20 )
Hamas shuts crossings, PA suspends mass prayers
Gaza's rulers close border crossings for travel even though no COVID-19 cases in
(20:49 , 14.03.20 )
Number of Israel's coronavirus cases rises to
Health Ministry says most of the patients are hospitalized, with a handful of
(18:56 , 14.03.20 )
Israel to shut down most business activity for 5
Netanyahu set to announce a series of drastic steps meant to fight spread of
(18:40 , 14.03.20 )
Health Ministry: 143 confirmed cases of
New number marks increase of 37 patients since Thursday night; tens of thousands
(19:41 , 13.03.20 )
PM calls for emergency government with Gantz to
Saying virus does 'not differentiate' between Jews and non-Jews, political left
(22:38 , 12.03.20 )
Israel to shut down schools, universities in
In a Thursday press conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urges the
(21:47 , 12.03.20 )
Six month-old baby confirmed with coronavirus
Health worker from Tel Aviv's Sheba Medical Center returned from France before
(19:53 , 12.03.20 )
Education Ministry mulls suspending studies
Health and education officials weigh far-reaching measure as coronavirus
(18:51 , 12.03.20 )
Doctor at Israel's top hospital tests positive
Health worker from Tel Aviv's Sheba Medical Center returned from France before
(15:11 , 12.03.20 )
Teachers wants schools shut as coronavirus hits
Educators protest decision to leave educational institutions and kindergartens
(14:36 , 12.03.20 )
WHO official says coronavirus epidemic to 'get
World Health Organization Spokesperson Christian Lindmeier tells Ynet that world
(14:35 , 12.03.20 )
Israelis brace for windy and rainy weekend after
Meteorologists say the weekend will see record breaking wind gusts, while
(12:17 , 12.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus cases reach 100, health
Health Ministry says at least 91 of the infected are hospitalized, with two
(09:25 , 12.03.20 )
New restrictions in place to fight ‘global
As number of Israeli infections reaches 82, Netanyahu says no more public
(20:38 , 11.03.20 )
Not enough testing for the coronavirus, doctors
Medical expert warn there is not enough testing of people who were not abroad
(19:26 , 11.03.20 )
Israeli teen badly wounded in West Bank attack
Youth under induced coma with respiratory support after Palestinians lob stone
(17:21 , 11.03.20 )
Netanyahu unveils NIS 10 billion coronavirus
PM says NIS 1 billion to bolster healthcare system, other funds will used to
(16:23 , 11.03.20 )
Renowned rabbi, 9-year-old, airport worker among
76 people now have virus in Israel; all those who were in contact with the new
(13:54 , 11.03.20 )
There are no 'semi-citizens' in Israel, says
Receiving final results of March 2 vote, president levels criticism at party
(13:08 , 11.03.20 )
Number of coronavirus cases in Israel jumps to
Health authorities confirm host of fresh cases of Israelis who have tested
(23:40 , 10.03.20 )
Levy refuses to support Joint List-backed
Gesher leader says no longer committed to partnership with Meretz, claims union
(22:36 , 10.03.20 )
Number of coronavirus cases in Israel crosses 60
Health authorities confirm three fresh cases of Israelis who have tested
(22:01 , 10.03.20 )
No mass gatherings, no hospital visits, police
New guidelines come following all-embracing government directive for all
(19:38 , 10.03.20 )
Ben Gurion Airport train station to close for
Station to remain open for airport workers and passengers traveling within the
(17:34 , 10.03.20 )
Lapid: Minority government or fourth elections
Blue & White No. 2 takes aim at party MKs opposed to alliance with mainly Arab
(15:07 , 10.03.20 )
Netanyahu submits request to delay opening of
Citing a technical delay because of material still not made available to the
(14:02 , 10.03.20 )
Jerusalem court rejects Netanyahu bid to delay
Proceedings to begin as planned on March 17; lawyer for PM, who is charged with
(13:57 , 10.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus cases up to 58, health
Health Ministry says that for the first time one of the patients recently
(13:52 , 10.03.20 )
Taiwan issues Israel travel warning amid
Taiwanese Foreign Ministry's decision comes a day after Netanyahu said the
(11:54 , 10.03.20 )
Many of Israel's coronavirus patients treated in
Ynet investigation reveals Health Ministry ordered for those infected with
(09:05 , 10.03.20 )
Israel's sick count climbs to 50 as more
Four patients arrive from Tenerife, one hospitalized in moderate condition, rest
(23:05 , 09.03.20 )
Gantz meets with Liberman, Joint List to discuss
Blue & White, Yisrael Beytenu leaders devise guidelines for potential government
(22:16 , 09.03.20 )
Blockaded Gaza free of coronavirus, but stepping
While some in Gaza advocate closing border crossings with Israel and Egypt
(21:31 , 09.03.20 )
PM to European leaders: We must cooperate
Netanyahu promotes flow of information between governments to curb the spread of
(21:24 , 09.03.20 )
Netanyahu announces 14-day home quarantine for
New directive applies to both Israeli nationals and non-nationals, regardless of
(20:56 , 09.03.20 )
Three more Israelis test positive for
All patients diagnosed as carrying the deadly pathogen after returning from
(20:04 , 09.03.20 )
Ministers quarrel over additional measures in
Netanyahu reluctant to extend quarantine obligation to U.S. arrivals,
(18:58 , 09.03.20 )
IDF troops go online on battlefield
Elbit Systems' Digital Army Program enables broadband video transmission that
(17:44 , 09.03.20 )
Militant Hamas criticizes Saudi trials of
Terrorist group says Saudi authorities detained dozens of 'best, elite of the
(16:32 , 09.03.20 )
Israel gives lifeline to businesses caught in
Treasury opening NIS 4 billion credit line for banks to lend money to small and
(15:10 , 09.03.20 )
State Prosecution to court: No to Netanyahu
After PM's lawyers seek 45-day postponement, State Prosecutor’s Office tells
(15:10 , 09.03.20 )
First Israeli tests positive for coronavirus
Health Ministry says 11 more people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the
(13:20 , 09.03.20 )
Holocaust memorial March of the Living postponed
Annual Auschwitz commemoration, which draws tens of thousands from around the
(12:14 , 09.03.20 )
Staffer at Israeli embassy in Greece diagnosed
Athens mission closed and disinfected, investigation will be held to discover
(10:57 , 09.03.20 )
Top Blue & White MKs oppose Arab-backed
Sources say Yoaz Hendel and Zvi Hauser are trying to thwart Gantz's attempts to
(10:54 , 09.03.20 )
Israel to cut funds allocated to fight explosive
The Ministry of Agriculture says it will cut some NIS 1.5 million from the NIS 8
(23:18 , 08.03.20 )
Israel's coronavirus cases up to 39, first
Health Ministry says 7 of the newly infected recently returned from Europe, 6
(22:22 , 08.03.20 )
Israel mulls quarantine for Israelis returning
Health officials say decision on whether to implement the measure will be made
(19:33 , 08.03.20 )
Gantz accepts Liberman's coalition demands
Yisrael Beytenu chair refuses to back down from election promises regarding
(14:16 , 08.03.20 )
Kahlon urges employers to allow work from home
Netanyahu announces formation of fund to assist businesses suffering from
(12:53 , 08.03.20 )
Gantz under increased security after life
Knesset's serjeant-at-arms gives order after several hateful and inciteful posts
(10:00 , 08.03.20 )
New cases of coronavirus bring patient tally to
Netanyahu said he will enlist youth and military to assist in disinfection
(23:37 , 07.03.20 )
Thousands of tourists depart Israel and the
At the request of several embassies and consulates, a joint effort was mounted
(18:58 , 07.03.20 ) 
Bethlehem deserted after Palestinians declare
Both the Palestinian Authority and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett have taken
(09:02 , 07.03.20 )
Two attendees at AIPAC conference test positive
The conference was attended by thousands including VP Pence, Secretary of State
(08:47 , 07.03.20 )
'Israel considering adding U.S. to list of
Government official says Health Ministry pushing behind the scenes to have
(00:17 , 07.03.20 ) 
Israel confirms 21st case of coronavirus
Four new patients since Thursday recently returned from Madrid, Vienna and
(19:40 , 06.03.20 ) 
Seventeenth case of coronavirus confirmed in man
Patient reportedly entered quarantine upon arrival to Israel; Health Ministry
(20:45 , 05.03.20 )
Unoffical final election results: Likud with 36
Six polls to be reviewed to rule out counting errors, but likelihood of change
(19:53 , 05.03.20 )
German airlines cancel all flights to Israel
Lufthansa and subsidiaries Swiss, Austrian Airlines suspend Tel Aviv routes
(17:51 , 05.03.20 )
Sixteenth Israeli coronavirus patient confirmed
Man working as bus driver probably exposed to pathogen while transporting Greek
(17:41 , 05.03.20 )
Liberman to back bill banning indicted MK from
Draft could have majority support in next Knesset and be proposed once
(16:48 , 05.03.20 )
21 Greek pilgrims who visited Israel infected
Health Ministry say the travelers stayed in the country between February 19 and
(15:35 , 05.03.20 )
Israeli famous faces not spared from coronavirus
Former Hamas captive Gilad Shalit, Eurovision winner Netta, the entire Tel Aviv
(14:47 , 05.03.20 )
PA on lockdown as coronavirus suspected in
Palestinian Health Ministry bans visitors from entering West Bank territories;
(11:12 , 05.03.20 )
Israel razes homes of 2 terrorists responsible
Clashes erupt between IDF forces and Palestinians in the West Bank during
(10:10 , 05.03.20 )
Wet winter brought excess rainfall, floods to
Rainy season caught the country by surprise, with many areas seeing up to 150%
(09:44 , 05.03.20 )
Syrian soldier killed, 4 others wounded in
State media in the country reports that IDF jets fired a number of missiles
(08:19 , 05.03.20 )
Palestinians protest as Israeli bulldozers clear
Palestinian villagers worry that Netanyhau's lead in the polls and his rhetoric
(22:48 , 04.03.20 )
Tens of thousands of Israelis to be quarantined
Health officials to greet passengers arriving from European countries now named
(22:07 , 04.03.20 )
Netanyahu pushes back after MK's prepare
Supported by his parliamentary right-wing and religious bloc the PM blamed the
(20:43 , 04.03.20 )
Center-left pushes bill barring indicted PM from
Unclear if initiative will be backed by all opposition parties, which combined
(19:29 , 04.03.20 )
Israel adds five countries to coronavirus air
PM claims Israel has done more than any other western country to contain spread
(19:11 , 04.03.20 )
Chief rabbi: Don't kiss mezuzahs due to
The Conference of European Rabbis releases similar precautions for its
(16:44 , 04.03.20 )
Masked election monitors count coronavirus
How Israel executes democracy's most basic function amid fears of virus offers
(15:04 , 04.03.20 )
Dozens in quarantine after coronavirus teen
Health Ministry initially ordered thousands of those who attended the derby at
(14:34 , 04.03.20 )
With 99% of votes counted, Netanyahu's
The bloc is 3 seats short of gaining 120 Knesset majority needed to form
(10:14 , 04.03.20 )
Number of people infected with coronavirus in
Health Ministry confirms one of the 3 new patients returned from Italy last
(09:15 , 04.03.20 )
Israel mulls quarantine for returnees from U.S.,
Health Ministry says these are merely 'preliminary deliberations,' officials
(21:54 , 03.03.20 )
Joint List head claims 'huge success' with
Odeh urges left-wingers not to despair over results showing right-wing bloc in
(21:11 , 03.03.20 )
With 92.6% of votes counted, Netanyahu's
An earlier count had the ruling party down from 36 to 35 MKs and Joint List up
(20:17 , 03.03.20 )
Winners and losers weigh their options as
Bennett expresses his concerns that despite a win for the political and
(15:24 , 03.03.20 )
Gantz says awaits final results as PM short of
Centrist leader asks supporters for patience as final results keep coming in;
(15:05 , 03.03.20 )
Netanyahu wins but right-wing coalition still
After 90% of votes were counted Likud leads with 28.52% of votes while Blue &
(14:25 , 03.03.20 )
Katz rules out rotation, but not unity
Foreign minister says Gantz missed his chance for premiership, shows his
(13:10 , 03.03.20 )
WHO says world in uncharted territory as US
As six more die in the U.S. health officials warn of pandemic and concerns of a
(12:12 , 03.03.20 )
Netanyahu: This is a night of great victory
Likud leader repeats pledge to annex West Bank settlements and Jordan Valley,
(02:50 , 03.03.20 )
Exit polls: 59 seats to Netanyahu's right-wing
Highest turnout in 21 years appears to have worked in Netanyahu's favor as he
(02:08 , 03.03.20 )
Gantz to supporters: I share your pain and
Blue & White #3 takes shot at 'the accused' prime minister, saying that
(01:59 , 03.03.20 )
As center-left accepts defeat, blame game begins
Labor leader Peretz lashes out at Blue & White chair Gantz, saying that at
(00:44 , 03.03.20 )
'Thank you ❤️,' tweets Netanyahu as exit polls
While one short of the 61 Knesset seats he needs, PM vows to immediately start
(22:38 , 02.03.20 )
Number of coronavirus cases in Israel rises to
Two more Israelis test positive for COVID-19 after returning from a trip to
(19:22 , 02.03.20 )
By late evening voter turnout in Israel
By 8pm, 65.6% of voters had cast ballot despite fears that coronavirus and voter
(17:52 , 02.03.20 )
'Coronavirus voters' face long lines and delays
Some people who showed up at the dedicated ballot boxes complained about the
(16:12 , 02.03.20 )
IDF thwarts attempted sniper attack across
Army says troops spotted vehicle involved in incident on other side of Golan
(14:53 , 02.03.20 )
Sanders hits back in AIPAC row: I am pro-Israel.
Jewish senator and presidential hopeful responds to criticism for skipping
(14:05 , 02.03.20 )
Scuffles at Holon polling station for
Police called to prevent any more disturbances at location near Tel Aviv after
(13:08 , 02.03.20 )
Party leaders exhort supporters to turn out as
With polls showing another deadlocked race between right and center-left blocs,
(12:34 , 02.03.20 )
Casting his ballot, Rivlin expresses 'deep
'We don't deserve this,' says president as he votes in Jerusalem for third time
(12:18 , 02.03.20 )
For third time in a year, Israel goes to the
Netanyahu and Gantz face off again in election that seems on course to end like
(08:29 , 02.03.20 )
Netanyahu caught on tape discussing Gantz
Netanyahu repeatedly claimed he had nothing to do with the leaked tape and was
(23:12 , 01.03.20 )
Italy is main global exporter of the coronavirus
Romania, Austria, Greek, Ecuador and Israel, are some of the countries hit with
(21:54 , 01.03.20 )
No danger from coronavirus at ballot box, health
Authorities join prime minister in calling for all voters to exercise their
(17:51 , 01.03.20 )
Netanyahu, Gantz spar as coronavirus scare
PM's main challenger accuses Likud leader of planning to spread rumors of virus
(16:21 , 01.03.20 )
Israeli diplomat at AIPAC: We don't want Sanders
Danny Danon lashes out at Jewish Vermont senator for saying pro-Israel lobby
(16:19 , 01.03.20 )
Sex-pest rabbi indicted for defrauding
The 16-article indictment says Eliezer Berland along with his aides promised his
(14:37 , 01.03.20 )
Shopping center in central Israel evacuated amid
An employee at Givatayim Mall tells Ynet that a man, who recently arrived from
(10:52 , 01.03.20 )
'I'm proud grandfather to Moroccan grandkids':
Natan Eshel remains defiant, saying his comments slamming 'non-Ashkenazi' voters
(10:37 , 01.03.20 )
Hijab and handgun: Israel's first Muslim female
Already serving as an juvenile investigator, Sabrin Sa'adi wants not only to be
(18:49 , 29.02.20 )
Israelis arriving from Italy move freely at
Many Israeli nationals returning from abroad, who were ordered to
(23:31 , 27.02.20 )
Right-wing bloc takes lead over center-left in
With 3 days left until Israelis are set to vote, the poll conducted by Public
(22:14 , 27.02.20 )
Supreme Court rules same-sex couples be given
In an apparent rebuke to government, the justices say current law that excludes
(20:40 , 27.02.20 )
Son of Israeli coronavirus patient attended
The officials at the school, located at Brenner Regional Council in central
(20:03 , 27.02.20 )
Ex-Euro leaders say Trump plan akin to
In a letter published by The Guardian, 50 former foreign ministers slam the
(18:40 , 27.02.20 )
El Al suspends all flights to Italy and Thailand
Israel's flag carrier's decision comes hours after it was confirmed an Israeli
(18:00 , 27.02.20 )
Syria says Israeli drone attack kills civilian
The attack took place near the village of Hader in the Quneitra province which
(16:38 , 27.02.20 )
Health Ministry issues details of flight taken
Other passengers on board El Al flight LY382 that landed in Tel Aviv from Italy
(16:31 , 27.02.20 )
Dozens of travelers from Italy refused entry to
Authorities begin enforcing fresh Health Ministry directive, barring foreign
(16:08 , 27.02.20 )
IDF fighter jets shoot down drone dispatched
F-15 fighter jets intercept unmanned aircraft over Mediterranean sea upon
(13:29 , 27.02.20 )
Israeli scientists claim coronavirus vaccine
Research team develop vaccine for virus in poultry, claim it could be modified
(13:19 , 27.02.20 )
Israel confirms its first non-quarantined case
Unnamed man returned four days ago from Italy but developed symptoms including
(12:58 , 27.02.20 )
Three Israelis recover from coronavirus,
One patient Israeli hospital tests negative, discharge pending; 2 scheduled to
(12:21 , 27.02.20 )
Gantz on personal attacks: Netanyahu 'poisoning
Blue & White chairman and former IDF chief hits back at PM after Likud campaign
(11:39 , 27.02.20 )
Saudi Arabia halts pilgrimage to Islam's holiest
The kingdom places new restrictions on travel to curb the spread of the
(09:00 , 27.02.20 )
Military chief bans religious lessons to female
The decision comes a months after it was first revealed a civilian and wife of a
(23:00 , 26.02.20 )
'Israel builds hospitals for Hamas, while my son
In a massive event held in the southern city of Be'er Sheva, the relatives of
(22:27 , 26.02.20 )
Netanyahu pulls his punches after Sanders calls
PM says the Vermont senator was 'definitely wrong' in his remarks; Netanyahu
(21:01 , 26.02.20 )
Israel issues travel warning to Italy, urges
Health Ministry drastically aggravates the current guidelines, saying all
(20:06 , 26.02.20 )
Five-year-old girl dies, 5 others hurt after car
Paramedics in Ramla describe a chaotic scene as the child and her relative, who
(19:44 , 26.02.20 ) 
Israel to open all entry points to Gaza, expand
The military's announcement comes just 2 days after yet another flare-up, which
(17:23 , 26.02.20 )
Israel slams Sanders for hint at returning
FM Katz condemns 'horrifying comment' by presidential candidate during
(13:43 , 26.02.20 )
1,600 Israelis are in 14-day quarantine for
In accordance with Health Ministry guidelines, anyone who has recently visited
(13:32 , 26.02.20 )
Suspected pedophile's extradition overshadows
Canberra has called on Israel to hand over Malka Leifer, the former principal of
(10:10 , 26.02.20 )
Sanders considers moving U.S. embassy back to
In fierce Democratic debate, leading presidential candidate calls Netanyahu
(09:48 , 26.02.20 )
West Bank mapping team underway before
Netanyahu says mapping process will be executed 'quickly as possible', potential
(22:50 , 25.02.20 )
Unusual desert showers block Israel's longest
Local authorities issue flood warnings to communities living close to valleys
(20:10 , 25.02.20 ) 
PM vows settlement building in sensitive West
Just days before election, Netanyahu tells right-wing voters he will build 3,500
(15:38 , 25.02.20 )
43 Falash Mura arrive in Israel after years of
New arrivals from nine different families had been housed in a camp in Gondar,
(12:47 , 25.02.20 ) 
UN calls for 'two state' solution to be
The Security Council stressed the need to 'exert collective efforts to launch
(10:22 , 25.02.20 )
As Gaza truce appears to hold, southern Israel
Trains resume running and roads reopen to civilian traffic after Islamic Jihad
(09:35 , 25.02.20 )
Gaza cross-border violence persists despite PIJ
Terror group declares mission accomplished after over 80 rockets hit Israel's
(23:16 , 24.02.20 ) 
Government source: Coronavirus could risk
Election officials worry most about spread of 'fake news' regarding virus in an
(22:36 , 24.02.20 )
Islamic Jihad says military response complete,
Terror group declares mission accomplished after over 80 rockets hit Israel's
(19:25 , 24.02.20 ) 
Heavy rocket barrages directed at southern
Man lightly injured while running to bomb shelter; IDF strikes targets in Strip
(17:41 , 24.02.20 ) 
IDF hits Islamic Jihad in Gaza after rocket
Army targets training camp, weapons stores of the Iranian-backed terror group,
(15:44 , 24.02.20 ) 
14 Gaza rockets in less than an hour;
Iron Dome missile defense intercepts at least five projectiles on Sderot,
(13:33 , 24.02.20 ) 
Sderot home hit by shrapnel from Gaza rocket
After more than 20 projectiles were launched from the Strip towards Israeli
(13:14 , 24.02.20 ) 
Monitor: Six dead in IDF strikes on Islamic
Israeli army says sites attacked used for 'research and development of
(11:48 , 24.02.20 ) 
Schools, roads and train lines closed in south
IDF limits public movement and gatherings after flare-up with Islamic Jihad in
(09:41 , 24.02.20 ) 
Israeli jets attack Islamic Jihad targets in
Syrian media claims missiles were fired at the Damascus area from the Golan
(01:18 , 24.02.20 ) 
IDF strikes Gaza after rocket barrage on south
Schools in multiple communities cancelled due to onslaught from Strip; Egypt and
(23:33 , 23.02.20 ) 
Rockets from Gaza strike for a second time in
Sirens blared in Ashkelon and border area communities as Netanyahu and Bennett
(22:36 , 23.02.20 ) 
South Korean nationals to be airlifted home
Hundreds of South Korean nationals have been held in a secluded area at the Ben
(22:29 , 23.02.20 )
200 South Korean tourists to be quarantined at
The 200 South Koreans quarantined in Israel will not be held at an IDF base in
(20:01 , 23.02.20 ) 
More than 20 rockets launched as Gaza factions
Bennett backed the IDF's move to retrieve the body of the militant insisting it
(18:40 , 23.02.20 ) 
Israel to quarantine 200 South Korean tourists
The group will be in isolation at IDF base near Jerusalem where no soldiers will
(15:50 , 23.02.20 ) 
Pope cautions against 'unfair' Middle East peace
Although the head of the Catholic Church did not mention any specific proposals
(14:13 , 23.02.20 )
18 South Korean pilgrims who toured Israel
Health Ministry also asks anyone with symptoms of a cold, returning from Taiwan,
(13:28 , 23.02.20 )
South Korea slams Israel for stranding citizens
Health officials estimate the 9 Korean pilgrims who visited Israel last week and
(10:07 , 23.02.20 )
IDF kills two Palestinians apparently laying
Israeli soldiers spot the two as they approached the barrier in the southern
(08:53 , 23.02.20 ) 
Israel extends entry ban over coronavirus to
Health officials say anyone returning from the 2 Asian countries must
(19:13 , 22.02.20 )
9 South Koreans infected with coronavirus
Health Ministry asks anyone who came in contact with the delegation, on a
(14:16 , 22.02.20 )
Saudi textbooks call Jews 'monkeys,' espouse
Study finds that despite recent hints of imminent breakthrough in
(09:56 , 22.02.20 )
Israel's first case of coronavirus found among
Sheba Medical Center, where the 11 people who were on the Diamond Princess are
(14:47 , 21.02.20 ) 
Woman detained over attempted Jerusalem stabbing
Eyewitnesses report the East Jerusalem resident was shouting 'Allahu Akbar' as
(14:28 , 21.02.20 )
Israelis released from 'coronavirus cruise'
While four found to have been exposed to the virus on Diamond Princess liner
(08:01 , 21.02.20 )
State prosecutor announces probe of Gantz's
Blue & White leader not implicated in police investigation into Fifth Dimension,
(22:05 , 20.02.20 )
Health Ministry threatens jail as dozens ignore
Officials warn of 7-year sentences for violating the 14-day isolation period,
(21:12 , 20.02.20 ) 
IDF probe finds serious failures in data on
Internal inquiry commissioned by Kochavi says numbers of ultra-Orthodox
(19:31 , 20.02.20 )
German gunman who killed 9 called for 'complete
Rambling manifesto now taken down decries 'ethnic groups, races or cultures in
(18:32 , 20.02.20 )
Netanyahu announces plan to build 3,000 houses
The announcement comes 8 years after the plan to build in Givat HaMatos was
(16:05 , 20.02.20 )
Thailand unhappy with Israel's entry ban over
Country's ambassador i­n Tel Aviv asks Israeli government to rethink its policy
(14:47 , 20.02.20 )
Israel, Palestinians defuse agricultural trade
Tit-for-tat embargoes imposed by decision-makers in Jerusalem and Ramallah
(12:56 , 20.02.20 )
11 Israelis disembark virus-hit ship, on way
Four other Israeli nationals to stay in Japan after testing positive for the
(12:02 , 20.02.20 ) 
Gantz slams government corruption amid criminal
Ex-military chief dismisses allegations of being involved in fraudulent conduct
(11:04 , 20.02.20 )
Hamas prepares to fight potential coronavirus
The terror group that rules the enclave sets up a medical complex in cooperation
(11:01 , 20.02.20 )
Fourth Israeli on virus-hit ship infected, hours
In addition, Japanese media reports 2 passengers from the Diamond Princess
(08:45 , 20.02.20 )
Despite Netanyahu's efforts only 43 of the
In his effort to pander for votes among the Ethiopian community, Netanyahu
(23:26 , 19.02.20 )
Passengers of quarantined cruise ship to return
Extra precautionary measures are being taken to insure the health and safety of
(22:28 , 19.02.20 )
New IDF Comptroller report reveals uptick of
Despite a drop in complaints this year's report shows an uptick in violent
(21:46 , 19.02.20 )
Gantz turns down Netanyahu's debate challenge
Former IDF chief dismisses call for debate as 'election spin'; Netanyahu: Gantz
(16:36 , 19.02.20 )
Israeli envoys abroad begin voting in elections
With less than two weeks before the elections in Israel, the country's
(15:42 , 19.02.20 )
Israeli man killed in plane collision in
Thirty-one-year-old Ido Segev appears to have lived in the country for many
(15:04 , 19.02.20 ) 
Sudanese welcome normalization with Israel
Netanyahu's meeting with Sudan leader 2 weeks ago props up a wave of positive
(14:31 , 19.02.20 )
Bennett ready to 'give Hamas a chance' but
The defense minister tells Ynet although recent easing of restrictions on Gaza
(14:13 , 19.02.20 )
'Everyone wants to work here,' say Gaza
Israeli military's decision to increase the number of permits for Palestinians
(12:18 , 19.02.20 )
Israel's cold spell continues with thunderstorms
As another cold front sweeps through the region, meteorologists warn of flooding
(11:02 , 19.02.20 )
Quarantined passengers disembark coronavirus-hit
Two Israelis are among at least 500 passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise
(08:50 , 19.02.20 )
Netanyahu challenges Gantz to a televised debate
Premier calls on rival to 'talk about the real issues'; Blue & White dismiss
(23:43 , 18.02.20 )
IDF to launch new Iran-focused directorate
New military branch is part of five-year plan for strengthening IDF's
(22:10 , 18.02.20 )
Hiker finds helmet of Israeli pilot who crashed
After hiker shares photo of helmet on Facebook, special Air Force investigative
(20:29 , 18.02.20 )
Israel to expand Gaza fishing zone, add entry
Military liaison to the Palestinians says fresh set of leniencies coming into
(19:36 , 18.02.20 )
Teacher to face disciplinary hearing after
Education minister Peretz orders to launch inquiry into incident; teacher
(18:44 , 18.02.20 )
Netanyahu corruption trial to open on March 17
Trial scheduled to open two weeks after general election; justice who convicted
(16:35 , 18.02.20 )
Court rules Leifer lawyers can contest experts
The decision will stretch the trial further, stalling the extradition of the
(15:56 , 18.02.20 )
Daughter of Israeli coronavirus couple says
The woman claims her parents who were aboard the infected ship, had been thrown
(14:16 , 18.02.20 )
RPG warhead attached to plastic bag found in
The device was discovered in an orchard in Sdot Negev Regional Council; police
(13:05 , 18.02.20 )
Gantz pledges to mend ties with Democrats if
Blue & White leader tell a mostly English-speaking crowd in Tel Aviv his party
(11:47 , 18.02.20 )
Israeli officials visit coronavirus victims
Head of infectious diseases at Hadassah hospitals says patients being cared for
(11:47 , 18.02.20 )
Gilad Shalit, held by Hamas for five years, to
The former soldier proposed to Nitzan Shabat, a social work student, on
(11:20 , 18.02.20 )
Health Ministry under fire for 'harmful'
Sources in ministries of foreign affairs, tourism, agriculture, defense and
(10:31 , 18.02.20 )
Another cold front to end Israel's hot spell
Meteorologists say the latest storm system will kick off in the north with
(10:03 , 18.02.20 )
In bid to curb coronavirus, Israel extends entry
Non-nationals who have spent any time in past two weeks in Macau, Singapore,
(08:37 , 18.02.20 )
'Israel holds key to next chapter of PA ties'
Top Palestinian Authority sources warn the PA will end cooperation with Israel
(22:09 , 17.02.20 )
Satellite images show damage to Syrian sites
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said seven people were
(20:34 , 17.02.20 ) 
El Al set to suspend flights to Thailand over
With new directives by the Health Ministry, CEO of flag carrier says 'hard
(16:16 , 17.02.20 )
Israel preparing for return of nationals on
Senior health official in Japan to negotiate the release of the 12 passengers
(13:28 , 17.02.20 )
Syria military hails advance against rebels in
Rebel opposition have been driven out of previously rebel controlled
(12:00 , 17.02.20 )
Netanyahu says campaign in Gaza before elections
In a meeting with heads of communities bordering the Strip, PM is quoted as
(22:38 , 16.02.20 )
Israel hopes ICC members will help stave off
Some ICC member states, including Germany, argue court's jurisdiction does not
(21:11 , 16.02.20 )
Third Israeli aboard coronavirus-hit ship
The official statement says the patient, an Israeli woman, has already been
(20:58 , 16.02.20 )
More hospitals and cheaper houses: Netanyahu,
PM and his candidate for finance minister announce six ambitious potential
(19:59 , 16.02.20 )
Israel to quarantine those arriving from
The Health Ministry expands the already-existing directive, which so far applied
(17:29 , 16.02.20 )
Palestinian PM: Trump's Mideast plan 'will be
Mohammad Shtayyeh tells Munich Security Conference that American blueprint was
(17:10 , 16.02.20 )
Israeli plane uses Sudan airspace for first time
Aircraft flew from Kinshasa to Tel Aviv over Sudan after Netanyahu met with
(15:15 , 16.02.20 )
Two Israelis on board coronavirus-hit ship are
Both are said to have minor symptoms of the virus, taken to hospital on the
(14:33 , 16.02.20 )
IDF thwarts Hamas online honey pot plot
Posing as attractive women on several social media platforms, the terror group
(14:11 , 16.02.20 )
Cop goes on trial for killing Ethiopian Israeli
Lawyer for defendant says 19-year-old Solomon Tekah bore some responsibility for
(13:26 , 16.02.20 )
Israel fears EU member states set to recognize
Jerusalem concerned that some European countries will trigger move in response
(12:19 , 16.02.20 )
Gantz: No Joint List, no Netanyahu in my future
In wide-ranging interview to Ynet just days before elections, Blue & White
(11:39 , 16.02.20 )
Israel strikes Gaza, cancels easing of
Despite messages from Hamas that they would stop the launch of projectiles and
(08:15 , 16.02.20 )
Israeli military confirms 2 rockets fired from
The projectiles set off rocket alert sirens in the community of Kissufim;
(22:41 , 15.02.20 )
Saudi foreign minister: No meeting planned with
Reports emerged last week on the Israel Hayom news website, which quoted unnamed
(14:02 , 14.02.20 )
Airstrike in Damascus Thursday said to target
Syrian news agencies report missiles were fired over the Golan Heights and the
(09:00 , 14.02.20 ) 
IDF five-year plan: More lethal, high-tech army
Momentum Plan calls for strengthening operational capabilities, upgrading
(20:35 , 13.02.20 )
U.S. rejects 'anti-Israel' UN database of
Pompeo says black list of more than 100 firms 'confirms unrelenting bias so
(18:42 , 13.02.20 )
Education Ministry chief discusses Arab
Meeting at Shmuel Abuav's office, which the security service says was initiated
(18:05 , 13.02.20 )
PA officials hacked by advanced spyware
Israeli cybersecurity company that revealed the series of cyber attacks, says if
(15:06 , 13.02.20 )
Katz says Israel will quarantine passengers if
The foreign minister assures his Japanese counterpart the virus won't be spread
(12:26 , 13.02.20 )
Families of fallen IDF soldiers, civilian held
The relatives of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, who fell in combat in 2014 Gaza
(09:38 , 13.02.20 )
Japan to let elderly leave coronavirus-hit ship
As 44 new cases are confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise liner, Japanese
(08:57 , 13.02.20 )
Jerusalem woman sues over train eviction to
Maya Melitz is claiming damages of NIS 66,000 from Israel Railways after one of
(23:30 , 12.02.20 )
Netanyahu seeks deal to put extremist Ben-Gvir
PM's close advisers suggest pushing Otzma Yehudit across parliamentary threshold
(22:01 , 12.02.20 )
Palestinian PM threatens legal action against
Shtayyeh calls on companies named on list to 'immediately close their
(21:45 , 12.02.20 )
Israel hits back at UN for settlement 'black
Netanyahu vows to fight step 'with all of our might', while Rivlin warns that
(20:55 , 12.02.20 )
UN rights office issues 'black list' of
Unprecedented request made by Human Rights Council, which comprises 47
(20:31 , 12.02.20 )
Iran vows 'crushing response' to any Israeli
Speaking as Revolutionary Guard plane previously damaged in Syria airstrike
(19:57 , 12.02.20 )
Japan cruise ship coronavirus cases climb to 175
39 new cases confirmed on quarantined liner holding 3,700 passengers and crew,
(10:40 , 12.02.20 )
Ex-Qatari PM: Israel, Gulf states set to sign
Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim says he is 'not against' such an agreement, believes
(09:13 , 12.02.20 )
Abbas, Olmert denounce Trump's peace plan in
The two leaders who held peace talks back in 2008 say the U.S. Mideast
(21:44 , 11.02.20 )
Gantz vows to exclude Arab Joint List alliance
Blue & White leader's comments come in apparent response to Netanyahu's
(20:44 , 11.02.20 )
At UN, Abbas rejects Trump peace proposal as
Palestinian president denounces Trump plan, but says the Palestinians will not
(18:11 , 11.02.20 )
Mothers in Gaza border communities: Where is
Parents whose young sons and daughters face daily barrages of rockets and
(18:09 , 11.02.20 )
Report: Hamas halts balloon bomb attacks as part
Al-Quds newspaper, which is affiliated with the Fatah movement, says message
(16:14 , 11.02.20 )
Thousands of Palestinians rally against Trump
'All Palestinian people and all factions, national and Islamic, are behind
(15:08 , 11.02.20 )
Relatives of Israelis on 'coronavirus ship': Let
'We are not prepared to take part in this experiment,' say 152 children,
(13:56 , 11.02.20 )
Massive blast awakens local residents as
Platform some 10km off coast emits fireball at around 4am; action aimed at
(12:10 , 11.02.20 )
Slashed tires, racist graffiti in suspected hate
Attack latest in long line of incidents against Arab communities in recent
(10:27 , 11.02.20 )
U.S. filmmaker who wouldn't sign Georgia
Abby Martin says she 'will not forfeit constitutional rights' by signing pledge
(10:05 , 11.02.20 )
Fearing Israeli assassination, Hamas head skips
Egyptian delegation mediating agreement for calm along Gaza border warns terror
(09:40 , 11.02.20 )
Abbas to denounce Trump plan at UN, but no vote
Palestinians will not submit draft resolution opposing American blueprint for
(08:48 , 11.02.20 )
As temperatures plunge, elderly must choose
Sub-zero conditions leave poverty-stricken pensioners with a dilemma, while some
(23:13 , 10.02.20 )
Shin Bet accused of torturing Palestinians after
Palestinian, Israeli activists claim security agency tortured terror squad that
(23:11 , 10.02.20 )
Gov't OKs plan to bring 400 Ethiopian Falash
AG denounces move as 'campaign ploy directed at Ethiopian Israelis,' calls for
(23:01 , 10.02.20 )
Police shut down Tel Aviv's last three strip
Move carried out due to prostitution-related offenses, prohibitions against
(21:45 , 10.02.20 )
Palestinians withdraw UN vote on Trump plan
Diplomatic sources say Palestinian Authority withdraws request due to proposal
(20:27 , 10.02.20 )
Hamas steals Israeli tech to bolster Gaza terror
Communications systems taken from Palestinian media giant's offices just weeks
(19:30 , 10.02.20 )
Lapid: Netanyahu makes Trump plan a 'stunt'
Centrist leader insists unilateral steps endanger materialization of peace
(18:23 , 10.02.20 )
Likud app leaks millions of voters' data
Apparent cyberattack on ruling party's 'Elector' app leaks personal information
(17:16 , 10.02.20 )
Online hatred at Rivlin spirals amid Netanyahu
National Index on Hate and Incitement, which tracks millions of social media
(15:49 , 10.02.20 )
Hamas to meet Egypt's delegation as terror
Yahya Sinwar has recently minimized the number of public appearances and
(15:20 , 10.02.20 )
Israeli woman on coronavirus-hit ship has fever,
The woman has not been diagnosed yet; Japan says 135 virus cases found on cruise
(13:47 , 10.02.20 )
Israeli court sentences radical Islamic cleric
Raed Salah, head of the outlawed northern branch of the Islamic Movement, was
(13:01 , 10.02.20 )
Iranians nabbed using fake Israeli passports in
Man and woman both in their 20s caught trying to travel from South American
(12:20 , 10.02.20 )
Snow storms rage in Israel's north as cold front
Sub-zero temperatures cause snow across many Golan Heights communities to pile
(11:25 , 10.02.20 ) 
Australian Parliament to call for Israel to
The motion to be passed by lawmakers from the government and the opposition to
(10:08 , 10.02.20 )
Israel blocks Palestinian exports in escalating
Tit-for-tat embargoes imposed by decision-makers in Jerusalem and Ramallah
(22:35 , 09.02.20 )
Supreme Court okays candidacy of MK Yazbak
Court verdict overturns decision to bar Arab lawmaker from running to Knesset
(22:09 , 09.02.20 )
Travel warning extended to other East Asian
Foreign Ministry denounces new precautions as 'unprecedented diplomatic damage'
(16:40 , 09.02.20 )
Netanyahu, Bennett threaten Hamas with targeted
PM says leaders of the terror group should refresh their memories regarding
(15:19 , 09.02.20 )
Mints as medicine and prayers instead of chemo -
Rabbi arrested in predawn raid had hundreds of victims, police say; mother of
(14:13 , 09.02.20 )
New book reveals how Osama Bin Laden hid in
The author Raffi Berg tells the Daily Mail the fake Red Sea resort set up by
(13:29 , 09.02.20 )
U.S. envoy stalls on annexation amid Netanyahu
David Friedman, a staunch settlement supporter, says applying Israeli
(11:29 , 09.02.20 )
Sex offender rabbi arrested for fraud, tax
Supporters riot as Eliezer Berland, 82, arrested with five others, including his
(10:02 , 09.02.20 ) 
Frosty weather hits Israel as temperatures set
In the Golan Heights, snow is set to continue for at least the next 48 hours
(10:02 , 09.02.20 )
Netanyahu: Israel drawing up map for West Bank
With elections just three weeks away, caretaker prime minister tells campaign
(08:38 , 09.02.20 )
Palestinian protester killed in unrest over U.S.
Four Palestinians killed in unrest over U.S. peace plan; Israelis wounded in
(20:00 , 07.02.20 ) 
Bombs under IDF jeeps and heavy gunfire: The
The incident in the West Bank overnight Wednesday that saw a Palestinian
(23:33 , 06.02.20 ) 
Israeli winter to return at weekend after hot
The storm is set to hit the country overnight Thursday, with most of the
(22:34 , 06.02.20 )
Fed stray cats and never talked politics: Flower
Friends and relatives of Shabi Bana, who on Thursday opened fire at Border
(20:54 , 06.02.20 ) 
23 killed in alleged Israeli strike in Syria,
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that at least 3 of the victims from
(19:50 , 06.02.20 )
Abbas implies U.S. peace plan to blame for
Spokesman for the Palestinian president says Trump's initiative will be foiled
(19:27 , 06.02.20 )
World's smartest child wants to study in Israel
Nine-year-old Belgian approaches Israeli embassy in Brussels, saying he would
(18:27 , 06.02.20 )
IDF arrest Palestinian who slammed his car into
The military earlier said it was bolstering the troops in the West Bank after 3
(17:51 , 06.02.20 )
IDF soldier lightly hurt in West Bank in third
Soldier wounded in gunfire at army post near Dolev settlement, just hours after
(16:26 , 06.02.20 ) 
IDF, Palestinians clash in West Bank as violence
Fighting erupts as Israeli forces search Bethlehem for driver who rammed his car
(15:47 , 06.02.20 )
IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after mortars
The strikes targeted underground facilities used by Hamas military wing, are
(11:33 , 06.02.20 )
Syrian media: Israel strikes Iran-backed
London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says among targets were Syrian
(10:17 , 06.02.20 )
12 IDF soldiers wounded, one seriously, in
All troops new recruits from Golani Brigade, one moderately hurt and the rest
(08:44 , 06.02.20 )
Trump aide ties Israeli settlements to rising
Senior adviser O'Brien says U.S. peace plan could turn Palestine into 'Singapore
(22:35 , 05.02.20 )
Rabbi who called LGBT 'disabled' to receive
Adjudicator refuses to apologize for remarks, says he would have no regrets if
(21:10 , 05.02.20 )
Israelis held at Russian airport deported
Group detained by authorities and put in small room for long hours with no
(19:34 , 05.02.20 )
Report: IDF troops shoot Palestinian teen dead
Adolescent fatally wounded by IDF fire after reportedly hurling makeshift
(17:58 , 05.02.20 ) 
Palestinian rioters hurl firebombs at IDF troops
Palestinians have been demonstrating daily over the Trump peace plan revealed
(17:13 , 05.02.20 ) 
Iranian leader urges Palestinians to resist
Ali Khamenei says it is Iran's 'duty' to support the armed groups, not only in
(15:09 , 05.02.20 )
Families of terror victims to PM: Apply
Letter initiated by widow of police commander shot dead near Hebron, urges
(11:05 , 05.02.20 )
14 Israelis among passengers quarantined on
Most of the 3,700 people travelling on Carnival's Diamond Princess appear to be
(10:42 , 05.02.20 )
IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to
The army says the 3 projectiles landed in open areas and no damage was reported;
(09:42 , 05.02.20 )
Sudan's Burhan: meeting with Netanyahu - to
Leader confirms meeting while briefing country's unaware ruling body; says
(23:19 , 04.02.20 )
Liberman ditches prospects of unity government
After insisting on establishment of unity government in wake of last general
(20:07 , 04.02.20 )
Sudan leader's secret Uganda meeting with
Sudanese critics lambast talks on social media, accusing Burhan of kowtowing to
(18:36 , 04.02.20 )
Rivlin calls for direct negotiations with
President sees Trump's Mideast peace initiative as opportunity to reignite
(17:22 , 04.02.20 )
EU rejects Trump Mideast plan amid annexation
European senior official says U.S. proposal 'departs' from 'internationally
(15:28 , 04.02.20 )
Lebanese-American who worked for Israel charged
The indictment says Amer Fakhoury killed and tortured prisoners inside Khiam
(15:04 , 04.02.20 )
Revealed: Israel thwarted Hamas bid to smuggle
Gag order lifted on operation conducted three months that saw naval forces
(12:35 , 04.02.20 ) 
Hamas threatens to launch tear gas canisters
The 'balloon unit' of the terror group's military wing releases video claiming
(10:53 , 04.02.20 ) 
Probe of Lebanese-American who worked for Israel
Fakhoury who returned to Lebanon from the U.S. in September, was identified by
(22:47 , 03.02.20 )
Two incendiary balloons detonate near Gaza
Airborne explosive devices cause vast disruptions to traffic as police halt
(21:43 , 03.02.20 ) 
Netanyahu and Sudanese leader meet to discuss
Chief of Sudan's Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, traveled to Uganda
(20:59 , 03.02.20 )
Palestinian rioters hurl Molotov cocktail at
Soldier hit by makeshift explosive in Hebron manages to put out fire unharmed as
(20:05 , 03.02.20 ) 
Netanyahu arrives in Uganda hinting at 'very
PM welcomed by Ugandan counterpart at Entebbe international airport, where his
(15:19 , 03.02.20 )
Fearing coronavirus outbreak, Israel to
Health Ministry directive includes anyone who came into close contact with those
(13:25 , 03.02.20 )
Israel to tighten gun laws over spate of deadly
Two weeks after armed security guard uses his weapon to kill his partner,
(12:28 , 03.02.20 )
Palestinian in Israel illegally charged with
Gaza resident Wisam al-Hasana, 44, charged in Haifa District Court with killing
(11:28 , 03.02.20 ) 
CIA chief travels secretly to Ramallah after
U.S. senior official arrives in PA to assess situation after publication of
(22:04 , 02.02.20 )
Chinese envoy compares barring of Chinese
Diplomat urges Israel to re-consider extreme preventive measures taken by
(20:59 , 02.02.20 )
Netanyahu: Coronavirus cannot be kept out
After convening with top health and government officials, PM says foremost goal
(19:18 , 02.02.20 )
Russia casts doubt on Trump's Mideast peace
Kremlin official says with hostile reaction of Palestinians and Arab states to
(14:36 , 02.02.20 )
Officials: Ban on West Bank agricultural imports
Defense expert warns that embargo pushes Israel and Palestinians towards
(13:50 , 02.02.20 )
Health Minister: Israel treating coronavirus
As last two planes arrive at Ben-Gurion from China, Yaakov Litzman downplays
(12:25 , 02.02.20 )
Palestinians cut ties with Israel, U.S. after
At Arab League meeting, America's Arab allies join warning that there can be no
(08:47 , 02.02.20 )
Gaza rocket fired at Israeli community during
The army says the projectile landed in an open area in Nahal Oz, where the
(23:38 , 01.02.20 )
Abbas threatens to end security cooperation with
PA leader says he won't go down in history as someone who 'sold Jerusalem'
(15:07 , 01.02.20 )
Tension increases on Gaza border as rockets
A local mayor calls on the government to exert its jurisdiction over the Gaza
(23:49 , 31.01.20 )
FBI probes role of Israeli spyware company NSO
The FBI was trying to learn whether NSO obtained from American hackers any of
(08:44 , 31.01.20 )
IDF strikes Hamas in Gaza after rocket fire on
IDF spokesman says strikes conducted against 'a wide array of targets belonging
(08:37 , 31.01.20 )
IDF: Three rocket launches detected from Gaza,
Rocket sirens blare in southern communities; small fire breaks out at the scene;
(23:58 , 30.01.20 )
Fomer Hamas leader: Palestinians working to foil
Peace plan envisages two-state solution, but with strict conditions that
(20:26 , 30.01.20 )
Naama Issachar lands in Israel: I'm still
Israeli lands from Moscow on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plane after
(19:59 , 30.01.20 ) 
Litzman bans all flights from China due to
Health minister announces directive at end of meeting with senior health
(19:29 , 30.01.20 )
IDF strikes Hamas posts along Gaza perimeter
Retaliatory strikes come following host of acts of aggression carried out
(17:56 , 30.01.20 )
Kushner repeats call for Israel to wait on West
Head of team behind on Donald Trump's Mideast peace plan says Jerusalem should
(12:06 , 30.01.20 )
PM in Moscow to discuss U.S. peace plan,
Netanyahu thanks Putin for pardoning the Israeli backpacker, jailed over drug
(11:41 , 30.01.20 )
El Al suspends all flights to China due to
The company says the flights are set to be halted at least until March 25;
(10:49 , 30.01.20 )
Iranian factory thrives on making Israeli and
Diba Parcham plant in Khomein, southwest of Tehran, produces some 2,000 flags a
(09:12 , 30.01.20 )
Palestinians push UN action over Trump peace
Estimates say U.S. will veto Palestinian resolution to thwart move in Security
(23:29 , 29.01.20 )
Expansion of jurisdiction brings change for
In a gradual manner and over time, government ministries, courts and other state
(23:05 , 29.01.20 )
Mortar fire lands near Gaza border
Act of aggression comes after unveiling of Mideast peace plan; DM Bennett says
(22:38 , 29.01.20 )
Gantz says will bring U.S. peace plan for
Netanyahu announces he will bring for approval Israeli legal sovereignty over
(21:08 , 29.01.20 )
U.S. sees no imposed change to 'status quo'
Trump's peace plan, welcomed by Israel and excoriated by Palestinians, proposes
(20:10 , 29.01.20 )
Putin pardons U.S.-Israeli woman jailed in
Kremlin says presidential decree pardoning Naama Issachar on 'humanitarian
(19:45 , 29.01.20 )
Israel evacuates diplomats' families from China
Health ministry considers ordering Israeli travelers returning from China to
(18:32 , 29.01.20 )
Negev communities raise concerns over Trump
Locals worry territorial exchanges as part of Mideast deal will turn area into
(18:07 , 29.01.20 )
Israeli Arabs vow to fight 'nightmare' of land
Trump peace plan singles out 10 Arab communities that it says could be part of
(14:37 , 29.01.20 )
Dutch court throws out war crimes case against
Ismail Ziada was seeking damages for his family's home in Gaza, which was bombed
(14:01 , 29.01.20 )
Palestinian leader rejects Trump peace plan with
In an emotional televised address, Mahmoud Abbas brands the proposal a
(22:26 , 28.01.20 )
In wake of Trump plan, Netanyahu moves on
PM says Israel will begin implementing its laws in 'all West Bank settlements'
(21:39 , 28.01.20 )
Hamas: 'All options open' following Trump
Terror group says provisions for Jerusalem are 'nonsense', while Jordan warns
(21:03 , 28.01.20 )
Trump's peace plan: 2 states with settlement
Trump's 80-page peace plan calls for Palestinian state with parts of East
(18:46 , 28.01.20 )
Report: Palestinian leadership to boycott U.S.
Former Abbas aide brands Trump's peace initiative 'sad piece of political
(18:18 , 28.01.20 )
West Bank settlements report rapid growth in
Head of settler group that released the data says removing West Bank
(17:14 , 28.01.20 )
PM to visit Moscow, expected to return with
Naama Issachar currently serving 7.5-year sentence for drug possession at Moscow
(16:41 , 28.01.20 )
AG files Netanyahu corruption indictment as PM
Netanyahu charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust in charge sheet
(15:32 , 28.01.20 )
Hamas to join 'emergency' Palestinian talks in
Terror group that rules Gaza has long been at odds with Abbas's Fatah movement,
(14:51 , 28.01.20 )
Despite PM overtures, settlers blast Trump's
With hours to go before president unveils his peace plan, settler leaders tell
(14:29 , 28.01.20 )
IDF bolsters troops in Jordan Valley ahead of
Although there is no specific intelligence to indicate planned violent events,
(13:37 , 28.01.20 )
Netanyahu retracts immunity bid
The Knesset was scheduled to vote to proceed with debating the prime minister's
(11:02 , 28.01.20 )
Furious Abbas 'gives go-ahead' to Day of Rage
Sources say despite anger, Palestinian president will not allow demonstrations
(09:53 , 28.01.20 )
Gantz intends to implement Trump plan
Former IDF chief calls for shared dialogue with Palestinians and neighboring
(23:54 , 27.01.20 )
Abbas calls for popular resistance to prevent
Palestinian sources say Abbas received warnings from American officials, saying
(21:49 , 27.01.20 )
Shin Bet exposes Hamas spy network in Israel
Group reported to record locations of Iron Dome defense system and landing sites
(20:14 , 27.01.20 )
6 IDF soldiers arrested in alleged West Bank
Soldiers accused of allegedly allowing entry of contraband in return for tens of
(20:14 , 27.01.20 )
Trump confirms peace plan unveiled Tuesday
Prime Minister Netanyahu arrives at the White House for a meeting with Trump,
(19:41 , 27.01.20 ) 
Russian pardon committee recommends clemency for
Decision comes mere days after promises her mother she will be released soon;
(18:49 , 27.01.20 )
Hamas raises stakes with weaponized drones
Alongside a diminishing number of riots along the Gaza border fence, there is a
(17:48 , 27.01.20 ) 
Islamic State urges attacks against Israel and
'I urge you to go against Jewish settlements; make them your experimental field
(17:26 , 27.01.20 )
Poland, Israel condemn anti-Semitism at
Polish president, who last week refused to attend Holocaust memorial in
(16:41 , 27.01.20 ) 
UK rape-claim woman says Israelis assaulted her
In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 19-year-old woman proclaims her
(11:56 , 27.01.20 )
Trump set to give Israeli leaders 6 weeks to get
White House sources say the invitation of both Netanyahu and Gantz is an attempt
(08:47 , 27.01.20 )
Two hospitalized in Israel with coronavirus
The Health Ministry says it advises against all 'nonessential travel' to the
(21:21 , 26.01.20 ) 
MK Bitan to be indicted for corruption
The investigation, which ended about a year ago, is considered a complex
(19:21 , 26.01.20 )
Palestinians threaten riots if Trump deal goes
Palestinian leadership warns of ‘serious consequences' for the region if
(18:39 , 26.01.20 )
Israeli jailed in Russia submits official
The request personally signed by Naama Issachar given to prison authorities in
(17:36 , 26.01.20 )
Israel to allow its citizens to visit Saudi
Fresh arrangement allows Jewish Israelis to travel to Arab country for business
(16:07 , 26.01.20 )
Israel issues travel warning to China following
The Health Ministry says it advises against all 'nonessential travel' to the
(14:35 , 26.01.20 )
Gantz says will meet Trump separately from
PM is also travelling to Washington after the 2 leaders had been invited to the
(22:37 , 25.01.20 )
Prince Charles visits Jerusalem grave of
Heir to British throne shown around 19th-century Mount of Olives church by local
(20:23 , 24.01.20 )
Trump: I'll unveil Mideast peace plan before
President says he expects Palestinians might react negatively at first, but
(09:17 , 24.01.20 )
'Netanyahu knew details of Trump plan in
So-called 'Deal of the Century' includes Palestinian state with no military,
(01:28 , 24.01.20 )
Holocaust survivors struggle while world leaders
Saying poverty-stricken victims of the Nazis would have benefited from the money
(00:23 , 24.01.20 )
Palestinians say peace deal presentation stems
Abbas warns U.S. and Israel from 'crossing red lines' in outline if published, a
(23:22 , 23.01.20 )
Right wing leaders insist Trump plan must not
As word came of the invitation to Netanyahu and Gantz to Washington to see the
(22:21 , 23.01.20 )
Netanyahu, Gantz invited to Washington for peace
Prime Minister said he requested the Blue & White leader to be included in the
(21:50 , 23.01.20 )
Naama Issachar from prison: 'I believe Putin who
In an interview conducted during the visit of Russias High Commissioner for
(18:52 , 23.01.20 )
On first official Israel visit, Prince Charles
At the end of a meeting with President Rivlin, the two leaders planted an
(18:27 , 23.01.20 )
WATCH LIVE: World leaders recall horrors of
Steinmeier: 'The industrialized and mass murder of six million Jews, the most
(17:45 , 23.01.20 )
Putin in Jerusalem, says almost half of
Taking up a rival WWII narrative, the Russian president continues to play down
(13:04 , 23.01.20 )
Putin tells Naama Issachar's mother 'everything
The Russian leader reassures the mother of an Israeli woman jailed in Russia
(10:58 , 23.01.20 )
Ukraine's president gives his seat at Holocaust
Volodymyr Zelensky, whose parents are Holocaust survivors, says the survivors of
(10:13 , 23.01.20 )
Putin and Pence arrive in Israel for World
Police close off Highway 1, connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as some 40 world
(08:31 , 23.01.20 )
President Rivlin calls to leave Holocaust
Rivlin calls to end Holocaust-revisionism efforts, implicitly leveling criticism
(22:13 , 22.01.20 ) 
Heavy sleet in Tel Aviv area ahead of harsh
As destructive storm system, which claimed several lives and caused billions in
(19:19 , 22.01.20 )
Putin to discuss release of Israeli woman jailed
Kremlin foreign policy aide confirms Russian president will hold talks over
(17:55 , 22.01.20 )
French president confronts police outside
Macron outraged as police try to enter church with him, arguing church is French
(17:55 , 22.01.20 ) 
Macron says France 'inflexible' over Iran's
In a press conference in Jerusalem as part of World Holocaust Forum events, the
(15:57 , 22.01.20 )
IDF says number of soldiers who fell in 2019
According to an annual report, although only 27 Israeli troops perished in the
(15:23 , 22.01.20 )
In Chirac's shadow, Macron steps into
French diplomats caution that they want to leave little room for mishaps such as
(09:55 , 22.01.20 )
World leaders arrive in Israel for country's
Fifth World Holocaust Forum, commemorating the 75th anniversary of
(09:19 , 22.01.20 )
IDF neutralizes 3 suspects infiltrating Gaza
Army reports one of the suspects hurled a grenade or an explosive charge at
(22:15 , 21.01.20 )
Hamas official threatens more explosive balloons
Terror group's representative lauds act of aggression on Gaza border, says calm
(21:10 , 21.01.20 )
ICC postpones West Bank 'war crime' debate due
Citing extraordinary length of prosecutor's request, preliminary tribunal
(20:19 , 21.01.20 )
American journalist freed in Lebanon after
Security forces detained Nicholas Frakes on Sunday on suspicion of broadcasting
(18:55 , 21.01.20 )
Court indicts 6 contractors in effort to curb
State prosecutor vows to continue crackdown on employers responsible for serious
(18:00 , 21.01.20 )
Russia chief rabbi: Israeli jailed in Russia
Berel Lazar says he has a team of people regularly visiting Naama Issachar,
(11:20 , 21.01.20 )
'Israel warns Hamas against disrupting World
On eve of visit by dozens of world leaders, Channel 13 says IDF has made it
(11:12 , 21.01.20 )
Snow and rain forecast for Israel on the coldest
Jerusalem may see snow Tuesday though it is not expected to accumulate on the
(09:02 , 21.01.20 )
Israel to allow Qatari aid into Gaza despite
Qatar's envoy is set to enter the enclave on Tuesday to deliver another
(23:33 , 20.01.20 )
Palestinian family pledge appeal over Jerusalem
The Rajabi family says the court's decision to evict them from their home in the
(22:32 , 20.01.20 )
BDS targets int'l herbalist event in Israel in
Ancient Roots Israel, set to be held near Tiberias next month, looks to be in
(21:11 , 20.01.20 )
Israel foiled 560 'significant' terror attacks
Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman says the internal security agency thwarted '10
(19:00 , 20.01.20 )
Kremlin: Putin will discuss Israeli jailed in
Spokesperson for Russian president says clemency for Naama Issachar, currently
(16:04 , 20.01.20 )
PM taps Likud lawmakers to take over his
Netanyahu was forced to quit his various portfolios earlier this month due to
(14:40 , 20.01.20 )
Four seriously hurt in gas tanker explosion in
Hospital reports all injured are given artificial respiration due to extensive
(12:59 , 20.01.20 )
Honduras to officially name Hezbollah as terror
Israel's Ambassador to UN thanks Honduran president, who calls move 'culmination
(12:44 , 20.01.20 )
What happens when world's leaders visit Israel
Dozens of dignitaries will land at Ben-Gurion Airport this week to attend a
(11:30 , 20.01.20 )
Heavy rain, flood warnings continue across
Center of country receives most rainfall, while snow predicted for Mount Hermon
(11:03 , 20.01.20 )
Report: Trump to decide on release of Mideast
Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly pushing for the U.S. administration to present the
(09:09 , 20.01.20 )
Mother of Israeli jailed in Russia hopeful Putin
Russian media says Putin considers granting Issachar amnesty before visit to
(22:51 , 19.01.20 )
Edelstein allows Knesset vote on committee to
Netanyahu's efforts to delay formation of committee until after March 2
(21:42 , 19.01.20 )
Jordanian parliament passes law to ban Israeli
The motion was passed unanimously by Jordan's 130 lawmakers following weekend
(20:30 , 19.01.20 )
Mandelblit denies PM lawyers' request for all
AG says by law a defendant cannot receive all of the documents files until the
(17:13 , 19.01.20 )
IDF places 'tunnel-buster' sensors along
Military engineers begin work near Kibbutz Misgav Am on Lebanon frontier; new
(14:05 , 19.01.20 )
REVEALED: IDF's biggest division is not prepared
Internal audit finds 319th Division on northern border is short of dozens of
(12:35 , 19.01.20 )
Apple’s Siri calls Rivlin 'president of Zionist
A glitch in the voice-controlled personal assistant was a result of the
(10:43 , 19.01.20 )
Floods and roadblocks as new bout of stormy
Thunderstorms and heavy downpours hit central Israel and are set to spread and
(09:05 , 19.01.20 ) 
Female Israeli soldiers subjected to bible
Lectures are conducted by civilian wife of a rabbi, whose authorization to enter
(09:51 , 18.01.20 )
Acting UNRWA head says U.S., Israel working
The UN agency for Palestinian refugees faced budgetary difficulties since 2018,
(08:40 , 17.01.20 )
Putin said mulling pardon for Israeli jailed in
Report in local media says Kremlin still smarting at Israel's extradition of
(21:12 , 16.01.20 )
Fury as Shabbat bus services axed over religious
Gantz vows to reverse decision after it emerges that more and more bus lines are
(17:49 , 16.01.20 )
Netanyahu raises Israeli jailed in Russia during
Conversation raises much optimism ahead of Russian president's visit to Israel
(16:44 , 16.01.20 )
Court orders closed-door hearings in NSO
Amnesty International claims NSO profits from spyware being used to abuse
(16:09 , 16.01.20 )
Report: 14,800 Holocaust survivors pass away in
Finance ministry says billions transferred to survivors in direct payments and
(13:22 , 16.01.20 )
Israel concerned over renewed violence on the
Talks to advance long-term calm with Hamas stall after Egypt, incandescent over
(11:39 , 16.01.20 )
Jewish Home drops extremist faction to join
Having run in separate lists in the two previous elections this year, Likud
(09:16 , 16.01.20 )
Israeli military launches strikes in Gaza in
The attacks come just hours after 4 projectiles were fired at communities
(21:11 , 15.01.20 )
Jordan's king warns of Israeli annexation,
Monarch says unilateral action on Israel's part could end hopes for two-state
(18:15 , 15.01.20 )
Blue & White MK defects to Likud
Ethiopian-born lawmaker Gadi Yevarkan is offered 20th spot on party list,
(17:29 , 15.01.20 )
Four rockets fired from Gaza at bordering
IDF says Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted two of the projectiles,
(16:02 , 15.01.20 )
UK ambassador: EU appeal is last chance for Iran
Neil Wigan says 'Iran has now taken five steps of non-compliance' and calls on
(15:24 , 15.01.20 )
PM pushing far-right parties to unite for next
As deadline looms for submission of candidates lists for March vote, PM warns
(13:26 , 15.01.20 )
At least 3 pro-Iranian fighters said killed in
Syrian Observatory says unspecified number also injured; site outside Homs
(11:44 , 15.01.20 )
Troops demolish two structures illegally built
Settlement officials condemned the demolition claiming the government is
(08:43 , 15.01.20 ) 
Syrian Army says Israel attacked T-4 airbase
According to state media, four rockets hit base and only caused material damage;
(23:49 , 14.01.20 )
Wife of Rabin assassin registers party
Trimbobler-Amir submits party slate to Central Elections Committee in bid to
(23:27 , 14.01.20 )
Court to hear Amnesty bid to revoke NSO export
Organization claims NSO profits from spyware being used to abuse activists;
(22:20 , 14.01.20 )
Train passenger falls asleep, wakes up in locked
Commuter spends night in locked wagon after train personnel fail to spot
(20:48 , 14.01.20 )
IDF says Iran could have nuclear bomb within two
Soleimani's assassination could have calming effect on Mideast, says
(19:44 , 14.01.20 )
Telegrass founder runs for Knesset
Wife says he will promote liberal economic agendas such as open market and
(18:50 , 14.01.20 )
Haredi cult victim: Rabbi used women to groom us
The woman says Rabbi Aharon Ramati, arrested by Jerusalem police, had two
(14:13 , 14.01.20 )
Jewish Home approves merger with Otzma Yehudit
Far-right party welcomes move, calls on Smotrich's National Union faction to tie
(22:14 , 13.01.20 )
Knesset OKs panel to debate Netanyahu immunity
House Committee can debate and potentially vote on PM's immunity bid in coming
(20:20 , 13.01.20 )
Rabbi arrested on suspicion of holding 50 women
The investigators believe the women of the alleged Haredi cult were sexually
(15:14 , 13.01.20 )
Israel to speed up extradition of woman in
The Justice Ministry's decision comes a weeks after court 'unanimously' found
(14:17 , 13.01.20 )
IAF officer: Flooded fighter jets should have
Local council pleaded with Israel Air Force in 2013 to help fund new drainage
(12:24 , 13.01.20 )
Israel's left announces merger ahead of March
Labor leader Amir Peretz will head the political alliance, with the head of the
(09:14 , 13.01.20 )
Edelstein rejects Knesset legal adviser's
Yinon issues opinion that Edelstein cannot prevent establishment of Knesset
(22:28 , 12.01.20 )
Air Force fighter planes damaged in floods
Local media reports technical crews rescued from hangars where planes were kept
(21:08 , 12.01.20 )
Education minister implies homosexuality
Several municipalities around the country order schools to open a new school
(13:51 , 12.01.20 )
Israel's recent storms cause billions in damage
Insurance data shows private damage claims worth over NIS 1.5 billion ($432
(12:54 , 12.01.20 )
Foreign minister postpones Dubai visit over
A top Israeli diplomat says Israel was taking precautions lest Iran tries to
(10:50 , 12.01.20 )
‘Exhausted’ Kahlon set to quit politics
Sources say the finance minister will officially announce his retirement from
(10:03 , 12.01.20 )
Report: Israeli intel helped U.S. assassinate
NBC News says Jerusalem 'helped confirm the details' of Iran's general secret
(08:52 , 12.01.20 )
Israel likely to face war in 2020, top think
All-out war in the north, escalation in Gaza and West Bank, and Iran an
(23:16 , 11.01.20 )
Israel frees Syria spy, killer as goodwill move
Netanyahu confirms release of Sidqi al-Maqt and Amal Abu Saleh, calling it
(09:53 , 10.01.20 )
Israel to release 2 Syrian inmates as part of
Israeli Prison Service confirms Sidqi al-Maqt and Amal Abu Salah are to be freed
(23:18 , 09.01.20 )
U.S. senators back bill to provide $3.3 billion
The legislation puts into law 'Memorandum of Understanding' reached between
(22:35 , 09.01.20 )
Heavy rainfall in Israel's north breaks 50-year
Meteorological services say the amount of rain recorded in the region for a
(21:31 , 09.01.20 ) 
Kids rescued by boat from flooded school in
Massive rainfall overnight night along southern coastal plain, traffic routes
(19:52 , 09.01.20 ) 
Shas back chief rabbi amid post-Soviet aliyah
Letter from the party's spiritual leader calls on Yitzhak Yosef to keep
(17:54 , 09.01.20 )
Fugitive Australian principal found fit to stand
Recommendation by panel of experts appointed by Jerusalem District Court set to
(16:12 , 09.01.20 )
Blue & White piles on pressure for Knesset
Party leader Gantz and senior MK Hendel both warn Likud's Edelstein he will be
(15:12 , 09.01.20 )
'Bennett, Peretz meet on new alliance for March
Defense minister and education minister consider returning to joint run despite
(14:46 , 09.01.20 )
Orban: EU should be closer to Israel, U.S.
Hungarian PM says European Union 'not clear on Iranian issue'; says his country
(14:02 , 09.01.20 )
Homes flooded, infrastructure overwhelmed as
As flood waters recede in storm-battered Nahariya, a scene of large-scale
(10:56 , 09.01.20 ) 
Trump, Netanyahu discuss regional issues in
POTUS says he will call on NATO to take on bigger role in region now that U.S.
(09:44 , 09.01.20 )
Man dies trying to save baby in mass Nahariya
Moti Ben Shabbat, 38, came to the rescue of passengers trapped inside a car
(20:50 , 08.01.20 )
France advises caution for its citizens in Haifa
The French Foreign Ministry's remarks come after a former Revolutionary Guard
(17:49 , 08.01.20 )
Pompeo says U.S. support for Israeli settlements
Speaking by video link at a Jerusalem policy forum, Pompeo said the
(15:20 , 08.01.20 ) 
Netanyahu: We stand by the United States
PM warns Iran of a 'resounding blow' if the Islamic Republic were to target
(14:18 , 08.01.20 ) 
Nahariya besieged by floods after violent
Local government instructs residents to stay home as heavy floods hit northern
(14:10 , 08.01.20 )
Railways closed as downpours batter northern
Flooding of rail lines in northern Israel following cloudburst causes temporary
(12:30 , 08.01.20 ) 
Sandbags and storms: Israel braces for new bout
Emergency services recommend avoiding areas prone to flooding, stay out of
(00:04 , 08.01.20 ) 
British teen to appeal Cyprus conviction over
Said she was coerced by police into dropping the complaint of rape by Israeli
(21:07 , 07.01.20 )
Chief rabbi doubles down on slur on 'gentile'
Yitzhak Yosef clarifies comments, saying he didn't mean all Israelis from former
(19:33 , 07.01.20 )
Sand storm triggering high air pollution,
Anyone sensitive, including those with heart and lung problems, the elderly,
(19:11 , 07.01.20 )
Polish president to boycott international
Andrzej Duda to skip Jan. 23 ceremony in Jerusalem to mark 75th anniversary of
(18:14 , 07.01.20 )
Rainy winter brings striking rise in Sea of
The Water Authority says only a year ago the waterline was so dangerously low,
(15:56 , 07.01.20 )
Chief rabbi under fire for branding post-Soviet
Liberman, Edelstein, both immigrants from former Soviet states, and Netanyahu
(13:32 , 07.01.20 )
Israeli police rescues U.S. tourist trapped
In a phone call made from inside the hold to the emergency services, the
(11:18 , 07.01.20 ) 
British rape-claim woman gets 4 months suspended
Judge says he decided to give the UK teen, convicted of public mischief for
(10:09 , 07.01.20 )
Steinitz: Too early to say if Iran on path
The energy minister tells Army Radio 'we have to wait and see' what happens
(09:25 , 07.01.20 )
Iran Guard leader threatens to 'set ablaze'
Hossein Salami makes the pledge in front of a crowd of thousands chanting 'Death
(09:04 , 07.01.20 )
U.S. warns citizens in Israel of rocket fire
American officials recommend to stay alert in tourist areas and stay away from
(22:38 , 06.01.20 )
Despite political stalemate, MKs give themselves
Hike sees lawmakers' monthly salary rise to NIS 45,251, ministers' pay increases
(18:54 , 06.01.20 )
IDF says Israel 'not the story' in Soleimani
Israeli army distances itself from the assassination of top Iranian commander in
(14:58 , 06.01.20 )
Hamas, Islamic Jihad leaders attend Soleimani
'These assassinations only serve to further strengthen our resolve,' says Ismail
(13:27 , 06.01.20 ) 
Deadly storm claims life of 4th victim in
Ali Agbaria and son tried to cross an overflowing river but while the son
(11:49 , 06.01.20 )
American Santas hit Jerusalem for Orthodox
The 50-strong Santa squad from Michigan was invited to the capital by the
(23:06 , 05.01.20 )
IDF annual report: More rockets, less terror
Israeli military says 2019 was most violent year since last Gaza war regarding
(22:25 , 05.01.20 )
Emergency services bashed after flash flood
Tenants of flooded building claim contacting emergency services multiple times
(21:32 , 05.01.20 )
Netanyahu appoints minister under suspicion of
Opposition parties say the government has morphed into a crimes syndicate
(20:29 , 05.01.20 )
Knesset legal adviser greenlights committee to
The establishment of the committee ahead of the March 2 elections means
(14:50 , 05.01.20 )
Netanyahu praises Trump for U.S. strike on
PM says the move to eliminate Iran's hardline general is 'worthy of all
(12:57 , 05.01.20 )
Jordanians come out in droves to protest gas
Protesters in the Jordanian capital chant 'no to normalization' after Israel
(11:19 , 05.01.20 )
Storm system that claimed 2 lives continues to
Couple who drowned in Tel Aviv parking lot elevator on Saturday named as
(10:07 , 05.01.20 ) 
Gaza divided over future of border protests
Perspective: With an agreement between Hamas and Jerusalem imminent to bring
(09:06 , 05.01.20 )
Palestinians in Gaza mourn Iran's Soleimani
Leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both recipients of Iranian backing, join
(19:28 , 04.01.20 )
Hezbollah, Iran warn U.S., Israel of 'decisive'
The Lebanese terror group's official says the Americans 'made a mistake,' while
(13:48 , 04.01.20 )
Israel braces for Iranian retaliation after
IDF heightens alertness along border regions, fearing possible retaliation by
(09:44 , 03.01.20 )
'No East Jerusalem, no Palestinian elections'
Perspectives: Israel's decision to ignore a request from Ramallah to let
(09:24 , 03.01.20 )
Leaders of Israel, Greece and Cyprus sign gas
The EastMed pipeline, which will run from Israel's Leviathan field to Cyprus and
(19:56 , 02.01.20 )
High Court throws out 'premature' petition on
The justices presiding over the hearing decide not to give their opinion on
(17:04 , 02.01.20 )
Mother of Israeli jailed in Russia pins hopes on
Yaffa Issachar commends Netanyahu for efforts on behalf of her daughter Naama,
(15:39 , 02.01.20 )
Netanyahu in Athens for gas pipeline deal
The accord allows Jerusalem to transport gas via the island nation to the
(14:24 , 02.01.20 )
New IDF special ops unit to go deep in enemy
Multi-corps division comprises tanks, UAVs, classified combat technologies and
(11:02 , 02.01.20 )
Netanyahu confirms he will ask for parliamentary
PM affirms bid for immunity in last-gasp statement, saying it is meant to
(21:54 , 01.01.20 )
Israeli jailed in Russia returned to Moscow
Israeli consulate in Moscow confirms Naama Issachcar will return to same
(20:00 , 01.01.20 )
Annual poverty report reveals 841,000 children
National Insurance Institute data shows Israel second only to Turkey in child
(19:31 , 01.01.20 )
Steinitz: Leviathan supplying gas to Jordan,
Energy minister says newly opened field will also be delivering gas to Egypt
(14:15 , 01.01.20 ) 
Mother of Briton jailed for alleging gang rape
19-year-old found guilty of lying about being assaulted by Israeli youths in
(13:06 , 01.01.20 )
Israeli jailed in Russia moved to remote
Family of Naama Issachar say she has not been allowed to take warm clothing with
(10:15 , 01.01.20 ) 
2019 was lethal year on Israel's roads
349 people were killed in 314 accidents during the year, a rise in fatalities
(21:26 , 31.12.19 )
Leviathan rig goes online, supplying natural gas
Despite government reassurances, some local residents evacuate as pipeline
(20:52 , 31.12.19 ) 
Fatah marks 55 years with West Bank marches
Some dozen masked and armed men lead the procession of hundreds through
(19:46 , 31.12.19 )
Smokey Sydney kicks off world's New Year parties
Australia's largest city puts on a dazzling display of pyrotechnics over the
(18:44 , 31.12.19 )
Trump: Iran to blame for riots at U.S. Embassy
Tweeting from his Florida estate, president says Tehran 'will be held fully
(17:19 , 31.12.19 )
Iraqi supporters of Iran-backed militia attack
Rioters forgather to protest host of U.S. airstrikes that decimated three
(14:14 , 31.12.19 )
Protests as Leviathan gas rigs expels pollutants
Although environmental protection and health ministries say procedure to flush
(10:22 , 31.12.19 )
High Court debates whether indicted Netanyahu
Hayut says three-justice panel must first decide whether the court should even
(09:58 , 31.12.19 )
Mother of slain soldier held in Gaza slams gov't
Five-year settlement includes improved civil amenities for Palestinians in Strip
(22:52 , 30.12.19 )
Israeli convicted of assault for spitting on
Erik Lederman, 65, struck a car carrying Polish ambassador Magierowski, then
(20:47 , 30.12.19 )
Muslim women spread Christmas cheer in Gaza
'Our prophet encouraged us to respect all religions and we like to join with
(17:17 , 30.12.19 )
Haredi lawmaker mistakenly votes in favor of
David Menachem, Ramat Gan's deputy mayor and the head of the Shas party in the
(14:54 , 30.12.19 )
Hamas blames PA for Israeli strike on Islamic
Terror group says it captured those responsible for collaborating with Israel on
(12:39 , 30.12.19 ) 
Cyprus court rules 'gang rape' Briton guilty of
The judge rules the guilt of the UK woman, who accused 12 Israeli teens of gang
(10:35 , 30.12.19 )
Netanyahu calls bid for legal immunity 'a
Premier tells supporters he will announce decision whether to request Knesset
(23:51 , 29.12.19 )
Cabinet approves NIS 150M cut from Palestinian
Decision follows similar February trimming of funds, for which PA retaliated by
(21:59 , 29.12.19 )
Caretaker government set to okay some 2,000 new
Despite political stalemate and ahead of third elections in 12 months, Supreme
(15:43 , 29.12.19 )
Police suspect mob hit in murder of Haredi teen
Investigators believe Evyatar Azarzar, 18, was tricked into attending a meeting
(13:14 , 29.12.19 )
Israeli teen's Palestinian killer seeks plea
Arafat Irfayia's attorney tells hearing in Jerusalem that his client confessed
(12:43 , 29.12.19 ) 
The Palestinian politician who turned terrorist
Khalida Jarrar, a senior official in the Popular Front for the Liberation of
(18:41 , 27.12.19 )
Netanyahu wins Likud primaries by landslide
Likud voters prove loyal to embattled prime minister as he trounces rival Gideon
(10:36 , 27.12.19 )
Early exit polls show Netanyahu to remain at
PM appears to have fended off the challenge by Gideon Sa'ar as Channel 12 poll
(23:54 , 26.12.19 )
Goat herder killed in northern Israel flash
Extreme weather claims life of 27-year-old Majd Qassem Su’ad, who was found
(21:32 , 26.12.19 )
'Iran is at the top of Mossad’s priorities' says
Yossi Cohen says Tehran's nuclear ambition and entrenchment in the region
(19:58 , 26.12.19 )
Hamas says Gaza protests to be scaled back early
The announcement that March of Return demonstrations will only take place once a
(16:35 , 26.12.19 )
Netanyahu and Sa'ar face off in Likud leadership
Netanyahu widely expected to brush off challenge to lead the party to a third
(13:12 , 26.12.19 )
Rescue teams search for boy carried away by
The condition of Omri Abu Ganab, 14, remains unknown; he appears to have been
(12:24 , 26.12.19 )
Israel hit by widespread flooding as wintry
Showers cause heavy flooding in some parts of the country as commuters are
(11:11 , 26.12.19 ) 
Report: Five killed in missile strike on
UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says a missile of an 'unknown
(23:10 , 25.12.19 )
Rocket fired at Ashkelon during Netanyahu's
PM warns those who fired the rocket should 'pack their bags'; Israeli military
(21:12 , 25.12.19 ) 
First snowfall of the winter hits north as storm
Israeli military cancels airshow due to extreme wind gusts; showers cause heavy
(17:26 , 25.12.19 ) 
Bennett puts freeze on bank accounts of
The Defense Minister signed a seizure order for salaries from the PA received by
(14:08 , 25.12.19 )
Chief of staff: Military will not tolerate
Kochavi identified Iran as the immediate enemy facing Israel and told of
(11:40 , 25.12.19 )
Chess player refuses to play for country due to
President of Iran’s Chess Federation, Mehrdad Pahlavanzadeh said Firouzja who
(09:47 , 25.12.19 )
IDF: civilian deaths unexpected in Gaza strike
Probe conducted at the end of Operation Black Belt in Gaza shows that the 8
(19:54 , 24.12.19 ) 
Awaiting grandson, Israel trip ends in tragedy
Baruch Shwartz, 71, says he 'screamed for help for half an hour' after his wife
(14:33 , 24.12.19 )
Israel allows Christians from Gaza to visit
Days before Christmas, COGAT reverses an earlier decision to withhold the
(12:32 , 24.12.19 )
Jerusalem rabbi sentenced to 4 years for sexual
The indictment against Shalom Hazan says he groomed two boys and two girls at
(11:16 , 24.12.19 )
Jordan Valley annexation to be put on hold amid
Sources say Netanyahu at the last minute cancelled a meeting of an
(09:57 , 24.12.19 )
Iran warns Israel 'will regret' alleged strikes
A senior advisor to Iran's Khamenei says Israeli actions against Iranian assets
(08:43 , 24.12.19 )
Education Ministry directive threatens students'
A new Education Ministry decision effectively overturns a 2016 directive saying
(16:53 , 23.12.19 )
Driver who crashed bus into concrete stop
At least 3 women and 79-year-old man were killed after Egged 947 line from
(14:27 , 23.12.19 ) 
Report: 3 foreign nationals killed in IDF strike
Syrian state TV says one of the alleged Israeli missiles fired from inside
(08:40 , 23.12.19 ) 
Israel plummets in gender equality ranking
Wage gap in Israel unchanged for over two decades as women make 65-68% of their
(23:08 , 22.12.19 )
PM: Possible ICC investigation akin to
Israel intends to enlist the assistance of other countries who share some of the
(22:32 , 22.12.19 )
High Court to debate whether Netanyahu can serve
Attorney General Mandelblit is ordered to submit his legal opinion on the matter
(19:57 , 22.12.19 )
Nazareth mayor, Pope talk peace and Christianity
Just before Christmas, Ali Sallam meets pontiff at Vatican, where the two
(14:41 , 22.12.19 )
Israeli officials slam ICC decision as
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the international tribunal in the Hague
(14:31 , 22.12.19 )
UN to publish blacklist of companies operating
Israeli sources say the list, delayed on multiple occasions due to U.S.
(11:57 , 22.12.19 )
Report: Israeli officials fear consequences of
According to Channel 12, top military and government officials are concerned
(09:55 , 22.12.19 )
Burning waste making life hell in Israel's
Garbage collectors prefer to discharge their loads at unauthorized dumping
(18:29 , 21.12.19 )
ICC prosecutor ready to probe alleged Israeli
Netanyahu calls decision 'dark day for truth and justice,' saying International
(23:49 , 20.12.19 )
Local settlers despair as Hilltop Youth moves in
Young residents of Komi Ori outpost relocated when site was declared closed
(14:11 , 20.12.19 )
Cyprus police arrest 3 employees of
Three locals arrested on suspicion of invasion of privacy and other offenses
(22:29 , 19.12.19 )
Israeli sentenced to 22 years in U.S. prison
U.S. court orders imprisonment of former Yukom CEO for involvement in
(21:31 , 19.12.19 )
Israel avoids health crisis with new last-minute
Ministries allocate money for 2020 health budget as thousands of patients fear
(20:38 , 19.12.19 )
Russian court rejects jailed Israeli's appeal
Judges decide to leave unchanged Issachar's 7.5-year prison sentence on charges
(18:34 , 19.12.19 ) 
German governing parties seek ban of Hezbollah
Mathias Middelberg, the spokesman for Angela Merkel's conservatives in the
(15:44 , 19.12.19 )
Israeli jailed in Russia says she was 'forced'
Naama Issachar, sentenced to 7 years over 9 grams of marijuana, denies the
(15:33 , 19.12.19 ) 
Jewish group to rebuild home of Albanian Muslim
Son of man recognized by Yad Vashem, 83-year-old Muhamet Bicaku, lost his house
(14:28 , 19.12.19 )
MK, fighter and firebrand Geula Cohen dies at 93
She battled the British in pre-state Palestine, escaped jail in 1947 to continue
(12:42 , 19.12.19 )
Feds: Man whose number found on NJ shooter was
Bail hearing for Ahmed A-Hady brought to halt as prosecutors say he was dealing
(11:47 , 19.12.19 )
Israel strikes Gaza targets in response to
The IDF confirms it has targeted Hamas's military sites in retaliation to a
(09:55 , 19.12.19 )
Sources say release of Israeli held in Russia
Sources close to Netanyahu lower expectations after he vows to bring home Naama
(22:31 , 18.12.19 )
Merkel defends Germany’s UN voting record on
Chancellor goes out in defense after Jewish human rights organization criticizes
(21:17 , 18.12.19 )
Israeli Electric Company cuts power to West Bank
Estimated 130,000 Palestinians in West Bank rely on Israel Electric Company to
(20:42 , 18.12.19 )
Bennett: 'Syria becoming Iran's Vietnam'
DM and IDF chief Kochavi attend large-scale military exercise in Golan Heights;
(19:56 , 18.12.19 )
Dozens of Israelis detained at Moscow airport,
Passengers were taken aside to a pre-prepared area, with Russian security
(16:14 , 18.12.19 )
Prince Charles to attend Jerusalem commemoration
Heir to British throne accepts invitation from President Rivlin to join ceremony
(15:18 , 18.12.19 )
9 teenage boys suspected of raping, extorting
Suspects aged 15 and 16 were arrested following complaint that for months they
(14:34 , 18.12.19 )
11 years late and at double the cost,
57 km route takes 28 minutes, traverses nine bridges and five tunnels and cost
(13:49 , 18.12.19 )
Shin Bet nabs 50-strong Palestinian terror cell,
Security service says multiple weapons, bomb-making equipment and ammunition
(13:20 , 18.12.19 ) 
Sa'ar: Vote for Netanyahu as Likud head is vote
With 8 days to go until party leadership race, veteran MK submits candidacy with
(11:55 , 18.12.19 )
'Hamas plotting Israel attacks from Turkey as
Citing transcripts of Israel Police interrogations, British newspaper The
(08:42 , 18.12.19 )
‘Over half of Israelis busier with work than
New study reveals that almost 50% of employed people work extra hours, sometimes
(21:32 , 17.12.19 )
IDF aircraft strikes armed Gaza militant near
The army says the man was spotted by IDF lookouts from Gaza Division; the
(20:45 , 17.12.19 ) 
Israeli military mulls scrapping rocket alert
According to IDF sources, the proposal has been tabled after the latest data
(20:01 , 17.12.19 )
Australia sentences 2 brothers over plane bomb
Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat are sentenced to 36 and 40 years respectively after
(17:42 , 17.12.19 )
Sa'ar calls for cameras at polling stations as
Netanyahu loyalists Miri Regev and Israel Katz accuse MK of betraying party as
(15:43 , 17.12.19 )
Arab community leaders: Why were Arab infants
Almost 200 children were dispatched to Scandinavia from Israel over three
(15:27 , 17.12.19 )
Congress rejects White House request for $175
Israeli media quotes U.S. source as saying rejection due primarily to budgetary
(12:03 , 17.12.19 )
Hamas: Abbas not serious about holding
Unnamed member of group says president has yet to issue official decree that
(11:43 , 17.12.19 )
Since 1948, Israel has welcomed more than 3
Report released to mark International Migrants Day shows majority of olim are
(23:07 , 16.12.19 )
Surging Netanyahu rival Sa'ar launches Likud
10 days until primary, former minister says party under Netanyahu 'has no chance
(22:22 , 16.12.19 )
Israel signs gas deal with Egypt, becomes major
With expected boon, Israel plans to wean itself off coal and potentially
(21:08 , 16.12.19 )
Vatican official brings Christmas cheer to Gaza
In previous years, Israel has granted travel permits to large numbers of Gaza
(14:34 , 16.12.19 )
New Right launches election campaign featuring
The party's promotional poster features its chairman and the current defense
(13:55 , 16.12.19 )
3 Jewish students assaulted by 11 men at Indiana
According to Indiana Daily Student newspaper, the 3 men from the Jewish Alpha
(13:19 , 16.12.19 ) 
In first, Israel and Montenegro ink
Elbit deal with Balkan state worth around $35M, will supply country with
(12:59 , 16.12.19 )
British government to pass anti-BDS law, senior
Lord Eric Pickles tells Jerusalem conference that 'BDS is anti-Semitic, and
(12:57 , 16.12.19 )
Liberman: 'Blue & White cooked up deal with
Yisrael Beytenu chair slams Gantz's party after supposed exchange of praise with
(09:02 , 16.12.19 )
Gun violence in Arab sector claims fifth member
Johar Abu-Jaber from Kafr Qasim was apparently shot dead as part of what police
(23:54 , 15.12.19 )
Man pronounced dead after collapsing at his
A friend said Weiss who had waited a long time for the birth of his son "had
(23:54 , 15.12.19 )
Israel eyes Dubai expo as 'portal' to Arab world
Foreign affairs expert says that while Gulf states have not lost interest in the
(22:57 , 15.12.19 )
Netanyahu: Hezbollah, Lebanon will pay heavily
Speaking at the first cabinet meeting since new elections were announced, prime
(22:31 , 15.12.19 )
Netanyahu says Brazil committed to move embassy
Following Bolsonaro's comments, senior officials walked them back for fear of
(21:09 , 15.12.19 )
IDF: 57,277 veterans recognized as disabled,
Figure released in honor of 5th annual Day of Appreciation for wounded veterans
(18:33 , 15.12.19 )
Israel's storm system winds down with a long,
Showers were expected to hit southern and eastern parts of the country with
(15:55 , 15.12.19 )
Lapid says he doesn't want to see PM in prison
The Blue and White party's co-founder says Israeli voters, who will go to the
(11:50 , 15.12.19 )
BDS activists in Spain attack Israeli delegation
Members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement hurl curses, try to
(23:12 , 12.12.19 )
Gantz: We will consider pardon for Netanyahu if
Blue & White leader says there is no desire 'to see another prime minister
(21:55 , 12.12.19 )
Netanyahu welcomes Trump bid to target campus
'Free speech is not carte blanche for anti-Semitic attacks,' prime minister says
(18:24 , 12.12.19 )
Planes grounded, trees collapse as wild weather
An El Al plane had to make emergency landing, a soldier was hurt in southern
(16:41 , 12.12.19 )
Israel 'very troubled' by Corbyn run in British
Deputy FM says while inappropriate for government official to comment, she says
(16:05 , 12.12.19 )
Rivlin urges Israelis 'not to despair' ahead of
The president addresses the public in a dramatic message, asking them ‘not to
(15:20 , 12.12.19 )
Liberman says he’ll support pardoning Netanyahu
The Yisrael Beytenu leader claims he doesn't want to see PM, indicted on 3
(12:00 , 12.12.19 )
Netanyahu says he'll resign from all ministerial
The indicted leader - who currently holds health, welfare, agriculture and
(10:42 , 12.12.19 )
Israelis brace for 3rd elections as Knesset
The motion to hold snap election passes with a 94-0 vote, hours after the
(09:06 , 12.12.19 )
Knesset dissolves and the public suffers
Patients parked in hospital hallways, people left without medication, and
(00:33 , 12.12.19 )
Out of time, Knesset officially dissolves
Final deadline for forming new government expires after three months of
(00:29 , 12.12.19 )
MKs advance legislation to dissolve, hold fresh
Fast-tracked legislation sets March 2 as date of unprecedented third national
(23:00 , 11.12.19 )
Netanyahu mulls forgoing immunity in last-minute
Announcement comes after Blue and White head Gantz says PM triggered year-long
(17:10 , 11.12.19 )
Knesset votes on expedited bill to dissolve,
Fast-tracked legislation sets March 2 as date of unprecedented third national
(17:03 , 11.12.19 )
Trump makes 'Jewishness' a nationality in bid to
Executive order will broaden existing working definition of anti-Semitism to
(10:10 , 11.12.19 )
Iran building weapons storage tunnel in Syria,
Footage by ImageSat International reveals large scale excavation works,
(20:19 , 10.12.19 )
With a day left to form government, Knesset
MKs from Israel's 2 biggest parties, Likud and Blue and White, draft the
(19:20 , 10.12.19 )
Sa'ar goes on attack: Netanyahu has no chance of
MK considered main challenger to PM's leadership of Likud, says central issues
(13:28 , 10.12.19 )
Icon of Soviet Jewry Natan Sharansky receives
Former Jewish Agency chair, MK and minister who spent nine years in Russian
(11:17 , 10.12.19 )
Former IDF Chief Gadi Eisenkot: Mutual Defense
Netanyahu claims such a treaty is important for Israel's security and wants to
(08:31 , 10.12.19 )
EU to debate Mideast policy as 2-state solution
Luxemburg FM says a two-state solution is being taken apart 'piece by piece, day
(21:05 , 09.12.19 )
Report: Russian fighter jets thwarted Israeli
According to Russian military aviation blog, IAF airstrike was planned for last
(18:15 , 09.12.19 )
Food bank NGO: Quarter of Israelis living in
Half a million families, among them one million children, are below poverty
(14:21 , 09.12.19 )
Likud, Blue and White agree: Potential elections
Knesset members have until midnight Wednesday to present a lawmaker who has
(12:49 , 09.12.19 )
Suspected hate crime in East Jerusalem as cars
Vehicles have their tires punctured and racist inscriptions are spray-painted on
(10:39 , 09.12.19 ) 
Likud cancels party list primaries
Likud institute declares party leadership vote contingent upon staging of third
(22:49 , 08.12.19 )
Norway to withhold funding to PA over inciteful
Norwegian legislature passes decision to retain monetary aid to PA's education
(21:01 , 08.12.19 )
Canada 'made deal with devil' with anti-Israel
Nikki Haley says by voting for a UN resolution for the Palestinian right to
(15:49 , 08.12.19 )
Report: At least 5 Iran-backed militiamen killed
The attack is said to have taken place in the area where last month 23 Iranian
(14:50 , 08.12.19 )
Biden calls Sanders’ pitch to leverage Israel
Democratic presidential hopeful says proposed annexation of West Bank
(12:44 , 08.12.19 )
Israeli winter announces itself with rain,
There are fears of floods as the rainfall is expected to last for at least three
(11:02 , 08.12.19 ) 
Hamas calls pre-dawn Israeli strikes in Gaza a
The IDF attacks come in response to at least 3 rockets, intercepted by the Iron
(09:43 , 08.12.19 )
Trump says he's Israel's best pal in White House
The president spoke at the Israeli American Council national summit that is
(08:16 , 08.12.19 )
House votes on resolution rejecting
The resolution states that only the outcome of a two-state solution that
(00:03 , 07.12.19 )
Operation Israeli citizen
Border Police officer Jamaysa Yael Bontong was born in Israel 20 years ago to a
(23:23 , 06.12.19 )
German Chancellor Merkel begins her first ever
Poland's Foreign Ministry called her visit 'historic,' in an obvious
(14:56 , 06.12.19 )
Israel conducts missile test defense ministry
According to a New York Times report Iran has been building a stockpile of
(08:58 , 06.12.19 )
Israeli military says Hezbollah undeterred
IDF officials say neither the destruction of the terror group's attack tunnels,
(22:13 , 05.12.19 )
PM: Israel has 'full right' to annex strategic
Netanyahu adds that during his meeting with Secretary of State Pompeo in Lisbon,
(20:55 , 05.12.19 )
Iron Dome's key technology to be sold to Czech
In a deal, worth some $115 million, 8 radar systems capable of detecting
(18:48 , 05.12.19 ) 
Prosecutors announce bribery, money laundering
Seven people set to be indicted, pending a hearing, in what is known in Israel
(17:02 , 05.12.19 )
Sa'ar: Netanyahu to blame if Likud loses power
PM's main political rival slams incitement from Netanyahu supporters, denies
(16:03 , 05.12.19 )
OECD: Huge gaps in ability for Arab, Hebrew
Israeli students fall below OECD average overall in reading, math and science,
(14:54 , 05.12.19 )
Europeans rap Iran for working on
Ambassadors urge UN chief to probe Tehran's inconsistencies with Security
(12:57 , 05.12.19 )
FM: I hope Corbyn loses British election due to
Israel Katz says no talks in Jerusalem over prospect of Labour leader winning on
(12:53 , 05.12.19 )
Portugal adopts IHRA definition of anti-Semitism
Development comes just a day after France's National Assembly passes similar
(12:13 , 05.12.19 )
Liberman: unity, narrow governments off the
Liberman shuts door on government efforts, says Israel is going to unprecedented
(09:23 , 05.12.19 )
Netanyahu: Iran weakened by sanctions and
Meeting with Pompeo in Lisbon, Netanyahu says Iranian issue focus of talks,
(22:38 , 04.12.19 ) 
Report: Iranian weapons store hit in Syria
Saudi's Al Arabiya says arsenal was at airbase in Al Bukamal, close to Iraqi
(21:22 , 04.12.19 )
Egypt said pushing Hamas, Israel on five-year
Palestinian officials says Cairo trying to reach agreement on long-term period
(18:40 , 04.12.19 )
IDF: No cover up in Haredi recruitment to meet
Officers involved in recruiting members of the ultra-Orthodox community say
(17:30 , 04.12.19 )
Netanyahu says he would win if 3rd elections
PM goes on the offensive, blaming political deadlock on Blue and White that
(14:58 , 04.12.19 )
Hamas set to renew Gaza border protests despite
The terror group publishes leaflets featuring violent imagery, calling on the
(11:37 , 04.12.19 )
Report: IDF inflates number of Haredi soldiers
Religious but not ultra-Orthodox, or completely secular recruits were counted by
(10:46 , 04.12.19 )
U.S. court sentences Hezbollah operative to 40
New York man convicted of providing material support to terror group by seeking
(09:14 , 04.12.19 )
Gaza hospital volunteers offered tours of Israel
Hamas officials were angered by the suggestion that the FriendShip evangelical
(23:25 , 03.12.19 )
France rules anti-Zionism form of modern
French parliament passes new bill after wave of anti-Semitic attacks on
(23:03 , 03.12.19 )
Blue and White, Likud trade blows after
Gantz and Netanyahu met for 45 minutes in Tel Aviv in another barren attempt to
(20:20 , 03.12.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz meet in another bid to form
With a little over week until Israel is forced to hold a third round elections
(17:39 , 03.12.19 )
Bethlehem set for Happy Christmas: more rooms,
The Palestinian town, located in the West Bank, is preparing for its busiest
(14:18 , 03.12.19 )
Transgender Palestinian woman beaten, robbed by
Young men from Kalandia refugee camp assault Jaffa resident Sammy; PA
(12:45 , 03.12.19 ) 
Israel set to seek UN recognition of Jewish
UN envoy Danon accuses world of 'focusing only on Palestinian refugees while
(11:15 , 03.12.19 )
American billionaires named as witnesses in
A new election would not only buy the PM additional time in office, it would
(22:43 , 02.12.19 )
The number of fatalities on construction sites
Due to lack of safety procedures, lack of manpower, and authority indifference,
(22:41 , 02.12.19 )
Amnesty International: at least 208' killed in
Philip Luther, Amnesty's research and advocacy head for the Middle East, called
(21:02 , 02.12.19 )
Jordan holds military maneuver simulating war
Drill takes place just mere weeks after Jordanian King Abdullah II announces
(19:38 , 02.12.19 )
PM's UK trip canceled
British security warned there was not enough time to prepare the necessary
(17:18 , 02.12.19 )
AG submits Netanyahu indictment; PM has 30 days
In letter to Knesset speaker, Mandelblit announces list of 333 witness in trial
(15:59 , 02.12.19 )
Al-Jazeera claims to expose new details on
Report by Qatar-based TV network says November 2018 operation aimed to place
(11:47 , 02.12.19 ) 
Netanyahu, Pompeo to meet in London
Iran set to be high on agenda of NATO summit marking organization's 70th
(10:28 , 02.12.19 )
Trump and Netanyahu discuss Iran, other issues
Phone call confirmed by White House comes after Netanyahu lashed out at European
(10:11 , 02.12.19 )
Bennett plans building Jewish neighborhood in
Defense minister instructs to plan homes for settlers over disputed territory in
(20:17 , 01.12.19 )
South Tel Aviv's 'modern junkies'
For many years, certain areas of Israel's city that never sleeps have became
(18:32 , 01.12.19 )
UK Labour leader Corbyn would stop arms sales to
UK opposition leader promises closer supervision of British arms exports if
(18:31 , 01.12.19 )
'Significant progress' in efforts to reach deal
Citing Palestinian sources, Channel 13 says Hamas leader to hold talks with
(15:27 , 01.12.19 )
PM's partners drag feet on backing him to form
With 11 days until Knesset must dissolve if government cannot be formed, Shaked,
(12:34 , 01.12.19 )
New U.S. ambassador to UN to visit Israel
Kelly Craft, a major Trump donor, expected to visit Western Wall, northern and
(10:52 , 01.12.19 )
Palestinian throwing firebombs in West Bank
The military says 18-year-old Badawi Masalmeh, along with 3 other suspects, was
(23:24 , 30.11.19 )
Relic thought to be from Jesus' manger arrives
Some 1,400 years after it was sent to Roma as a gift for pope, the relic returns
(18:49 , 30.11.19 )
Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon, Gaza border
Attack follows two hours after rocket lands in open area in Eshkol Regional
(00:16 , 30.11.19 )
Vatican returns relic from Jesus' manger to Holy
The thumb-sized relic unveiled to worshipers Friday at Notre Dame church in
(16:21 , 29.11.19 )
Hamas: Fresh talks on agreement for calm in Gaza
Negotiations with external mediators touch on Israel easing closure on Strip,
(15:23 , 29.11.19 )
Bolivia renews diplomatic relations with Israel
South American country announces end of decade-long political stagnation between
(20:51 , 28.11.19 )
British teen who accused 12 Israelis of rape to
The 19-year-old, indicted for perjury and public mischief, is declared to be an
(12:58 , 28.11.19 )
Israeli forces raze homes of 4 terrorists who
The body of the 19-year-old, who neither in army uniform nor armed, was found
(09:08 , 28.11.19 )
Hamas cancels Friday's 'march of return' on Gaza
Qatar's envoy Khaled al-Hardan traveled between Gaza and Israel where he met
(23:08 , 27.11.19 )
Israel Rescue and Service team assisting
After what is the worst and possibly the deadliest earthquake in decades,
(20:29 , 27.11.19 )
Edelstein calls major parties in for a
If the speaker's efforts do not yield results and there is no change in the
(19:13 , 27.11.19 )
Katz raps Sa'ar for disloyalty to Likud leader
Foreign Minister says Netanyahu rival plays right into hands of main opposition
(15:17 , 27.11.19 )
Bennett instructs security authorities to cease
Defense minister issues new directive halting release of bodies of Palestinian
(13:22 , 27.11.19 )
Egypt using secret agency to crush free speech,
According to international human rights group, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi
(11:59 , 27.11.19 )
IDF orders all Yas'ur choppers grounded
Military says incident caused by major malfunction in helicopter engine during
(11:30 , 27.11.19 ) 
Bennett threatens to harden retaliation policy
Bennett warns Hamas after overnight rocket salvo on southern Israel leads to IDF
(10:54 , 27.11.19 )
IDF strikes Hamas in Gaza after rockets fired at
Army says terror group's underground facilities among targets of two waves of
(09:24 , 27.11.19 )
Israeli military says 2 rockets fired from Gaza,
Iron Dome defense system shoots down 1 of the 2 projectiles fired from the
(22:17 , 26.11.19 )
Thousands rally against Netanyahu indictment as
At least 8000 gather at Tel Aviv Museum of Art holding banners, slamming the
(20:25 , 26.11.19 )
Israel charges leader of extreme Jewish group
The indictment is a result of an 8-year battle against the leader of an
(19:44 , 26.11.19 )
'Intervene to avoid Israeli civil war,'
Rafi Peretz' friends from Air Force academy rap former IAF pilot and Jewish
(17:25 , 26.11.19 )
Clashes erupt on Palestinians 'Day of Rage' over
Demonstrations backed by PA turn violent at several West Bank locations,
(14:28 , 26.11.19 ) 
Likud legislation aims to cut election season in
Broad support is expected for amendment to reduce minimum period before snap
(14:23 , 26.11.19 )
Palestinians call for 'day of rage' following
The demonstrations, fully backed by the PA, are expected to turn violent; senior
(11:34 , 26.11.19 )
Senior Likud members to skip pro-Netanyahu rally
Other members of PM's right-wing bloc will also be absent from protest decrying
(11:08 , 26.11.19 )
Israeli video on Hebrew, Arabic similarities is
Clip of two young women discussing shared traits of the two languages gets 3
(20:11 , 25.11.19 ) 
PM claims unity gov't talks ongoing; Blue and
Netanyahu asserts unity gov't discussions in progress; main potential coalition
(19:30 , 25.11.19 )
Human Rights Watch official expelled over
Watchdog official departs Israel after his work visa revoked for supporting
(18:45 , 25.11.19 )
Liberman hints he won't support Knesset immunity
Yisrael Beiteinu chair says only place to solve PM's legal issues is courtroom
(15:31 , 25.11.19 )
Netanyahu's Likud to hold party leadership vote
PM's rival Gideon Sa'ar, who officially demanded to hold leadership race, says
(13:42 , 25.11.19 )
Israeli who fought off terrorist seeks rehab
After a long recovery process, Niv Nehemiah is still in need of treatment but
(12:25 , 25.11.19 )
Likud to promote bill for direct
MK Shlomo Kari says he received 'a green light' from Netanyahu to finalize the
(10:04 , 25.11.19 )
Top Likud members angered at request to
Likud members say they are asked to participate in a demonstration that will
(23:41 , 24.11.19 )
PM expected to cede ministries following
Supreme Court statement from 1993 says ministers facing serious criminal charges
(23:05 , 24.11.19 )
PM dodges immunity issue as he seeks to downplay
Netanyahu calls query about whether he’ll seek parliamentary immunity for
(21:30 , 24.11.19 )
4 in 5 Israeli women who experience sexual abuse
Central Bureau of Statistics report finds main reasons for lack of reporting
(17:22 , 24.11.19 ) 
Netanyahu ignores charges during first cabinet
PM opts to focus on the situation in Gaza and the protests in Iran, avoiding
(16:38 , 24.11.19 )
'I know where Eli Cohen is buried,' says alleged
New-Zealander claiming to be son of Amin al-Hafiz says Mossad refused to pay him
(16:09 , 24.11.19 ) 
Netanyahu rival Sa'ar makes official request to
The ruling party appears to be in disarray as MK Gideon Sa’ar publicly
(09:45 , 24.11.19 )
Jordan's King Abdullah: Relationship with Israel
Citing the political gridlock in Israel and decision to indict Netanyahu,
(00:32 , 23.11.19 )
Netanyahu on indictments: Let the courts decide
Prime minister releases video message vowing to accept the court decision in his
(18:39 , 22.11.19 )
Blue and White calls for Netanyahu to resign all
In letter to AG and PM, party cites Supreme Court precedent regarding
(16:14 , 22.11.19 )
Blue and White leader calls for Netanyahu to
Gantz expresses faith in judicial system led by AG Mandelblit, as his party
(23:31 , 21.11.19 )
'Give and Take': The charges against Netanyahu
The 70-year-old prime minister denies all wrongdoing, but he now faces a legal
(21:54 , 21.11.19 )
Netanyahu calls decision to indict him an
Enraged PM goes on the offensive, slamming AG and police investigators, who he
(21:04 , 21.11.19 )
Mandelblit: I made decision to indict Netanyahu
Attorney general rejects claims move to prosecute was politically motivated,
(20:55 , 21.11.19 )
AG indicts Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and
Avichai Mandelblit charged PM with bribery in Case 4000; fraud and breach of
(18:23 , 21.11.19 )
AG set to announce decision on Netanyahu
PM faces charges of fraud and breach of trust in two investigations and more
(17:05 , 21.11.19 )
Rivlin hands mandate to form government to
President lambastes politicians for failing to set aside own interests, calls
(14:33 , 21.11.19 )
Netherlands halts aid to PA over payments to
Dutch parliament issues statement expressing its objection to providing funding
(11:47 , 21.11.19 )
Angry Russia exposes operational details of
Moscow says IAF jets used Jordanian airspace for strikes on targets in and
(10:54 , 21.11.19 )
In north, rocket fire met with indifference from
For years, sirens on the borders with Lebanon and Syria were largely ignored by
(09:42 , 21.11.19 )
UN Security Council members rebuke U.S. on
Europeans called on Israel 'to end all settlement activity, in line with its
(00:09 , 21.11.19 )
Gantz concedes failure, cannot form government
Having failed to form a coalition, Benny Gantz reportedly tells the president he
(23:35 , 20.11.19 )
Iran's Syria HQ was target of latest Israeli
'Glass House' compound was also reportedly Syrian headquarters for of Iranian
(23:23 , 20.11.19 ) 
Gaza rocket leaves a crater in southern Israel
Residents of Eshkol region were shocked to discover that one Islamic Jihad
(21:07 , 20.11.19 ) 
Report: At least 23 dead in wide-scale Israeli
War monitoring group says at least 7 of the casualties are foreign nationals;
(18:05 , 20.11.19 )
Can Israel rush into new elections?
Analysis: Under the law, there are strict guidelines for each step of the
(17:52 , 20.11.19 )
Liberman: Will only join a national unity
Having pledged support for a right-wing government in the past, Yisrael Beytenu
(16:25 , 20.11.19 )
Vatican says Israeli-Palestinian peace process
The Roman Catholic Church says it supports the right of Israel to live in peace
(15:44 , 20.11.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz trade blame after fruitless
Israel appears to edge closer to third election in a year as PM claims Blue and
(10:54 , 20.11.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz meet on unity government as
Talks between heads of two largest parties comes amid report that senior Blue
(00:00 , 20.11.19 )
Rivlin raps Netanyahu for branding Israel's
President says Israelis 'must ensure equality of rights and respectful and
(21:50 , 19.11.19 )
Netanyahu celebrates U.S. settlement decision in
Visiting Alon Shvut, PM tells settlers that reversal of decades-long policy is
(17:40 , 19.11.19 )
UN rights office says Israeli settlements remain
Human rights groups opposing Israeli settlements in the West Bank and areas of
(15:12 , 19.11.19 )
Off-duty cop implicated in killing of Ethiopian
The indictment states the defendant was pelted with stones by Solomon Tekah and
(14:59 , 19.11.19 )
Israel says it intercepted 4 rockets fired from
IDF's spokesman says there were no casualties and no hits on Israeli territory;
(08:24 , 19.11.19 )
Israel welcomes U.S. reversal on settlements as
Netanyahu thanks White House for saying settlements not illegal, urges
(23:51 , 18.11.19 )
Gantz to Arab MKs: Please don't attack the IDF
Gantz told the Knesset that none of its 120 members are to be excluded and that
(21:12 , 18.11.19 )
U.S. softens position on West Bank settlements
The move was welcomed by Israel with Netanyahu saying it "rights a historic
(21:02 , 18.11.19 )
Netanyahu: Minority government would be a gift
The prime minister, who spoke at an 'emergency summit' of right-wing bloc, also
(16:06 , 18.11.19 )
Ultra-Orthodox signal willingness to compromise
With the clock to form new government running out, Shas and United Torah Judaism
(13:59 , 18.11.19 )
Israel's UN envoy hits back at Sanders' Gaza
Danon questions Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate's
(11:24 , 18.11.19 )
Strong winds batter Israel leaving 2 children
A 10-year-old girl is in a serious condition after a tree falls on 2
(11:22 , 18.11.19 ) 
Lebanese protesters lash out at Hezbollah over
The Shiite militant group has been hailed for decades as the country's protector
(08:41 , 18.11.19 )
Netanyahu accuses Blue and White of Arab-backed
PM lashes out at political rivals at Likud emergency rally over potential
(22:41 , 17.11.19 )
Netanyahu meets families of fallen soldiers held
Netanyahu updates families on efforts made to return missing soldiers and on
(21:03 , 17.11.19 )
Rivlin scolds Likud, Blue and White over
President blames premiership hopefuls for stalling after parties fail repeatedly
(18:51 , 17.11.19 )
Netanyahu says Israel 'not committed to
PM says Israeli security forces 'maintain complete freedom of action' as the
(13:02 , 17.11.19 )
Sources: Trump 'frustrated' and 'disappointed'
White House senior officials, who spoke with their Israeli counterparts, say the
(10:53 , 17.11.19 )
Israel estimates Hamas behind rockets fired at
The defense establishment believes Hamas's soldiers on the ground carried out
(14:57 , 16.11.19 )
Israeli military strikes Hamas targets in Gaza
The army says 2 rockets fired at Israel's largest city in the south, just 2 days
(10:01 , 16.11.19 )
Israel to probe 'unexpected' civilian casualties
The IDF claimed that according to the information available to them at the time
(23:48 , 15.11.19 )
Israelis sue Hamas for compensation after family
If successful the families say, they will have prevented funds from Hamas that
(22:03 , 15.11.19 )
Anti-Islamic State coalition at odds on jihadi
Washington wants fighters sent back to their home nations and either prosecuted
(13:04 , 15.11.19 )
Israel strikes Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza
Following continued violations of the ceasefire agreement that came into effect
(08:47 , 15.11.19 )
Israelis in south brace for more rockets as
Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Sderot in fresh truce violation; schools to
(00:09 , 15.11.19 )
Sporadic rocket fire continues hours after Gaza
No injuries reported as Iron Dome brings down one rocket; Islamic Jihad says
(18:36 , 14.11.19 )
Israel's diplomatic weapon in Gaza fighting
Across the world, Israel's ambassadors waged their own war to preserve the
(15:17 , 14.11.19 )
IDF hails Gaza operation of 'initiative,
Brig. Gen. Zilberman tells Ynet that Islamic Jihad commander killed after he
(13:31 , 14.11.19 )
Islamic Jihad announces ceasefire, sirens still
Gaza-based terror group claims Israel agreed to end targeted killing, but FM
(08:26 , 14.11.19 )
Rocket barrages hit central, southern Israel
Strikes directed at Rehovot, Yavne and other cities come shortly after attacks
(00:05 , 14.11.19 )
Israeli official: Gaza fighting could end
Ceasefire negotiations run as both Israel and Gaza militias continue carrying
(20:32 , 13.11.19 )
UN envoy in Cairo as efforts grow to end Gaza
Mladenov to meet with Sissi on terms for possible truce between Israel and
(18:05 , 13.11.19 )
PM spars with Arab MKs in Knesset session on
Row between Netanyahu and Joint List lawmakers came after announcement of three
(17:25 , 13.11.19 )
Tel Aviv tourists undeterred by Gaza escalation
Many local residents prefer to remain home in face of rocket strikes but
(15:29 , 13.11.19 )
Gaza death toll reaches 22 in IDF strikes;
Army says it is hitting Islamic Jihad rocket production sites, more than 250
(14:00 , 13.11.19 )
PM hails Iron Dome operators, warns Islamic
Netanyahu says Gaza terror group mistaken in thinking rocket attacks on
(12:58 , 13.11.19 )
IDF: Islamic Jihad is regrouping after severe
The military warns terror group using rocket fire in tactical manner, firing
(11:34 , 13.11.19 )
'It's like a volcano erupted in our home,' says
Direct hit on home in Netivot causes major damage but family kept safe in
(09:58 , 13.11.19 )
Islamic Jihad's military leaders in Gaza face
With the death of Baha Abu al-Attar, there are several candidates to rise in the
(09:15 , 13.11.19 )
Rocket fire from Gaza resumes after a quiet
Israeli military attacks on Islamic Jihad targets also resumed Wednesday with
(08:39 , 13.11.19 )
Islamic Jihad in Gaza: Backed by Iran, challenge
Analysis: Killing of terror group's military mastermind unleashes another round
(23:16 , 12.11.19 )
Egyptian mediators launch bid to secure
Cairo steps up communications in an effort to curb latest round of violence
(20:53 , 12.11.19 )
European court: Countries must label products
Human Rights Watch welcomes ruling that requires EU member states to comply,
(20:40 , 12.11.19 )
IDF: More than 190 rockets fired from Gaza;
Israeli army bolsters Gaza border presence, says Iron Dome has intercepted
(19:40 , 12.11.19 )
Bennett declares 'special situation' for
Shortly after taking office, New Right MK takes special measures in home front
(19:17 , 12.11.19 )
IDF chief: Ready for Gaza escalation after Jihad
PM says operation to eliminate 'ticking bomb' Baha Abu al-Atta approved 10 days
(12:58 , 12.11.19 )
IDF kills member of Islamic Jihad 'rocket squad'
Army says strike on motorbike carrying two people thwarted 'immediate threat';
(12:21 , 12.11.19 )
IDF kills Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza; rockets
29 people treated for light injuries, shock as rockets fall across large swathes
(11:08 , 12.11.19 ) 
Islamic Jihad, Hamas: 'Heinous crime' by Israel
Gaza terror groups vow to avenge assassination of Islamic Jihad commander in
(09:40 , 12.11.19 )
Jordan foils plot against U.S., Israeli
King Abdullah, a Middle East ally of Western powers against Islamist militancy,
(09:39 , 12.11.19 )
Damascus Home of Islamic Jihad official targeted
Syrian media reported two killed in the attack including Islamic Jihad Akram
(09:13 , 12.11.19 )
Russian submarine spotted in Israeli territorial
Ynet learns the submarine breached Israel's maritime border three months ago;
(21:28 , 11.11.19 )
UN watchdog confirms Israel's allegations
IAEA reports its inspectors found traces of uranium at a site the Islamic
(20:18 , 11.11.19 )
Almost half of Israelis crammed in just 16
New CBS report shows 10 of Israel's metropoles situated in center of country,
(19:25 , 11.11.19 )
Israeli military launches probe into shooting of
The army says the 22-year-old from Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, was
(18:25 , 11.11.19 ) 
Jordan committed to peace treaty with Israel
Jordanian foreign minister's remarks come after the two agricultural sites in
(16:56 , 11.11.19 )
Yitzhar settler welds himself to the floor to
Neria Zarug, banished for three months for 'violent acts against both
(14:53 , 11.11.19 )
Israel bans bonfires as unseasonable heatwave
Last time temperatures soared so high for time of year was 2010, when massive
(13:27 , 11.11.19 )
Palestinian shot in back says Israelis abused
Leaked footage shows Israeli policewoman allegedly shooting Palestinian after
(12:11 , 11.11.19 )
Gantz called 'terrorist' at Haredi MK's family
Netanyahu supporters tell Blue and White leader to 'go to the Arabs' over Joint
(11:03 , 11.11.19 )
Israel envoy to Brazil boycotts Jewish event
Yossi Shelley criticizes leader of Brazilian Israelite Confederation, which is
(22:59 , 10.11.19 )
Israelis bid farewell to an Island of Peace
25 years of visits to the Jordan River enclave come to an end as Amman reclaims
(22:00 , 10.11.19 )
Jordan's king announces 'full sovereignty' over
Israel controlled agricultural lands for over 70 years and was permitted to
(20:21 , 10.11.19 )
Israel's Supreme Court approves extradition of
Alexei Burkov asked the Israeli Supreme Court to stop the extradition claiming
(20:14 , 10.11.19 )
Netanyahu: I did not condone branding Rabin a
At the official memorial service commemorating slain prime minister Yitzhak
(17:16 , 10.11.19 )
Israel: No breakthrough in Gaza hostage talks
Officials deny report by Saudi news outlet saying delegations from Hamas and
(16:45 , 10.11.19 )
Arrest sparks clashes in East Jerusalem's
Police use riot dispersal measures after residents throw Molotov cocktails and
(15:53 , 10.11.19 ) 
Man sets himself on fire inside courtroom in
The 48-year-old, accused of threatening a medical secretary, is in a serious
(14:27 , 10.11.19 )
Bennett confirmed as defense minister; Galant:
Move by Netanyahu sees New Right unite with Likud faction until end of current
(14:18 , 10.11.19 )
Iran says reports of IAEA finding uranium at
Iranian Foreign Ministry calls reports of traces of uranium being found at a
(12:06 , 10.11.19 )
November heat not seen in nearly decade strikes
Meteorologist say the heatwave this long, which began five days ago and is
(11:33 , 10.11.19 )
IDF declares Jordan Valley sites as 'closed
Israeli farmers will still be able to cultivate parts of Naharayim and Tzofar,
(09:10 , 10.11.19 )
'Israeli drivers lack patience and discipline'
Since the start of 2019, there have been more deaths on the roads in Israel than
(09:32 , 09.11.19 )
Netanyahu taps Bennett as defense minister
Appointment will be brought to the government for approval at its upcoming
(20:11 , 08.11.19 )
Ex-head of U.N. Palestinian refugee agency
Krahenbuhl was notified in March that an investigation was under way by the
(22:12 , 07.11.19 )
12 arrested across Israel in crackdown on nude
The suspects aged 17 to 30 are accused of distributing images in Telegram groups
(23:02 , 06.11.19 )
UNRWA chief resigns due to corruption probe
The allegations include senior management engaging in "sexual misconduct,
(20:04 , 06.11.19 )
Education Ministry removes LGBTQ content from
Despite receiving much praise when videos were uploaded, the ministry has yet to
(18:49 , 06.11.19 )
In final days, IS leader saw his 'caliphate'
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was fearful, paranoid and constantly on the move,
(18:19 , 06.11.19 )
IDF officer: We target empty Hamas posts to
Colonel stationed along Gaza border says attacks are designed 'to send a message
(16:54 , 06.11.19 )
Israel battles BDS with viral videos
New initiative pushes to increase familiarity with Jewish state, fight BDS lies
(15:18 , 06.11.19 )
Rare protest against 'Hamas murderers' erupts in
The mysterious death of a 28-year-old university graduate, whom his family say
(15:18 , 06.11.19 ) 
Despite pledge, Netanyahu again seeks to delay
State wants to postpone High Court hearing on pro-settlement group's petition to
(14:50 , 06.11.19 )
Israel frees two Jordanians held since August
Heba al-Lebadi and Abdelrahman Meri already back in own country; release brings
(13:05 , 06.11.19 )
Report: Advanced Israeli missile technology
Chinese news agency reports that an interceptor missile from the David's Sling
(10:27 , 06.11.19 )
Hamas threatens cut in financial aid to Gaza
Qatari envoy to Gaza Strip informs enclave's headship during last visit, that
(23:02 , 05.11.19 )
PM's attorney slams police for dubious conduct
Attorney Uri Korb describes boundaries that police must follow when
(20:52 , 05.11.19 )
Amid protests and pleas, PA outlaws child
New legislation raises age of consent for marriage for both genders to 18, and
(20:09 , 05.11.19 )
Seven settler families guarded by 15 fighters
The soldiers must enforce a 'closed military zone' order, conduct police work
(18:36 , 05.11.19 )
Supreme Court rejects Human Rights Watch
Omar Shakir tweets that if government insists upon his deportation for allegedly
(13:55 , 05.11.19 )
Hamas warns it has enough rockets to target Tel
Yahya Sinwar, the terror group's leader in Gaza, threatens to turn Israeli
(19:49 , 04.11.19 )
Jordan to return its ambassador to Israel after
Israeli government confirm the release of the 2 Jordanian nationals after an
(17:01 , 04.11.19 )
Likud MK pushes PM on West Bank annexation
Sharren Heskel's bill, if implemented, would bring the Jordan Valley territory
(12:09 , 04.11.19 )
Local leaders, ex-ministerial aide grilled in
Mayor, former mayor, ex-ministerial aide among those questioned; 10 others
(11:33 , 04.11.19 )
Sderot residents demand action after rockets hit
Mayor Alon Davidi points out that residents of Sderot unable to move on from
(18:44 , 03.11.19 )
Netanyahu promises covert actions against
Speaking at weekly cabinet meeting PM responds to the cross-border fighting over
(13:17 , 03.11.19 )
Gaza militants say they won't turn blind eye on
Report in a Palestinian news site quotes a military commander in the enclave,
(09:12 , 03.11.19 )
Explosive device hidden in book discovered in
Police estimate the IED, discovered by holidaymakers near a local river, was
(18:47 , 02.11.19 )
Palestinian killed in Israeli counter strikes in
Hamas threatens to respond to 'Israel's aggression' after IDF carried out a
(09:36 , 02.11.19 )
VIDEO: Direct hit on Sderot home caught on
CCTV footage shows a brilliant white light and a massive shower of sparks as a
(23:11 , 01.11.19 ) 
Sderot home hit in rocket barrage from Gaza
No injuries reported; Iron Dome intercepts at least 7 projectiles fired across
(22:41 , 01.11.19 )
Nasrallah on bid to down IDF drone: We will
Hezbollah leader says Lebanese economic protests will not deter action against
(18:00 , 01.11.19 )
Netanyahu says 'absence of response' encourages
In a thinly veiled dig at Trump, who called off a strike on Iranian targets
(21:54 , 31.10.19 )
Gantz meets with Joint List leaders in bid to
Blue and White say the meeting focused on issues 'important to Arab society,'
(20:29 , 31.10.19 )
IDF says attempt to down one of its drones over
News channel affiliated with the Lebanese terror group claims Hezbollah targeted
(16:23 , 31.10.19 )
Schoolmates of children held before deportation
The kids facing deportation were picked up on their way to school in
(15:08 , 31.10.19 )
Israel braces for European decision to mark
The European court's ruling might provide practical tools to attack Israel and
(11:13 , 31.10.19 )
Minister of Justice signs order extraditing
The family of Naama Issachar who is imprisoned in Russia, hoped a deal could be
(20:56 , 30.10.19 )
Chief Justice warns of politicizing the judicial
Responding to Justice Minister Amir Ohana's attack on the attorney general and
(19:01 , 30.10.19 )
Israeli jailed in Jordan is an immigrant who
Sources say the detainee appears to be an immigrant from a former Soviet Union
(15:18 , 30.10.19 )
Netanyahu's son calls police 'Gestapo,' claims
According to transcripts of Yair Netanyahu police interrogation released by
(13:46 , 30.10.19 )
Jordanian lawmaker says Israeli can be held as
Nidal a-Taani, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Jordanian
(10:41 , 30.10.19 )
Israeli forces thwart stabbing attack at Cave of
The suspected female terrorist approached Border Police officers stationed at
(08:45 , 30.10.19 )
Gantz: 'When I will be prime minister, I will
PM hopeful vows to accept all denominations of Judaism, as Israel does not
(22:34 , 29.10.19 )
Justice minister slams SA office over Netanyahu
Ohana claims misconduct on behalf of law authorities after details of criminal
(21:17 , 29.10.19 )
PM to launch special committee to combat
Committee will hold discussions with Arab leaders and devise policy aiming to
(18:55 , 29.10.19 )
PM hopeful Gantz to head Rabin memorial rally
Blue and White leader set to head rally marking 24th anniversary of PM's
(17:16 , 29.10.19 )
PM to move funds from civilian to military use
Israel’s economy has been in a holding pattern amid the political uncertainty
(15:35 , 29.10.19 )
Netanyahu's aides investagted for state witness
Netanyahu claimed the police were targeting his closest aids in a manner that
(14:38 , 29.10.19 )
Mother of imprisoned Israeli barred from
The prime minister and his aids assured Mrs. Issachar that they are doing
(14:01 , 29.10.19 )
New Swedish FM : BDS is not Antisemitic
According to the new Swedish foreign minister, support for Israel and its
(11:11 , 29.10.19 )
Trump-Netanyahu embrace boosts progressive
Analysis: Trump’s polarizing effect makes it 'easy to understand' that
(09:08 , 29.10.19 )
Hamas says ready for Palestinian elections
Abbas announced his intention to hold elections in his speech to the UN General
(21:58 , 28.10.19 )
Netanyahu: Iran's precision missiles in Yemen
Ynet security analyst notes Iran already has the capability to hit Israel from
(17:54 , 28.10.19 )
Body of soldier missing for 24 hours found in
After hours of intensive search, the army confirms the body of 20-year-old
(15:37 , 28.10.19 )
U.S. will ramp up pressure on Iran, says Mnuchin
Netanyahu reiterates the Treasury Secretary's statements during a special press
(14:14 , 28.10.19 )
Army, police looking for IDF soldier missing for
Eliezer Ashkenazi, 20, was last seen near his home in the city of Kfar Saba
(10:05 , 28.10.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz government talks bear no fruit
PM hopefuls meet for first time since Gantz received government task from
(23:11 , 27.10.19 )
IDF chief raps officers over Hezbollah missile
Kochavi censures battalion commander and his deputy for allowing medical vehicle
(18:45 , 27.10.19 )
Israel and Jordan mark 25 years of imperfect
Though a strategic partnership that is beneficial to both countries, the peace
(13:41 , 26.10.19 )
School honors fallen soldiers as microcosm of
Uri Grossman, Adam Goren, Benayah Rein and Alex Bunimovich came from very
(08:24 , 26.10.19 )
PA claims Israeli planning to seize land for new
Palestinian Authority legal adviser Mohammed Elias says lands of Qaryut village
(09:38 , 25.10.19 )
Hamas arrests dozens of activists in bid to
With eye on anti-government demonstrations in Lebanon and as calls for rally
(22:32 , 24.10.19 )
IDF chief: Israel's next main security challenge
Unveiling the army's new multi-year plan, Aviv Kochavi warns that situation is
(18:49 , 24.10.19 )
Abbas orders reconstruction of home of soldier's
'Israel's bulldozers will not break us,' says PA statement issued hours after
(14:02 , 24.10.19 )

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