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In rare move, Hamas condemns Germany synagogue
Terror group's official Basem Naim comes out against 'sinful attack' in the city
(21:01 , 10.10.19 )
Netanyahu condemns Turkish invasion into Syria
PM warns against 'ethnic cleansing of the Kurds' by Turkey and its allies and
(16:26 , 10.10.19 )
Israel Prize laureates petition Supreme Court
Some of the country's leading writers, entertainers, researchers and scientists
(11:19 , 10.10.19 )
Arab MKs lead convoy to Jerusalem for
Procession of vehicles organized by NGO in protest at what it says is lack of
(10:52 , 10.10.19 )
Turkey ground troops advance on Syrian Kurdish
Turkish defense minister announces air and artillery strikes on multiple targets
(10:11 , 10.10.19 )
US-backed Syrian forces halt counter-Islamic
It was unclear whether the pause affected every aspect of U.S.-partnered
(20:21 , 09.10.19 )
Turkey launches offensive against Kurdish
In its call for a general mobilization, the local civilian Kurdish authority
(19:55 , 09.10.19 )
Two killed in shooting near synagogue in Germany
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government voiced outrage over the attack on
(19:24 , 09.10.19 )
Palestinians cry foul over Facebook pro-Israel
New campaign hopes to expose what it calls double-standard policy of social
(16:29 , 08.10.19 )
Gideon Saar challenges lengthy Netanyahu Likud
Former PM aide and senior cabinet minister appears to be one of the few members
(13:36 , 08.10.19 )
Trump ally Graham: Syria pullout would be
Senator among numerous Republicans criticizing president's sudden decision to
(20:11 , 07.10.19 )
'We don’t have enough people to defend the
The day after the Yom Kippur War began with a surprise Arab attack on the
(18:20 , 07.10.19 )
Minister in charge of police says 'very violent'
Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan draws ire of Joint
(13:57 , 07.10.19 )
PA removes mention of agreements with Israel
NGO says elimination in new Palestinian textbooks of any reference to Israel,
(12:10 , 07.10.19 )
Katz says IDF chief ended policy of ambiguity in
Foreign minister claims Aviv Kochavi admitted to have approved publication of a
(10:53 , 07.10.19 )
Fourth and final day of PM's pre-indictment
Netanyahu's pre-trial hearings are set to wrap up with a case which alleges that
(08:42 , 07.10.19 )
Arab sector seeks to escalate anti-violence
Thousands have taken to the street in recent days to demonstrate against the
(20:59 , 06.10.19 )
Second whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine scandal
Another intelligence official presents first-hand knowledge of some allegations
(17:54 , 06.10.19 )
Katz confirms plan for 'non-aggression' pact
Foreign minister says 'historic' initiative has full backing of PM, was
(11:09 , 06.10.19 )
Showers, thundestroms hit Israel despite hot
The southernmost resort city of Eilat experiences unexpected thunderstorms a day
(10:36 , 06.10.19 ) 
Third day of PM's pre-indictment hearings to
Netanyahu's lawyers arrive at the Justice Ministry to fend off allegations that
(09:04 , 06.10.19 )
Palestinians to resume taking Israeli collected
PA stopped taking money because of dispute with Israel over stipends paid to
(19:31 , 04.10.19 )
Merkel warns against racism on anniversary of
German Chancellor says there is no justification for verbal attacks on
(22:11 , 03.10.19 )
Paris police employee stabs four to death in
Knife-wielding assailant kills four officers inside police HQ in Paris before
(21:20 , 03.10.19 )
Netanyahu weighing Likud leadership election
PM considers snap party leadership elections as two deadlocked general primary
(20:27 , 03.10.19 )
President Rivlin calls for unity at Knesset
Rivlin addresses newly sworn Knesset amid coalition chaos, calling lawmakers to
(17:16 , 03.10.19 )
Lapid drops PM rotation deal 'for the sake of
Blue and White No.2 calls on Netanyahu to step down as Likud leader due to his
(16:16 , 03.10.19 )
Knesset holds festive inauguration amid
The 120-member plenum embarks on day of celebrations and ceremonies for second
(14:30 , 03.10.19 )
Speaker of Knesset Yuli Edelstein: PM considers
Edelstein called Netanyahu's willingness to take a leave of absence an act of
(14:11 , 03.10.19 )
Iran says it foiled 'Israel-Arab' plot to
Iranian media reports the 3 suspects in the alleged 'regional plot' to eliminate
(12:53 , 03.10.19 )
‘No breakthrough,’ says Likud after Liberman
Netanyahu and Yisrael Beytenu leader meet for the first time since the September
(12:02 , 03.10.19 )
PM's corruption saga continues as second day of
Netanyahu's lawyers, who spend 11 hours on Wednesday trying to persuade the
(08:52 , 03.10.19 )
As unity talks stall, Netanyahu to meet with
We'll 'see if this is serious,' PM tells Yisrael Beytenu leader as Liberman says
(19:48 , 02.10.19 )
As violence spikes, Israel's Arab community to
With 68 murders in the sector since start of the year, local leaders say police
(17:55 , 02.10.19 )
Netanyahu gathers his right-wing bloc as unity
Yamina leader says the right-wing bloc is 'hardy like concrete' after PM meets
(14:39 , 02.10.19 )
Court releases alleged pedophile wanted in
Former Melbourne high school principal Malka Leifer fighting extradition on
(14:17 , 02.10.19 )
Neo-Nazi protestors in Germany call for
Anti-Semitism rears its head in Germany, as neo Nazi protesters march
(13:16 , 02.10.19 )
Iran general: Israel came close to killing me,
The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, claims the pair under
(12:35 , 02.10.19 )
PM's pre-indictment hearings begin with Case
Netanyahu's legal team says a possible plea deal is not on the table as PM faces
(10:24 , 02.10.19 )
Palestinians protest in support of hospitalized
Some 300 protesters burn tires and hurl stones at security forces in Ramallah
(09:01 , 02.10.19 )
Injured birds get flying lessons at Ramat Gan
Thousands of our feathered friends are treated in the Israeli Wildlife Hospital,
(16:28 , 01.10.19 )
Israel lets Gaza workers enter in bid to reduce
A Palestinian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the
(13:56 , 01.10.19 )
Trump left hanging on call Rouhani refused to
With no guarantee that sanctions would be lifted, Rouhani feared he would be
(09:07 , 01.10.19 )
Iraqi PM: Israel responsible for attacks of
Abdul Mahdi, who visited Saudi Arabia last week, also told Al Jazeera he
(23:55 , 30.09.19 )
Iraq-Syria border crossing opened easing Iranian
Omar Abu Laila, a Europe-based Syrian activist from the eastern province of Deir
(18:51 , 30.09.19 )
AG approves four days of hearings in Netanyahu
Avichai Mandelblit, who intends to indict the prime minister for bribery, fraud
(18:33 , 29.09.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz to meet in last-ditch bid to
After Likud, Blue and White negotiators met Friday without success, and with
(16:18 , 29.09.19 )
Israel arrests terrorists behind murder of
The three suspects, all members of Popular Front for the Liberation of
(21:43 , 28.09.19 )
In Lebanon, return of 'collaborators' with
Amer al-Fakhoury, who had been a senior warden at the infamous Khiyam prison,
(18:38 , 28.09.19 )
As unity talks stall, Likud minister urges
'We are on the verge of the Iran situation blowing up,' Netanyahu ally Steinitz
(15:00 , 27.09.19 )
Abbas promises to continue paying families of
In a speech at the U.N. General Assembly, Abbas firmly attacked Netanyahu's
(23:25 , 26.09.19 )
Attorney General declines Netanyahu's request
Attorney General Avicahi Mandelblit dismisses PM's request in harsh worded
(21:34 , 26.09.19 )
Likud minister hints at flexibility on Netanyahu
Ze'ev Elkin says his party would be willing to discuss changes to existing
(20:23 , 26.09.19 )
Police officer lightly wounded in suspected
Policewoman hurt in stabbing attack at one of Israel's most sensitive locations
(16:46 , 26.09.19 )
On eve of Jewish New Year, Israel's population
On cusp of Jewish year 5780, vast majority of Israelis say they are satisfied
(16:44 , 26.09.19 )
Netanyahu wants pre-trial hearing aired live so
The prime minister, who faces possible indictment in three criminal corruption
(14:10 , 26.09.19 )
Israel, U.S. urge EU to take action against
The report included a large number of examples the ministry of strategic affairs
(13:28 , 26.09.19 )
Surprise strike shutters Israel's embassies
The industrial action - taken in response to Finance Ministry reneging on their
(12:59 , 26.09.19 )
Joint List: Gantz sought less support to push
Leader of the Arab-dominated party claims they were asked for 10 out of their 13
(09:21 , 26.09.19 )
Asked to form next Israeli government, Netanyahu
PM now has 28 days to put together a coalition, with possible two-week
(21:21 , 25.09.19 )
Woman hurt in suspected terror attack near
22-year-old sustained light to moderate wounds in stabbing close to Maccabim
(16:46 , 25.09.19 ) 
Minister of Jerusalem Affairs for the
Fadi al-Hadami was arrested in June on the same charges of allegedly breaking a
(16:04 , 25.09.19 )
Iranian president accuses Israel of supporting
Hassan Rouhani claims Israel treating IS fighters and arming them as well;
(14:58 , 25.09.19 ) 
Israel-Hamas understandings on Gaza yield
A Field hospital funded by private American money will provide treatment that
(14:27 , 25.09.19 )
Rivlin considers giving Netanyahu the mandate to
Likud is now leading a technical bloc of 55 of the 120 Knesset members made up
(12:19 , 25.09.19 )
Lapid refuses to sit in Netanyahu's government
Blue and White leader vows not to take part in any future Netanyahu government
(10:56 , 25.09.19 )
How the ground shifted on Trump impeachment
Wavering Democrats, many of them freshmen from districts where Trump has enjoyed
(08:20 , 25.09.19 )
Erdogan compares Israel to Nazi Germany, gives
Netanyahu urges the Turkish president to 'stop lying' after Erdogan holds up map
(20:31 , 24.09.19 )
Trump: Mideast understands need for normalizing
Speaking at United Nations General Assembly, U.S. president urges all nations
(17:49 , 24.09.19 )
King Abdullah: West Bank annexation will harm
Jordanian monarch says that different set of laws for Jews and for Christians
(15:55 , 24.09.19 )
Arab MK accidently reveals Netanyahu overtures
Believing he is speaking to PM during prank call by radio station, Abd Al Hakeem
(12:28 , 24.09.19 )
Likud, Blue and White move ahead in unity talks
Neither party optimistic after Netanyahu-Gantz talks with Rivlin, but the two
(11:01 , 24.09.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz to meet again Wednesday to push
After two-hour-long meeting between president, PM hopefuls, further discussions
(23:22 , 23.09.19 )
Rivlin after meeting with PM hopefuls: 'we have
After an hour-long meeting with PM hopefuls, President Reuven Rivlin believes
(21:20 , 23.09.19 )
Yeshiva students arrested in Europe over khat
Youngsters are told being caught with the plant, which is illegal in Europe but
(20:34 , 23.09.19 )
Israel blocks Gaza football team from competing
Under the Palestinian Football Association’s terms, the winners of the Gaza
(15:15 , 23.09.19 )
Rivlin summons Netanyahu, Gantz to press for
The president's request comes after PM, whose right-wing bloc has a slight edge
(14:35 , 23.09.19 )
Israel's president wraps up talks on forming new
United Torah Judaism slams former finance minister and Blue and White leader
(11:08 , 23.09.19 )
Joint List says Gantz endorsement partial,
The alliance of Israel's biggest Arab parties submit a letter to President
(09:10 , 23.09.19 )
Joint List backs Gantz as Blue and White puts
Rivlin kicked-off consultations with the parties that captured seats in
(19:27 , 22.09.19 )
Carter administration covered up clandestine
It was the first report of an alleged Israeli nuclear test; no smoking gun
(15:35 , 22.09.19 )
Father of 13-year-old gang rape victim says
Police arrest 3 suspects after the teen claimed 4 of her schoolmates dragged her
(13:35 , 22.09.19 )
Anti-Israel BDS founder denied entry to UK
Omar Barghouti had planned to attend Labour conference this weekend, speak at
(11:53 , 22.09.19 )
Israel's president to begin consultations on PM
Rivlin is to kick-off consultations with the parties that captured seats in
(09:39 , 22.09.19 )
Palestinians unfazed by Israeli election results
Palestinians say the next Israeli government would not change much with respect
(08:50 , 21.09.19 )
Survey shows most Palestinians tiring of Abbas
Poll indicates 61% of Palestinian public wants veteran leader to go; majority of
(18:18 , 20.09.19 )
Rocket sirens sound in southern Israel; IDF
Siren heard in Gaza-border towns and in the city of Sderot; no known casualties
(19:19 , 19.09.19 )
Gantz: I will form a broad, liberal unity
Blue and White leader says as head of largest party it is up to him to put
(16:27 , 19.09.19 )
Lebanon: IDF drones that crashed in Beirut were
Lebanese defense minister says investigations show UAVs - one carrying
(15:13 , 19.09.19 )
With 96.5% of vote counted - Blue and White
Gantz's centrist party has 33 seats and Netanyau's right-wing Likud has 31 as
(12:23 , 19.09.19 )
Netanyahu to Gantz: Let's form a unity
Move comes after election results show neither center-left nor right can muster
(10:55 , 19.09.19 ) 
Post-poll, Netanyahu is in precarious position
Questionable decisions such as increasing attacks on the judiciary and police
(10:42 , 19.09.19 )
Iraqi official: Unidentified warplanes strike
Security source says five killed, nine hurt in attack; Iranian-backed militias
(10:12 , 19.09.19 )
Netanyahu strongholds let him down on Election
In addition to a low turnout of supporters and a more energized opposition
(09:35 , 19.09.19 )
Trump says has not spoken with Netanyahu, 'our
U.S. president's comments come on the day he named former hostage negotiator
(21:18 , 18.09.19 )
Israeli politics deadlocked after second
If Netanyahu - whose right-wing Likud is neck and neck with the centrist Blue
(20:27 , 18.09.19 )
Netanyahu: It's my government or a dangerous
Liberman presses Rivlin to call for unity, saying president 'must take a far
(18:54 , 18.09.19 )
Netanyahu cancels UNGA speech after elections
Foreign Minister Katz is set to fly to New York on behalf of PM, which will mark
(18:34 , 18.09.19 )
With 91% of votes counted, Blue and White leads
Likud slips to 31 seats as Joint List looks set to take third place with 13;
(15:12 , 18.09.19 )
Head of Arab faction mulls backing Gantz to form
Ayman Odeh says his party could use unprecedented success in Tuesday elections
(13:02 , 18.09.19 )
Liberman: We Insist on a secular national unity
Staying true to his campaign promise so far, Yisrael Beytenu chief and likely
(11:34 , 18.09.19 )
Netanyahu and right wing fall short of majority
Attention will now focus on President, Reuven Rivlin, who will choose the
(08:53 , 18.09.19 )
Netanyahu: I will form 'strong Zionist
As exit polls show neither center-left nor right-wing bloc able to muster
(04:16 , 18.09.19 )
Gantz: I intend to 'talk to everyone' about
Blue and White leader tells party activists in Tel Aviv that Netanyahu
(03:47 , 18.09.19 )
Revised exit poll gives Joint List of Arab
If predictions prove correct, faction will become third-largest party in next
(02:39 , 18.09.19 )
Liberman: Unity government along with Likud,
Yisrael Beytenu chair and apparent coalition kingmaker says after exit polls
(00:22 , 18.09.19 )
Rivlin pushes for speedy coalition moves, aims
As exit polls indicate no clear winner, president says he will meet with party
(23:45 , 17.09.19 )
20 arrested over suspected voter fraud
Police say 69 investigations launched into allegations that include banned
(23:10 , 17.09.19 )
Exit polls: Netanyahu fails to muster clear
All three main television channels predict that neither center-left nor
(22:07 , 17.09.19 )
By evening hours, voter turnout in Israeli
Central Elections Committee says the turnout by 8pm stood at 63.7%, higher than
(21:27 , 17.09.19 )
Israelis enjoy beaches and shopping sprees on
Thousands of people fill up local malls offering special sales to boost revenue,
(21:03 , 17.09.19 )
Arrest warrant for Lebanese-American who worked
Amer Fakhoury is accused by authorities in his native Lebanon of working at a
(19:24 , 17.09.19 )
Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over breach of
PM slams the social network's actions as 'unjust' and 'disproportional' after it
(18:13 , 17.09.19 )
Netanyahu fights for another term in close
An end to the Netanyahu era would be unlikely to lead to a big change in policy
(15:22 , 17.09.19 )
Dutch court to mull civil suit against Gantz
Rebuffing claims over the non-combatant toll in Gaza, Israel said it forces
(13:20 , 17.09.19 )
Rivlin: I will do all I can to avoid third round
President posts video on Facebook explaining his role in election proceedings as
(12:55 , 17.09.19 )
Party leaders across spectrum have common
Political leaders turn out early to cast their votes on second Election Day of
(10:58 , 17.09.19 )
Polls open as Israel holds second national
6,394,030 eligible Israeli voters will cast their ballots at 10,885 polling
(07:46 , 17.09.19 )
Israel 'well-prepared' for any spill-over from
Netanyahu tells Army Radio that he is 'taking care of our security on a 360
(22:16 , 16.09.19 )
Palestinians have low expectations of Israeli
Poll shows two thirds of Palestinians believe election results will have no or a
(20:36 , 16.09.19 )
Police raid Tel Aviv cyber company over
Operation part of joint investigation carried out with Defense Ministry
(16:15 , 16.09.19 )
'You're racist garbage,' says Arab MK to his
Lawmakers Ahmad Tibi from the Joint List and Bezalel Smotrich from Yamina
(13:53 , 16.09.19 ) 
Netanyahu vows to annex Jewish settlements in
PM tells Army Radio if he is reelected in Tuesday, his government will apply
(10:49 , 16.09.19 )
Israel denies Zambian president smuggled money,
Former minister and presidential hopeful Chishimba Kambwili says Edgar Lungu
(23:11 , 15.09.19 )
Shocking head-on truck collision in south leaves
Surveillance footage shows driver of one of the vehicles veering into the
(21:09 , 15.09.19 ) 
Turkey says Israel becoming 'racist, apartheid
Turkey and Israel have long been at odds over Israel's policy towards the
(18:26 , 15.09.19 )
Netanyahu holds final cabinet meeting before
PM takes ministers out of Jerusalem to highlight pledge to annex parts of West
(15:07 , 15.09.19 )
First signs of autumn as unexpected rain hits
The first rain of the season falls in the north and some central parts of Israel
(13:56 , 15.09.19 ) 
Fugitive Iranian judoka wants to compete against
The athlete, who currently resides and trains in Germany, recalls the dramatic
(10:45 , 15.09.19 )
PM defends Trump-touted defense deal, won't rule
In an exclusive interview with Ynet, Netanyahu says those who claim the
(09:23 , 15.09.19 )
Israelis from former Soviet Union hit back at
'What proof?' demands Ukraine-born Paula Barkan, who along with Beri Rozenberg,
(13:51 , 14.09.19 )
Lebanese-American to be prosecuted for working
Hundreds of former members of the militia had fled to Israel, fearing reprisals,
(23:44 , 13.09.19 )
Challenges facing Knesset hopefuls in run-up to
With just days before Israeli citizens go to the polls for the second time this
(08:45 , 13.09.19 )
Putin hopes elected PM will preserve
The Russian president refers to the upcoming elections, emphasizing importance
(22:40 , 12.09.19 )
Three family members charged in killing of
Palestinian AG says 'honor killing' not a factor in death of Israa Ghrayeb, a
(21:14 , 12.09.19 )
IDF chief honors officer killed in botched Gaza
Lt. Col. M. to be given top citation alongside comrades in Khan Yunis raid,
(19:43 , 12.09.19 )
Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over hate
The social network says it had suspended the bot connected to the prime minister
(14:16 , 12.09.19 )
Report: U.S. believes Israel planted listening
Politico says devices that mimicked cell phone towers also placed in other
(14:05 , 12.09.19 )
Netanyahu says no choice but to overthrow Hamas
Speaking ahead of his flight to Russia, the prime minister says Israel will
(10:16 , 12.09.19 )
New data shows Israeli settlement surge in east
The latest statistics, obtained by Israeli human rights group, reveal there has
(09:37 , 12.09.19 )
Russia warns against annexing Jordan Valley on
Moscow says implementation of plan could lead to a 'sharp escalation of tensions
(22:32 , 11.09.19 )
Iran denounces 'U.S.-Israeli plot' over nuclear
Iranian envoy to IAEA Kazem Gharibabadi tells UN atomic watchdog that statements
(21:46 , 11.09.19 )
A look at the Jordan Valley that Netanyahu has
The PM's pledge was unanimously condemned by Arab leaders, and annexation would
(20:50 , 11.09.19 )
Israel bans 'dangerous' settler from northern
Security forces say Neria Zarug of the settlement of Yitzhar is a violent
(18:07 , 11.09.19 )
Jerusalem skyline lights up in memory of 9/11
PM's wife Sara Netanyahu and American Ambassador David Friedman inaugurate new
(16:39 , 11.09.19 )
Arab leaders condemn Netanyahu's West Bank
Netanyahu comes under fire after presentation of plans to annex Jordan Valley if
(15:20 , 11.09.19 )
Gaza rocket strikes family's yard as they target
IDF says at least three launches detected as sirens sound in Yad Mordechai and
(14:17 , 11.09.19 )
Odeh in face-to-face row with Netantyahu over
The law states that members of the local election committees in the various
(14:01 , 11.09.19 )
Liberman: Netanyahu likely to form his
According to Liberman, low voter turnout will ensure Netanyahu's victory and he
(11:57 , 11.09.19 )
Netanyahu annexation pledge dims hopes for
World leaders are denouncing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to
(10:59 , 11.09.19 )
Israeli planes strike Gaza in response to rocket
Rocket fire at the cities further away from the strip is unusual while the Gaza
(08:47 , 11.09.19 )
Netanyahu rushed off stage in Ashdod as rocket
IDF says 2 of the rockets fired by Gaza militants intercepted by the Iron Dome
(21:33 , 10.09.19 ) 
Israeli tourist gang-raped in South Africa
Couple travelling with woman were robbed by the four men in attack at lodge in
(19:49 , 10.09.19 )
Trump fires national security adviser, says 'his
The president says him and John Bolton 'disagreed strongly' on many issues and
(19:10 , 10.09.19 )
Netanyahu says Israel will annex Jordan Valley
The prime minister says it would be a 'historic move' if Israel was to apply its
(18:41 , 10.09.19 )
Israeli behind online drug-dealing network
Telegrass founder Dov Amos Silver greeted with cheers and applause as he appears
(18:01 , 10.09.19 )
Netanyahu's party inches over its closest rival
According to a poll conducted by HOT media company, the ruling Likud would
(17:25 , 10.09.19 )
Cyber spy NSO to abide by UN guidelines on human
NSO says it will evaluate its sales process and contractually oblige customers
(13:28 , 10.09.19 )
Iran dismisses Netanyahu secret site claim: The
Zarif says prime minister and his team 'just want a war' and posts images of
(22:43 , 09.09.19 )
Satellite images taken after airstrike show
Compared to images of the same compound taken a day earlier, the photos show
(20:39 , 09.09.19 )
Netanyahu: Israel uncovered another secret Iran
PM says facility was discovered in trove of Iranian documents Israel previously
(19:05 , 09.09.19 )
From notorious Tel Aviv strip club to synagogue
The Beit Tefilah organization is to host Shabbat services at the Colosseum
(16:03 , 09.09.19 )
MKs reject push for cameras at polling stations
The contentious bill, meant to place video cameras in voting stations Israel's
(14:00 , 09.09.19 )
Benny Begin slams Likud: I will not vote for my
Party scion says Likud members have displayed 'arrogant, conceited, rude and
(13:42 , 09.09.19 )
IDF says pro-Iranian militias in Syria attempted
Syrian opposition activists claim at least 18 people were killed when
(09:28 , 09.09.19 )
Hezbollah says it downed Israeli drone
The Iran-backed terror group claims an Israeli UAV was 'confronted' in the
(08:33 , 09.09.19 )
PM's office airbrushes Netanyahu's 'Yeltsin'
Netanyahu misspoke at Sunday cabinet meeting, referring to his British
(00:28 , 09.09.19 )
Ethiopian Israeli says daughter was racially
Sefy Bililin says Kiryat Gat municipality placed her three-year-old in all-black
(22:43 , 08.09.19 )
Israeli students attacked by Arab tourists in
Barak, brother of one of the victims claims the attack was an act of terror
(22:21 , 08.09.19 )
IAEA found uranium traces at Iran ‘atomic
The IAEA has likened its work to nuclear accounting, patiently combing through
(19:03 , 08.09.19 )
Government approves voting cameras, critics cry
The law would let cameras into polling stations next week as Netanyahu makes
(16:03 , 08.09.19 )
Protesters to mark Ethiopian Israeli's fifth
Activists holding demonstration in Tel Aviv to demand release of Avera Mengistu,
(13:21 , 08.09.19 )
Holocaust survivor begs PM to halt deportation
80-year-old uploads tear-filed video to Facebook asking Netanyahu and Deri let
(11:11 , 08.09.19 )
Palestinian doctor doesn't regret helping
Dr. Amin Mansour, who has a large clientele among Russian-speaking Israelis due
(09:24 , 08.09.19 )
2 Israelis wounded in terror attack on way to
The 17-year-old was seriously wounded, and his elderly father was lightly hurt
(14:03 , 07.09.19 )
Gaza rocket strikes Sderot after deadly clashes
Rocket, which came after two Palestinian teens were reported killed by IDF
(00:23 , 07.09.19 )
Gaza medics: IDF troops kill 2 teens during
Israeli military says troops on border were faced with more than 6,000
(23:47 , 06.09.19 )
Iran poised for faster centrifuges as nuclear
Iran's atomic energy agency was to make an announcement on Saturday detailing
(23:44 , 05.09.19 )
Netanyahu: Trump will be clear-eyed in any Iran
PM says he cannot tell the American president who he can or cannot meet with,
(22:45 , 05.09.19 )
Likud MK to far-right anti-gay Party: Quit race
Though the meeting was initiated by MK Zohar, he claims it was sanctioned by the
(19:58 , 05.09.19 )
Trump's Mideast peace envoy set to leave the
Greenblat advocated for decisions to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and
(19:33 , 05.09.19 )
Foreign minister says ultra-Orthodox will not
Israel Katz claims there's no chance for Netanyahu to be replaced as Likud
(19:04 , 05.09.19 )
Firefighters battle blaze at Haifa oil depot
Northern city engulfed in heavy smoke as some 18 firefighting teams dispatched
(15:45 , 05.09.19 )
Netanyahu, Johnson meet in London with Iran
PM says he will raise Iranian nuclear ambitions in talks with British
(14:25 , 05.09.19 )
Turkey plans to return 1 million Syrians, warns
Ankara may reopen route for migrants into Europe if it does not receive adequate
(13:31 , 05.09.19 )
Elections Committee Chair: 'Cameras in polls
Justice Melcer calls on MKs not to push for legislation to install cameras in
(11:57 , 05.09.19 )
Netanyahu opposes Iran talks after Trump moots
The prime minister says it's the time to increase pressure on the Islamic
(10:33 , 05.09.19 )
Erdogan says 'unacceptable' for Turkey not to
Turkish president claims the Jewish state 'scares' other nations with its
(08:57 , 05.09.19 )
Police raids home of cancer patient, confiscates
The man, who suffers from stage 4 cancer, had to import cannabis oil from abroad
(22:28 , 04.09.19 )
Netanyahu: 'We will remain in Hebron forever'
'We are not here to disinherit anyone, but no one will disinherit us," says PM,
(18:44 , 04.09.19 )
In shift, Gantz touts liberal secular coalition
Blue and White leader tells supporters that his unity government would not
(15:24 , 04.09.19 )
IDF officer discharged, fined for racist comment
Paratrooper company commander who called a subordinate of Ethiopian origin a
(14:59 , 04.09.19 )
Hundreds of thousands in northern Israel without
New report illustrates local residents' vulnerability in event of attack, while
(13:01 , 04.09.19 )
Report: Israel offered Hezbollah deal to restore
Al Liwaa daily says Iranian-backed group rejected the offer, which included
(11:46 , 04.09.19 )
Iran: Return to nuclear deal only with $15
Islamic Republic announces terms for compliance to 2015 internationally brokered
(09:32 , 04.09.19 )
Israel says Hezbollah plans advanced missile
IDF claims the Iran-backed terror group had been bringing specialized equipment
(19:43 , 03.09.19 )
Report: Iran building its biggest ever military
Fox News reports the Islamic Republic is expected to move thousands of its
(18:56 , 03.09.19 )
Palestinian Harvard student denied entry to U.S.
Ismail Ajjawi, 17-year-old Palestinian refugee living in Lebanon, had been
(17:13 , 03.09.19 )
Son born to wife of Israeli slain in Hamas
22-year-old American-Israeli Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman was killed in Ashdod
(15:24 , 03.09.19 )
Education minister under fire for planning
Ministry DG says Rafi Peretz has no authority to implement his plan to approve
(15:04 , 03.09.19 )
Cash-strapped Israeli diplomats turn to Jewish
With massive budget cuts and diminshed roles, members of Israel's diplomatic
(13:26 , 03.09.19 )
Katz leads delegation to Switzerland in bid to
FM and team of jurists embark on round of talks in Switzerland to find solution
(12:04 , 03.09.19 )
Hezbollah: Flare-up with Israel over but no more
Head of Lebanon terror group says in televised address that the new focus would
(00:39 , 03.09.19 )
In northern Israel, local leaders demand action
As tensions flare with Hezbollah in Lebanon, municipal heads slam government's
(22:32 , 02.09.19 )
Palestinian women protest in Ramallah after
Demonstration outside PM Shtayyeh's office in West Bank calls for investigation
(21:38 , 02.09.19 )
Hezbollah TV channel airs footage from missile
Al-Manar broadcasts video showing moment anti-tank missiles were launched to
(19:38 , 02.09.19 )
Senior Israeli security source confirms strikes
Unnamed official says Israel's focus is now on preventing Iranian precision
(17:17 , 02.09.19 )
IDF legal expert: No widespread sexual
Chief Military Defense Counsel Col. Ran Cohen, who was part of a defense team of
(15:12 , 02.09.19 )
Iranian judo champion afraid to go home in
Saeid Mollaei says Iranian secret service visited his parents' house after he
(14:16 , 02.09.19 )
'Suddenly Hezbollah missiles were flying above
The Biton family of Moshav Avivim, which on Sunday was attacked by Lebanese
(12:11 , 02.09.19 )
Report: Hezbollah's anti-tank missile attack not
London-based newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reports the firing of missiles at IDF
(09:39 , 02.09.19 )
Israel’s fake Hezbollah victims
While the IDF engaged in a little psychological warfare, including an emergency
(08:17 , 02.09.19 )
Two Israeli men arrested after rape allegations
The Israeli foreign ministry said they can confirm the men were arrested but
(21:48 , 01.09.19 )
Netanyahu under fire after urging boycott of
PM slams Channel 12 for airing HBO show on violent events of summer 2014,
(20:06 , 01.09.19 )
IDF tells Israel-Lebanon border communities
Hezbollah vowed to avenge the deaths of two operatives it says were killed in an
(19:23 , 01.09.19 )
Hezbollah fires anti-tank missiles at IDF base,
IDF returns fire as Lebanese terror group claims to have destroyed army vehicle;
(16:43 , 01.09.19 )
Israeli children return to school in shadow of
As Hezbollah threatens revenge for alleged Israeli drone strike in Beirut,
(16:11 , 01.09.19 )
IDF sends warplanes, puts up roadblocks in north
Lebanese army also says Israeli drones dropped incendiary material that sparked
(14:29 , 01.09.19 ) 
Netanyahu vows to annex Israeli settlements in
'This is our land,' says defiant PM during visit to school in West Bank
(11:16 , 01.09.19 )
2 million Israeli kids go back to school as
The school year begins after teachers' union, which was threatening to strike on
(09:59 , 01.09.19 )
Hezbollah says commanders ready, Israel orders
IDF reinforces border presence as tensions high after Lebanon blamed Israel for
(00:28 , 01.09.19 )
Running out of burial space, Jerusalem building
Inspired by ancient Jewish customs, Israeli capital constructing enormous
(13:43 , 30.08.19 )
2 hurt as BB gun fired at Blue and White
Police estimate the shooting was conducted from a distance as party's co-founder
(22:30 , 29.08.19 )
Palestinians shun U.S. consular events after
Latest meeting initiated by the American embassy in Jerusalem was meant to bring
(21:50 , 29.08.19 )
Netanyahu promises cannabis import laws as part
The ruling Likud joins forces with Moshe Feiglin's party ahead of September
(19:12 , 29.08.19 )
Israel: Iran, Hezbollah intensifying missile
Israeli military says the Islamic Republic's Lebanese proxy has stepped up
(17:01 , 29.08.19 )
South Pacific nation becomes next country to
Oceania island of Nauru, which numbers only 10,000 citizens, regularly votes in
(14:46 , 29.08.19 )
Iraq facing resistance in crackdown on
Baghdad gives mainly Shi'ite paramilitary groups that have wielded increasing
(13:39 , 29.08.19 )
Israeli city on Lebanese border celebrates 70
'Nasrallah is the one who should be scared,' say mayor of Kiryat Shmona, which
(12:53 , 29.08.19 )
Liberman presses Likud officials on ousting
Yisrael Beytenu leader says intense talks already taking place between several
(11:21 , 29.08.19 )
Security Council to meet on bolstering UN
With tensions high, Israel and the United States hope a revised mandate will
(09:17 , 29.08.19 )
Gaza rocket fire sends children at swim event in
80 youngsters were enjoying final night swim of the season when the event was
(22:08 , 28.08.19 )
Report: Lebanese troops fire at Israeli drone in
Security official says soldiers used assault rifles to shoot alleged unmanned
(20:39 , 28.08.19 )
Young immigrants from enemy states preparing for
31 children whose families made aliyah in total secrecy from hostile countries
(20:04 , 28.08.19 )
U.S.: No peace plan before September 17
Two days after Trump says the long-delayed proposal could be published ahead of
(19:16 , 28.08.19 )
Israeli judoka Sagi Muki wins gold at World
'I never stopped believing,' says gold medalist who dominated throughout under
(16:02 , 28.08.19 )
Sharp rise in number of people seeking help for
Some 327 people were treated by mental health services this summer across
(14:21 , 28.08.19 )
Hezbollah to retaliate against Israel but war
The Iran-backed Lebanese terror group's official reiterates threats made by
(10:41 , 28.08.19 )
Wave of arrests in Gaza after 2 blasts kill 3
Al Jazeera broadcaster claims the mysterious explosions were a result of a
(08:43 , 28.08.19 )
Report: 2 dead in motorcycle blast in Gaza
Palestinian media blames Israel, IDF rejects connection to blast; Egypt
(22:05 , 27.08.19 )
Trump-Rouhani summit seen as cause for concern
Israeli officials fear they would not be in position to exert pressure on a
(19:14 , 27.08.19 )
UNRWA seeks donations as funding slips
U.N. agency supporting Palestinian refugees says it needs $150 million in
(17:34 , 27.08.19 )
IDF strikes Gaza in response to rockets launched
Three rockets fall inside the Strip, one lands in open filed inside Israeli
(17:07 , 27.08.19 )
Report: Israeli drone attack in Beirut targeted
British daily newspaper The Times reports that shipping containers with
(15:46 , 27.08.19 )
IDF limits movement on northern border ahead of
Netanyahu, meanwhile, warns Nasrallah to 'calm down' after Iran-backed terror
(11:52 , 27.08.19 )
Iran's Rouhani says no talks with U.S. until
Iranian president says his country 'has never wanted nuclear weapons,’ in
(10:14 , 27.08.19 )
Pence: U.S. supports Israel's right to defend
Writing on Twitter, vice president says he had 'great conversation' with
(23:11 , 26.08.19 )
Amid tensions on five fronts, Netanyahu invites
Military secretary holds meeting with Blue and White leader and former IDF
(22:26 , 26.08.19 )
Lebanese defiant after drone strike, Israelis
Although Israel has not claimed responsibility for the Beirut attack, Hezbollah
(21:17 , 26.08.19 )
Trump says ready to meet Iranian president to
Rouhani willing to meet his American counterpart, Macron says, as Trump calls
(20:23 , 26.08.19 )
Tel Aviv bus driver bars IDF veteran with PTSD
Yaron Edel, who has suffered with post-trauma, nightmares and anxiety since his
(18:30 , 26.08.19 )
Iraqi, Lebanese politicians: Israeli strikes are
Lebanon's president says country now allowed 'to resort to our right to
(17:14 , 26.08.19 )
Fires rage near Beit Shemesh, Galilee region
As extreme heat condition strike country, several wildfires rage as
(15:56 , 26.08.19 )
Israel blames Islamic Jihad for rocket fire,
Israeli military appeals to the residents of Gaza, claiming Islamic Jihad is
(14:23 , 26.08.19 )
Mother charged with attempted murder for
'Say goodbye to your son,' foreign citizen allegedly tells her husband while
(14:20 , 26.08.19 )
Parents petition court, overturning gender
Rosh HaAyin municipality and Ministry of Education annul decision to separate
(13:08 , 26.08.19 )
Liberman claims Israel caught teen's killers in
Yisrael Beytenu leader congratulates Israeli security forces on apprehending the
(12:00 , 26.08.19 )
Trump says peace plan may be revealed before
U.S. president claims both Israelis and Palestinians 'would like to make a
(11:01 , 26.08.19 )
IDF strikes office of high-profile Hamas
Israel also orders to cut by half the fuel transferred to the enclave after
(09:02 , 26.08.19 ) 
Two men charged with attempted murder of their
The siblings in their 20s from northern town of Tamra allegedly stabbed their
(22:30 , 25.08.19 )
Nasrallah: Israel cannot attack in Beirut and
Hezbollah leader spoke directly to Israeli civilians, telling them Netanyahu is
(20:35 , 25.08.19 )
IDF: Foiled drone strike planned and funded by
Army says it decided on rare publication of details of its operation on the
(17:03 , 25.08.19 )
Brazil university cancels pro-Israel lecture
The University of Pernambuco cited security concerns as the reason for the
(15:27 , 25.08.19 )
Supermarket employee caught on camera apparently
Shufersal staffer videoed allegedly beating and harassing a fellow employee,
(14:13 , 25.08.19 )
Beirut fallen drones were Iranian not Israeli,
Despite footage from the crash scene revealing the UAVs were manufactured in
(13:13 , 25.08.19 )
Father and brother of terror bomb victim meet
Rabbi Eitan and Dvir Shnerb reunite after being wounded by an improvised
(11:34 , 25.08.19 )
Hezbollah: We didn't shoot down Israeli drones
Lebanon-based terror group says one UAV crashed into media center, other was
(11:02 , 25.08.19 )
Hezbollah: Israeli drone falls, another explodes
Residents of Iranian-backed group's stronghold in southern part of Lebanese
(09:15 , 25.08.19 )
IDF: Israel foiled Iranian drone attack planned
IAF planes strike targets near Damascus after army spends months monitoring plan
(09:00 , 25.08.19 )
Israel reportedly arrests 3 Palestinians as part
Palestinian media says the men have been detained during IDF's raid on a village
(12:06 , 24.08.19 )
No sieges and Palestinian freedom of movement:
The security forces are focusing on defending settlements in the area to prevent
(00:24 , 24.08.19 )
Father of terror bomb victim: Rina saved us all,
''I wanted to believe I was dreaming,' says 46-year-old rabbi as he recalled the
(22:24 , 23.08.19 )
Teenage terror victim laid to rest: 'She had her
Uncle of slain teen Rina Shnerb says her father tried to help her and her
(17:24 , 23.08.19 )
Israeli teen killed, father and brother wounded
17-year-old Rina Shnerb from Lod was killed in bombing while hiking near
(16:03 , 23.08.19 )
Report: U.S. officials say Israel struck Iranian
New York Times says 'cargo of guided missiles with a range of 125 miles' was
(10:15 , 23.08.19 )
Armed Palestinian shot by IDF after approaching
Gunman shot before reaching the barrier near Kibbutz Nahal Oz, no Israelis
(00:39 , 23.08.19 )
AG to allow local authorities to hold gender
Avichai Mandelblit holds urgent meeting to formulate a temporary position on the
(21:48 , 22.08.19 )
Palestinians to get half-billion dollars from
A senior Palestinian Authority official and Fatah member says Israeli government
(19:07 , 22.08.19 )
Blue and White rejects Joint Arab List
MK from opposition party says Joint List must first accept Israel as Jewish and
(16:04 , 22.08.19 )
Two Arab Israelis indicted for plotting terror
The pair, both in their 20s and both from the northern town of Tamra, charged
(13:41 , 22.08.19 )
Trump doubles down: Vote for Democrats is vote
President hits back after accusations of using anti-Semitic trope alleging Jews
(20:35 , 21.08.19 )
Palestinian tries to strangle worker at
35-year-old Hebron man is arrested after he is subdued by security guards at
(19:41 , 21.08.19 ) 
Iraq paramilitary groups: U.S. let Israel attack
Statement from Popular Mobilization Forces umbrella group, many of whose members
(19:13 , 21.08.19 )
Israeli family moderately hurt after beehive
The family of 7, including 5 children, were each stung dozens of times after
(15:57 , 21.08.19 )
Israel holds back on Trump's Democrat Jews
Israeli officials keep mum on U.S. president’s comment that Jews who vote for
(13:31 , 21.08.19 )
Nursery teacher charged with toddler abuse to
The parents of the victims shout 'life in prison' as the hearing is halted in
(12:30 , 21.08.19 )
Report: Israel attacked in Iraq with U.S.,
The Arabic-language newspaper Asharq al-Awsat says Israel attacked positions of
(10:23 , 21.08.19 )
U.S. and Israeli military drill simulates ship
According to the Israeli military spokesperson, the joint exercise that was held
(09:31 , 21.08.19 )
Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed
This is not the first time Trump has been criticized for remarks seen as
(08:29 , 21.08.19 )
8 underage teens arrested over suspected
'A kid approached me and said, 'are you her mother? Your daughter gets raped all
(22:06 , 20.08.19 )
Supreme Court: Arabs prevented from buying home
Though the law against discrimination are not clearly applicable to the housing
(20:05 , 20.08.19 )
Leaders dismiss Sara Netanyahu's Ukrainian bread
Netanyahu posts a video to his Facebook page and dismisses incident; Ukrainian
(18:56 , 20.08.19 )
Tlaib: Go to Israel and see the ills of
In a press conference Omar and Tlaib slammed U.S. President Trump, Prime
(18:03 , 20.08.19 )
Hamas to Israel: Let Qatari aid into Gaza or
Senior source in terrorist group tells Lebanese newspaper that the organization
(12:23 , 20.08.19 )
U.S. scraps West Bank conference over
The conference initiated by the U.S Embassy in Jerusalem, set to bring together
(09:34 , 20.08.19 )
Source: Israel will help Palestinians leave
Official says Gazans could even depart from Israeli airports, subject been
(08:04 , 20.08.19 )
4 IDF soldiers suspended for hesitating when
Investigation of incident earlier this month in which three Israeli soldiers
(23:20 , 19.08.19 )
Ukrainains irate as Sara Netanyahu throws bread
PM seeks to downplay incident as country's social media slams his wife;
(21:12 , 19.08.19 )
PM's wife restrained by own security as she
Sara Netanyahu apparently became enraged after believing the captain of the
(14:34 , 19.08.19 ) 
Israeli jailed in Russia for four months over 9
25-year-old Naama Issachar was on her way back from backpacking in India when
(14:30 , 19.08.19 )
Palestinian intelligence warns of possible
A report seen exclusively by Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth warns the dire political
(12:53 , 19.08.19 )
Trump says he will likely release Mideast peace
U.S. President added that some parts of the plan, which already kicked-off at
(09:38 , 19.08.19 )
Bank of Israel: Ultra-Orthodox hinder economic
Though there has been an increase in ultra-Orthodox students in academic
(07:58 , 19.08.19 )
Jordan summons Israeli ambassador over holy site
Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan last week, stated Israel should push to
(18:33 , 18.08.19 )
Netanyahu slammed by political leaders after
With a month to go until the elections, a host of prominent politicians go on
(15:47 , 18.08.19 )
Israeli student falls to her death in the
Aya Na'amana finished a four-week long academic course in Ethiopia and continued
(14:10 , 18.08.19 )
Telegrass founder lands in Israel after being
The head of drug trafficking network, Amos Dov Silver, arrives at Ben-Gurion
(13:17 , 18.08.19 ) 
Report: 3 Gaza militants killed by IDF troops
Sources in the Hamas-controlled enclave say another Palestinian was left wounded
(08:40 , 18.08.19 )
IDF: 3 rockets fired from Gaza, 2 intercepted by
The shrapnel from one of the rockets landed in the southern city of Sderot where
(22:16 , 17.08.19 )
Pelosi assails 'weakness' of Trump and Netanyahu
Speaker of the House of Representatives says the relationship between America
(10:36 , 17.08.19 )
Car-ramming terror attack in Gush Etzion wounds
Hamas praises attack in which one teen is seriously wounded, suffers head
(14:56 , 16.08.19 )
Despite being granted entry, Tlaib cancels visit
Democratic congresswoman denied entry over BDS support, commits to respecting
(10:31 , 16.08.19 )
U.S. Senate Democratic leader urges Israel to
'Many strong supporters of Israel will be deeply disappointed in this decision,'
(20:16 , 15.08.19 )
Policeman wounded in Jerusalem stabbing attack
40-year-old policeman stabbed by two Palestinians, gets lightly wounded; one
(19:41 , 15.08.19 ) 
U.S. Democratic lawmakers barred from entering
Decision based on Tlaib, Omar's support for BDS movement and nature of visit,
(18:47 , 15.08.19 )
Israel considers banning visit by U.S. Muslim
Bi-partisan leadership in the House of Representatives cautioned the Israeli
(12:39 , 15.08.19 )
1st U.S. ethnic studies plan called
Jewish lawmakers say the proposed curriculum focuses on targeting Islamophobia
(08:48 , 15.08.19 )
Israeli company developing 'suicide' drone to
ELTA planning 'sophisticated upgrade' to its current 'Drone Guard' system, which
(23:15 , 14.08.19 )
Extreme-right party escapes election ban as
Otzma Yehudit allowed to run on September 17 due to tied voting in Central
(19:11 , 14.08.19 )
AG decides to indict Minister Haim Katz for
Welfare minister accused of advancing legislation to benefit his friend,
(18:06 , 14.08.19 )
Central Election Committee discusses Otzma
After AG recommends the committee denies Marzel and Gopstein's run for Knesset
(13:29 , 14.08.19 )
Jordan halts fictional film for historic
Fears sparked by the film were stoked earlier this month when video emerged of
(11:33 , 14.08.19 )
Netanyahu visits family of murdered soldier on
The prime minister and his spouse arrive at the home of Dvir Sorek in the West
(20:31 , 13.08.19 )
Foreign worker and her Israeli-born teen son
13-year-old Rohan Perez, who was born in Israel, was deported alongside his
(13:30 , 13.08.19 )
Lod man denies tying up 5-year-old daughter,
Parents arrested after police break into Lod apartment and discover young child
(09:34 , 13.08.19 )
PA money woes make tense Eid al-Adha for West
Abbas' refusal to accept tax revenue from Israel is taking its toll on the local
(08:47 , 13.08.19 )
Geneva prosecutors indict Israeli billionaire
The diamond-mining magnate and two associates could face up to a decade in
(23:30 , 12.08.19 )
Girl, 5, found tied up and alone in apartment
Police break into Lod apartment after neighbors report crying from inside;
(23:13 , 12.08.19 )
Police cannot stop online sale of drugs, says
New channel on Telegram messaging app pops up after Israel's serious crimes unit
(22:34 , 12.08.19 )
Israel Navy leads international drill for major
11 countries take part in week-long exercise at Haifa Port that simulates a
(21:34 , 12.08.19 )
Smotrich apologizes for calling Netanyahu 'weak
Likud says PM warned far-right minister he would be fired if he did not
(18:49 , 12.08.19 )
California proposes ethnic studies curriculum
Sixteen Jewish state legislators call the curriculum inaccurate, misleading and
(14:56 , 12.08.19 )
IDF tasked with dealing with post-trauma in
Community leaders say that young people who have grown up under fire from Gaza
(12:00 , 12.08.19 )
Hundreds of travelers at Ben Gurion Airport
At the height of summer vacation season, a 10-hour-long malfunction of the
(10:04 , 12.08.19 )
Shaked take off gloves in war of words with
United Right leader hits back at PM for recent online comments, calls on him to
(14:38 , 11.08.19 )
Israel ends ban on Jewish worshippers at Temple
Decision comes as Al-Aqsa Mosque shut, security forces use stun grenades to
(10:03 , 11.08.19 )
IDF kills suspected Hamas militant who opened
Israeli military says the militant approached the security fence in northern
(08:30 , 11.08.19 )
Israel arrests two in murder of IDF soldier in
Detainees are family members, one with Hamas ties, from same town near Hebron;
(01:51 , 11.08.19 )
IDF: Major attack from Gaza thwarted, Hamas
Troops kill four heavily armed Palestinians as they tried to cross border fence
(13:41 , 10.08.19 )
IDF troops shoot and kill four Palestinians
Sources in Strip say three of the four - who were armed with Kalashnikovs, RPGs
(10:37 , 10.08.19 )
PA economic crisis begins affecting civilians
Analysts say the money received by the PA is political funding and donors base
(18:48 , 09.08.19 )
Far-right education minister seeking to sway
Rafi Peretz decides to appoint new committee to oversee subject's curriculum in
(22:28 , 08.08.19 )
Horrific details of soldier's murder emerge as
Military sources say the lifeless body of 18-year-old Dvir Sorek was lying on
(19:36 , 08.08.19 ) 
Palestinian leadership split on suspension of
Sources say implementation of the decision to sever ties with Israel could harm
(18:25 , 08.08.19 )
Father of slain soldier: A murderer stole the
Dvir Sorek, 18, was found dead in West Bank 19 years after his mother's father,
(16:36 , 08.08.19 )
Hamas: Murder of soldier proves intifada still
Terror group says killing was response to talk of annexation, calls attack an
(13:35 , 08.08.19 )
Netanyahu: We will capture the despicable
President Rivlin laments a life cut short, while Blue and White leader and
(11:14 , 08.08.19 )
IDF soldier killed in West Bank stabbing attack;
Troops, Shin Bet and police searching for killer of 19-year-old Dvir Sorek from
(08:14 , 08.08.19 )
IDF moves to expand integration of transgender
Israel's army making adjustments from very start of the recruitment process,
(21:17 , 07.08.19 )
Israeli woman convicted in $150M scheme to
Yucom employees falsely guaranteed profits, lied about their historical rates of
(20:04 , 07.08.19 )
Palestinian man awarded Israeli residency for
Unnamed man from Hebron area initially granted temporary visa to live in Israel
(17:55 , 07.08.19 )
AG set to limit Litzman powers as police call
Deputy health minister, a key Netanyahu coalition partner is facing charges of
(14:25 , 07.08.19 )
Lawyer of British teen in Cyprus false rape case
Andreas Pittadjis says request to quit due to 'serious disagreement' with
(12:11 , 07.08.19 )
Israelis get lost on Yasser Arafat Street in
Streets named 'Death Penalty for Terrorists,' 'Ismail Haniyeh' and 'Incendiary
(10:26 , 07.08.19 )
State promotes building of 2,304 homes in
Planned construction of 838 homes gets final okay while the rest approved for
(23:28 , 06.08.19 )
Police plants rifle in Palestinian home during
Homeowner learns of so-called weapon catch after neighbors recognized his home
(18:37 , 06.08.19 )
Shin Bet uncovers Hamas terror plot in the West
Hamas cells in the West Bank were receiving their instructions directly from the
(16:55 , 06.08.19 )
Police recommend criminal charges against deputy
One of the cases revolves around Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer, who
(13:34 , 06.08.19 )
Explosion at military base in central Israel
Another worker was left lightly hurt when a technical malfunction involving a
(13:07 , 06.08.19 )
Ex-spy Pollard urges Netanyahu to convince Trump
The American-born former spy tells Channel 12 he asked the prime minister to
(11:52 , 06.08.19 )
Smotrich softens stance on Israel being ruled by
The minister of transportation clarifies he doesn't believe in religious
(11:20 , 06.08.19 )
Israeli man assaults Bedouin lifeguard at public
A Sderot resident repeatedly punched the 19-year-old and threatened to kill 'the
(09:57 , 06.08.19 ) 
PA to grant building permits for West Bank area
Palestinian deputy minister of local government says move effectively extends
(23:10 , 05.08.19 )
Greek Orthodox church files new suit in
Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ateret Cohanim, which seeks to increase the
(21:38 , 05.08.19 )
Israelis see PM as strong on security, weak on
Israel Democracy Institute poll shows that while most think Netanyahu is doing a
(17:13 , 05.08.19 )
Palestinian app helps drivers avoid Israeli
Doroob Navigator, designed by Palestinian app developers, navigate West Bank
(12:58 , 05.08.19 )
Social media users mock Likud's petition
Israeli social media users post hundreds of memes and posts comparing the prime
(11:46 , 05.08.19 )
Body of Israeli teen murdered and dismembered 37
Nava Elimelech, who was 12 at the time, disappeared in 1982; her remains drifted
(10:34 , 05.08.19 )
UK woman charged with falsely accusing 12
The lawyer of the UK teen indicted for perjury over falsely claiming to have
(09:09 , 05.08.19 )
With new tank program, IDF in no rush to go
Israel's plans for its semi-automated armored vehicles shows it intends to keep
(20:33 , 04.08.19 )
Likud members to sign commitment to Netanyahu as
The move comes in response to Avigdor Liberman suggesting earlier that a
(10:37 , 04.08.19 )
The conundrum of the cameras
The Likud Party is asking the Central Election Committee to allow cameras in
(19:30 , 01.08.19 )
Syrian media: Israeli missile hits in Quneitra
The state news agency says the attack in Syria's Golan Heights that hit a
(15:02 , 01.08.19 )
Israeli Arab who joined ISIS asks Netanyahu to
Siaf Sharif Daoud from central Israel joined the terror group in 2015, but soon
(12:21 , 01.08.19 )
U.S. sanctions Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif
Mnuchin released statement saying Zarif implements the reckless agenda of the
(10:48 , 01.08.19 )
IDF officer moderately wounded, 2 soldiers
Israeli military says a Hamas operative belonging to a force responsible for
(08:29 , 01.08.19 )
White House aide denies peace summit planned for
Official says Kushner, who is currently meeting regional leaders in Mideast ,
(21:43 , 31.07.19 )
Facebook defeats appeal in U.S. claiming it
Plaintiffs sought $3 billion in damages from social media giant for allowing
(20:51 , 31.07.19 )
PA: Camp David summit is ploy to boost Netanyahu
Palestinan Foreign Ministry dismisses conference, at which Trump expected to
(17:56 , 31.07.19 )
Party leaders race to win the Russian vote
Just a few kilometers apart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former
(12:53 , 31.07.19 )
Egyptian, Jordanian leaders meet ahead of
Jordan’s King Abdullah ll and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi strive for
(09:33 , 31.07.19 )
Trump to launch peace conference with Arab
Kushner sets off to for Mideast visit to persuade leaders to attend the
(08:53 , 31.07.19 )
Israel approves plan to build 700 Palestinian
For the first time in years, Israeli government approves construction for
(22:36 , 30.07.19 )
Rabbinical court officials tried to promote
Despite regulations, the court's legal advisor sends religious party leaders'
(21:02 , 30.07.19 )
Germany disciplines diplomats over anti-Israel
The country's Foreign Ministry says at least 10 people had access to the social
(18:59 , 30.07.19 )
Court rejects Filipina worker's bid to keep
Tel Aviv appeals court gives Geraldine Esta and her two children 45 days to say
(15:28 , 30.07.19 )
British teen indicted for perjury over rape case
Remand of 19-year-old who falsely accused Israeli teens of assault is extended
(13:25 , 30.07.19 )
Israel plans Palestinian housing construction in
No ministers object when Netanyahu raises issue at two consecutive cabinet
(12:50 , 30.07.19 )
Row over electricity bill leaves West Bank
The power grid in the West Bank village of Fasayil has collapsed, and Israel is
(12:20 , 30.07.19 )
Report: Israeli warplanes hit Iranian targets in
UK-based Arabic-language paper says target was Iran-linked paramilitary group in
(09:33 , 30.07.19 )
Right-wing parties unite under Shaked
New Right leader to take top spot on joint list with Jewish Home, whose chair
(18:03 , 29.07.19 )
UNRWA report: Corruption and abuse of power at
Internal investigation by United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees alleges
(16:41 , 29.07.19 )
Israel kicks off operation to deport foreign
Amid a wave of public protests, the Population and Immigration Authority intends
(15:41 , 29.07.19 )
Israel's Arab parties unite to make gains in
The most nationalistic Arab faction - Balad - now joins Hadash, Ta'al and Ra'am
(13:46 , 29.07.19 )
Israel invests in high-tech upgrades at West
Though human rights organizations object to the use of facial recognition
(12:02 , 29.07.19 )
UK woman made up rape story after one Israeli
Cyprus court postpones remand hearing of the 19-year-old British holidaymaker by
(11:53 , 29.07.19 )
Israel is battling Gaza terrorists on a new
In past year, IDF troops have intercepted more than 1,600 items ordered from
(23:11 , 28.07.19 )
Israeli youth cleared from rape charges return
The families waiting for their sons at the airport outside Tel Aviv all said
(15:26 , 28.07.19 )
Israel, U.S. successfully test missile defense
Prime Minister Netanyahu calls the test of the Arrow 3 system - jointly
(12:28 , 28.07.19 )
Vehicles vandalized, hate speech graffitied in
'Death to Arabs' and 'the nation of Israel lives' among the slogans daubed on
(11:16 , 28.07.19 )
All Israeli teens in Cyprus rape case freed as
The attorney for one of the suspects vows to settle accounts with the
(10:46 , 28.07.19 )
United Right head plans to intervene in
Letter from Rafi Peretz, who is also education minister, to Ramat Gan mayor says
(10:06 , 28.07.19 )
Saudis, Israel among states rapped by U.N. for
The report, produced at the request of the Security Council, shames the Jewish
(08:40 , 28.07.19 )
Mexico says killing of 2 Israelis linked to
Mexico's top police official won't say which crime organization may have been
(00:25 , 27.07.19 )
Cyprus extends remand of 7 Israelis for alleged
Police spokeswoman says the teenaged suspects, who are accused of raping
(14:56 , 26.07.19 )
Study: More than one third of Israel's Arab
While Israel Police claims it is increasing its presence in Arab towns and
(09:37 , 26.07.19 )
Five of 12 Israeli gang-rape suspects released
'I don’t know what they did, or if they did anything. I know nothing,' says one
(19:43 , 25.07.19 )
Israeli embassy in Finland subjected to
Over the past year and a half, the embassy in the capital of Helsinki has been
(13:46 , 25.07.19 )
Two Israelis shot dead at luxury restaurant in
One of the victims is well-known felon who'd spent years in Israeli prison;
(11:38 , 25.07.19 ) 
Israel's left-wing unites under new party ahead
Meretz and Ehud Barak's recently established Israel Democratic Party are joined
(09:01 , 25.07.19 )
A mule walks into an airport
Video: A mule escaped a village near Ben Gurion Airport and went for a nightly
(15:00 , 24.07.19 )
Shin Bet: Iran tried to enlist Israelis,
Security services in Israel spotted ongoing efforts in Syria on behalf of Iran
(14:59 , 24.07.19 )
Abbas calls for urgent meeting to discuss
The PLO has several measures to protest the Sunday demolition of homes in Sur
(11:40 , 24.07.19 )
Iran claims U.S., Israel assassinated head of
The Tasnim news agency based in Tehran says official sources suspect Israel and
(10:58 , 24.07.19 )
Syrian state media: Israel attacked in southern
Tel Haraa is strategically located in southern Deraa province overlooking the
(08:39 , 24.07.19 )
Hamas says 'real chance' to negotiate return of
The statement comes just hours after Israel held a ceremony commemorating IDF
(22:54 , 23.07.19 )
Trump to decide soon on when to release Mideast
Jason Greenblatt, who spent 2 years developing the proposal with White House
(20:29 , 23.07.19 )
Israel's ambassador to U.N. says Iran arms
Danny Danon claims Israel has new intelligence information proving Tehran's
(19:47 , 23.07.19 )
Barak apologizes for Arab deaths in October 2000
The former PM says 'there's no place for protesters to be killed by their
(17:11 , 23.07.19 )
Convicted criminal nabbed in Mexico, 18 years
Unnamed man was found guilty in 2001 of attempted murder in Tel Aviv underworld
(13:43 , 23.07.19 )
Nurses strike across Israel over working
Deputy health minister slams industrial action launched after talks with
(11:39 , 23.07.19 )
Saudi blogger attacked, spat at in Jerusalem for
Mohammed Saud has chairs, insults hurled at him during visit to Temple Mount;
(22:03 , 22.07.19 )
Settlement watchdog says West Bank outposts boom
Peace Now reports 32 new remote settlement satellites founded since 2012,
(19:30 , 22.07.19 )
Israeli teens arrested for gang-rape in Cyprus
Line up dependent on British rape victim's mental state; new suspicion could
(15:52 , 22.07.19 )
Hamas leader in bikini stuns Israelis in central
'Thank you Israel, I love you. Ismail' says the billboard overlooking the Ayalon
(15:21 , 22.07.19 )
Hamas meets Iran's supreme leader during warm
'Hamas is Iran's first line of defense' says the terror group's deputy chief
(13:02 , 22.07.19 )
Palestinian who dropped marble slab on IDF
Family of Staff Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky, who was killed by Islam Yusuf Hamid during
(10:52 , 22.07.19 )
Israeli crews demolish Palestinian homes on
Estimated 20 people have already been evacuated from mostly abandoned village,
(09:00 , 22.07.19 ) 
In the IDF, not all women are equal
Religious girls wanting to serve in the military do not enjoy the same support
(21:34 , 21.07.19 )
Ayelet Shaked to head New Right party ahead of
Shaked sees herself as the leader of the right of Likud bloc, urging all parties
(20:56 , 21.07.19 )
New audio shows UK could not prevent Iran
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says the government plans to spell out its
(20:40 , 21.07.19 )
Bedouin man charged with planning to blow up
The indictment says 20-year-old Adal Abu Hadayb from southern Israel wanted to
(14:59 , 21.07.19 )
The Israeli who worked on the moon landing
Prof. Yehuda Kedar, today aged 93, was the only Israeli in the control room when
(14:38 , 21.07.19 )
We fear 'creepy' Israelis, say UK women in
British female holiday-goers in Aiya Napa tell the Daily Mail, tourists from
(11:38 , 21.07.19 )
Germany probes anti-Israel 'likes' by official
Foreign Ministry in Berlin 'emphastically disassociates' itself from actions of
(19:04 , 18.07.19 )
Firefighters battling blaze at entrance to
Dozen firefighting teams, four planes dispatched to the scene; train line from
(17:37 , 18.07.19 )
Argentina freezes Hezbollah assets, brands group
Announcement of measure states that 'Hezbollah continues to represent a current
(17:04 , 18.07.19 )
Report: Syria benefits from Israeli drone
The Intercept news website says the UAV recently downed by Israeli military in
(14:14 , 18.07.19 )
Multiple injuries found on body of UK woman
According to documents presented at a court hearing in Cyprus, the woman had
(10:05 , 18.07.19 )
Barak denies link to Epstein's 'heinous' deeds,
'I am a feminist,' says former PM at election campaign launch, adding that he is
(22:00 , 17.07.19 )
Cyprus detains 12 Israelis after UK woman
16-17-year-old teens are arrested in vibrant night life spot for alleged rape of
(20:43 , 17.07.19 )
Ehud Barak hits back as UK paper ties him to
Former PM and IDF chief dismisses claims that he was hiding his identity as
(17:54 , 17.07.19 )
Education Minister retracts support for
'I know conversion therapy is wrong, this is my firm stance,' says Rabbi Rafi
(17:54 , 17.07.19 )
Lawyer for 11-year-old victim of group rape:
Group of 12- and 13-year-old boys accused of assaulting schoolmate at knife
(14:57 , 17.07.19 )
Wildfires break out across Israel as
Firefighters battling blazes in Haifa and Wadi Ara in north, multiple locations
(12:30 , 17.07.19 )
Mother of fallen IDF soldier leaves meeting with
Leah Goldin, mother of Hadar Goldin whose remains have been held by Hamas since
(21:24 , 16.07.19 )
Israel braces for extreme weather as
With temperatures reaching some 40 celsius in some parts of the country, the
(18:28 , 16.07.19 )
Dispute in Old City endangers Israel's relations
Sale of three assets in Jerusalem's Old-City to settler group could harm the
(16:06 , 16.07.19 )
Israeli woman on trial in U.S. for defrauding
As CEO of Yukom Lee Elbaz and other employees allegedly lied about their names,
(12:53 , 16.07.19 )
Ehud Barak: I never attended a party with
Former PM is facing criticism at home for his dealings with the suspected
(12:05 , 16.07.19 )
Teen wounded by Gaza rocket as baby enlists to
'It's a miracle that I'm alive and that I was able to get into the elite unit
(11:02 , 16.07.19 )
As Hamas shows restraint, security officials
'They'll have something to lose, they won't go off and burn the fields in which
(09:09 , 16.07.19 )
Netanyahu: EU response on Iran reminiscent of
Prime minister lashes out at European states for determining that Iranian
(21:16 , 15.07.19 )
Hamas distances itself from official's call to
Terror group says in statement following comments by Fathi Hamad last weekend
(20:05 , 15.07.19 )
Trump doubles down on racial attack, tells Dem
President lashes out at criticism for tweeting that progressive U.S. female
(17:48 , 15.07.19 )
Off-duty cop implicated in killing of Ethiopian
Police Internal Investigations Department agrees to free the police officer
(13:30 , 15.07.19 )
Israel social impact bond to help Bedouins in
The program launched by Social Finance Israel intends to increase the number of
(11:49 , 15.07.19 )
Prominent Israeli rabbi backs education
Chief Rabbi of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu takes to social media, attacking the LGBTQ
(10:45 , 15.07.19 )
Hamas fishing for intelligence on WhatsApp
When Hamas approached a paratrooper, they attempted to convince him they were
(21:26 , 14.07.19 )
LGBTQ demonstrate calling for resignation of
Rabbi Rafi Peretz told Israeli news show he supports conversion treatment of
(17:59 , 14.07.19 )
Court halts Afula park entry ban deemed racist
The judge rejects the edict by Afula Municipality which prohibits all
(15:15 , 14.07.19 )
Netanyahu: We'll respond with 'crushing blows'
The prime minister shoots a warning to the Iran-backed terror group after its
(13:59 , 14.07.19 )
Qatar, U.N. officials to enter Gaza amid renewed
The delegations are expected to monitor the construction of a power line from
(12:19 , 14.07.19 )
Israeli teachers slam education minister for
Educators from the LGBTQ community send a letter to Rafi Peretz, who voiced his
(08:43 , 14.07.19 )
Mortar hits Gaza border community as tensions
IDF bolsters Iron Dome batteries in south; Gaza rulers reject Israel apology for
(23:30 , 12.07.19 )
Residents of the border give visiting MKs an
Local business people and community leaders stressed the difficulties are both
(10:04 , 12.07.19 )
Telegrass head released from prison, slams
Amos Dov Silver, who remains under house arrest in Ukraine, says he will fight
(22:13 , 11.07.19 )
Palestinians reject U.S. accusations of
Palestinian Authority calls allegations made by Trump's Mideast envoy, who
(20:40 , 11.07.19 )
Trump, Netanyahu discuss Iran threat, sanctions
The two leaders talk about ways of preventing Tehran’s ‘malign actions in the
(19:45 , 11.07.19 )
Ex-premier Barak plays down relationship with
Reports in Israeli media suggest Ehud Barak received over $2 million in grants
(19:08 , 11.07.19 )
After AG meeting, Ethiopian protesters say cases
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit meets with leaders of the demonstrations,
(15:12 , 11.07.19 )
Israel says killing of Hamas member in Gaza a
The IDF issues statement saying the troops stationed at the border mistakenly
(14:18 , 11.07.19 )
Palestinian suspected of rape: I reported to
Rape suspect from West Bank claims he was turned away from two police stations
(23:05 , 10.07.19 )
Eu, Israel, Egypt express unease about Turkey's
'Israel follows with serious concern recent steps taken by Turkey in waters off
(20:52 , 10.07.19 )
Human trafficking case deliberated in Family
S. who is often appointed by courts as legal guardian of people with diminished
(19:40 , 10.07.19 )
Palestinian man arrested on suspicion of
The suspect who was doing renovations at a school established a relationship
(15:39 , 10.07.19 )
Ashkenzi: Netanyahu lacks support to form the
Blue and White member says September 17 election as well as the one held in
(14:25 , 10.07.19 )
Ultra-Orthodox threaten Ramat Gan mayor for
Leaders of United Torah Judaism party say Carmel Shama-Hacohen will 'pay a heavy
(11:20 , 10.07.19 )
New education minister likens Jewish
Spokesman for Rafi Peretz confirms the leader of a religious nationalist party
(08:31 , 10.07.19 )
Hamas stages large-scale surprise drill with
Strip-wide exercise sees land crossings closed, fisherman banned from entering
(21:21 , 09.07.19 )
Netanyahu to Iran: Israel's warplanes can reach
PM issues warning during visit to IAF base; Europeans express 'deep concern' as
(18:01 , 09.07.19 )
Iran says Israel and its allies tricked Trump
Mohammad Javad Zarif lashed out on the so-called 'B-Team' which includes Israel,
(15:58 , 09.07.19 )
El Al workers' union urges employees to join
Letter from chair of union calls workers and their families to join party 'to
(14:21 , 09.07.19 )
Rabbis demand Bennett opposes drafting women
In an ultimatum to the New Right leader, a number of prominent Religious-Zionist
(14:12 , 09.07.19 )
Israel's ambassador to Brazil mocked on social
Social networks explode with jokes and memes after Yossi Sheli's clumsy attempt
(11:30 , 09.07.19 )
PM 'can't recall' if he provided IDF chopper to
Netanyahu's memory failed him when asked to confirm he provided military
(11:27 , 09.07.19 )
Mexico police arrest suspect in connection with
Authorities in central Mexican city of San Luis Potosi detained a 29-year-old
(09:44 , 09.07.19 )
Arab sector school demands end to 'racist
Education Ministry requires all students to take online course before heading
(08:28 , 09.07.19 )
Ethiopian mothers protest in Tel Aviv over
Hundreds join dozens of women from Ethiopian community to march through the city
(21:36 , 08.07.19 )
IDF uncovers Gaza tunnel dug into Israel from
Excavation discovered by soldiers during construction of subterranean barrier to
(21:25 , 08.07.19 )
Netanyahu urged to give Shaked a top spot on
Some in the prime minister's inner circle are warning that former justice
(20:20 , 08.07.19 )
Jerusalem court: PA must pay compensation for
Unprecedented ruling handed down in light of Palestinian Authority support for
(18:13 , 08.07.19 )
Jerusalem pleased with Greece's choice of new
Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the son of an avid Israel supporter who advocated
(14:07 , 08.07.19 )
Police implies off-duty cop who killed Ethiopian
Preliminary internal investigation reveals the police officer who fatally shot
(13:57 , 08.07.19 )
IDF says drone from Gaza shot down in southern
The military says the UAV infiltrated from the Hamas-controlled enclave and was
(11:03 , 08.07.19 ) 
Israel’s ambassador to Brazil tries to edit
Yossi Sheli hastily blurs the marine crustaceans from a picture he posted on
(10:03 , 08.07.19 )
If you build it who will come?
An Olympic village on the ruins of the abandoned Israeli settlement of Netzarim
(23:47 , 07.07.19 )
IDF release findings from botched commando raid
Chief of Staff Kochavi says mistakes were made that led to the force being
(22:05 , 07.07.19 )
Iran to raise uranium enrichment beyond nuclear
Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sent a letter to EU foreign policy
(18:23 , 07.07.19 )
Yair Netanyahu: Ethiopian community's protests
Prime minister's son causes outrage among Ethiopian-Israeli activists, MKs, who
(14:30 , 07.07.19 )
Netanyahu calls Iran's uranium enrichment
Iranian announcement to further scale back its commitment to the 2015 nuclear
(12:05 , 07.07.19 )
'I had a dark day' says nursery teacher charged
According to the 18-count indictment, the children at Carmel Mauda's nursery had
(09:38 , 07.07.19 ) 
5 IDF soldiers wounded in car ramming attack in
3 soldiers wounded moderately, 2 lightly in attack; Home Front Command team was
(09:02 , 07.07.19 )
Mossad chief edging out Foreign Ministry,
Members of diplomatic corps lament growing irrelevance after Yossi Cohen
(17:00 , 05.07.19 )
Kindergarten teacher accused of feeding children
Carmel Mauda who worked at a private nursery in central Israel was caught on
(18:15 , 04.07.19 ) 
Outgoing state comptroller: PM sought to curb
Speaking before leaving office, Yosef Shapira says there was never any personal
(15:46 , 04.07.19 )
Peretz: No right-wing union with Kahane acolyte
Far-right Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party vows to keep Baruch Marzel on its
(14:09 , 04.07.19 )
Islamic organization condemns Israeli tunnel in
Organization of Islamic Cooperation slams opening ceremony for 2,000-year-old
(09:55 , 04.07.19 )
Ethiopian protests, memorials, mark second
After several disruptions and arrests Wednesday evening, protesters disperse; in
(19:16 , 03.07.19 )
Police bracing for second round of mass protests
Large numbers of officers deployed at anticipated flashpoints ahead of expected
(17:10 , 03.07.19 )
Driver attacked by Ethiopian protesters: I saw
27-year-old Netanya resident says he was afraid of being 'lynched' by
(15:14 , 03.07.19 ) 
Peretz wins Labor race, calls for bloc unity to
Veteran lawmaker led the party from 2005-7, vows to increase party presence in
(12:44 , 03.07.19 )
Erdan says zero tolerance for violence as 111
136 protesters arrested as demonstrations spiral in key locations across Israel
(10:31 , 03.07.19 )
Gaza militants fire rockets into sea, triggering
IDF calls the rocket alert sirens in the towns of Sderot and Eshkol 'false
(08:55 , 03.07.19 )
Ethiopian Israeli protests: One hurt in hit and
Demonstrator evacuated to hospital in moderate condition; violence erupts across
(22:45 , 02.07.19 )
Liberman: Military preparation schools are
Former defense minister says 'ultra-orthodox and nationalist zealots' are taking
(19:30 , 02.07.19 )
40 hurt, 60 arrested as Ethiopians protest
Masses protest around Israel following the killing of Solomon Tekah by an
(17:47 , 02.07.19 )
Hundreds turn out for funeral of Ethiopian
'Give me my boy back,' says father of 19-year-old Solomon Tekah as he is laid to
(13:33 , 02.07.19 )
Prominent Ethiopian Israelis: We live in fear,
Members of the community warn that situation at boiling point as hundreds
(10:30 , 02.07.19 )
Protests across Israel over killing of Ethiopian
Demonstrations from Haifa to Be'er Sheva over death of 19-year-old Solomon
(22:52 , 01.07.19 )
Netanyahu calls for automatic European sanctions
PM says Israel will not allow Islamic Republic to obtain atomic weapons as
(20:02 , 01.07.19 )
Senior UK minister makes Western Wall visit for
Muslim lawmaker from ruling Conservative Party tells Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel
(19:02 , 01.07.19 )
Passenger jet from Germany lands safely in
IAF jets scramble to escort Bulgarian-owned Beoing 737 carrying 152 people after
(18:05 , 01.07.19 )
Mossad chief sees 'one-time opportunity' to
Yossi Cohen says the main obstacle to an unprecedented 'comprehensive peace
(14:20 , 01.07.19 )
Syrian missile fending off alleged Israeli
Turkish Cypriot officials say Russian-made missile that was part of an
(12:20 , 01.07.19 )
Yitzhak Rabin's granddaughter to join Ehud
Noa Rothman says she's set out to fight extremist views in Israeli society; adds
(10:29 , 01.07.19 )
Syria reports at least 15 dead in Israeli
Former Israeli intelligence chief warns Iran may react brazenly following
(08:09 , 01.07.19 )
AG Mandelblit: no one is above the law
Prime Minister Netanyahu's legal troubles still weighing on the political
(21:39 , 30.06.19 )
U.S. envoys on hand at controversial ceremony in
Despite condemnation from Palestinian officials and protest from demonstrators
(19:56 , 30.06.19 )
Netanyahu says Palestinians determined to
The prime minister also lashes out at those pushing him to launch a large-scale
(15:17 , 30.06.19 )
Palestinians: 95 wounded in East Jerusalem
Palestinian rioters hurl rocks and launch explosives at Israeli security forces
(14:20 , 30.06.19 ) 
Israeli DJ shot dead in club in central Mexico
DJ Ronen Dahan, also known as Perplex, was killed during an attack by several
(12:40 , 30.06.19 )
Israeli officials confirm Gaza arrangement with
Deal includes ceasing the launch of incendiary balloons and other devices,
(12:49 , 28.06.19 )
Palestinian PM: Bahrain will lead nowhere,
Day after U.S.-led workshop on economic aspect of Mideast peace, Mohammad
(23:53 , 27.06.19 )
Dozens of fires are daily nightmare for
Residents question IDF policy of containment as blazes caused by incendiary
(20:06 , 27.06.19 )
Despite Sinai sweetner, Egypt unlikely to sign
Cash-strapped Cairo government sees development of peninsula as crucial to
(18:52 , 27.06.19 )
Ehud Barak warns opposition too polite to
Barak claims he is rejoining politics to save the country from Netanyahu who in
(13:32 , 27.06.19 )
Jared Kushner hints Palestinian Authority
According to Kushner, the Trump administration' s decision to cut aid came after
(12:24 , 27.06.19 )
Hezbollah sees U.S. war on Iran as unlikely
The Iran-backed terror group's official hints at the possibility of opening a
(11:25 , 27.06.19 )
Russia denies it's responsible for GPS
Russian sources call the report on Israel's Army Radio - saying its military in
(09:35 , 27.06.19 )
U.S. economic plan decried by Palestinians but
Palestinians protest Trump's $50 billion investment plan to help achieve Mideast
(21:36 , 26.06.19 )
Ehud Barak announces return to politics,
Barak declares return in order to end Netanyahu's reign in light of suspected
(18:27 , 26.06.19 )
Peace critical for U.S. economic plan to work,
Panelists at the two-day conference in Manama - who include IMF chief,
(14:39 , 26.06.19 )
Ex-military prosecutor: Police, prosecutors in
Col. (Res.) Ilan Katz says fact that Mahmoud Katusa was released and charges of
(14:02 , 26.06.19 )
Israeli accused of Duma murders refuses to
Lawyers for Amiram Ben Uliel say his silence protests partial approval for
(12:19 , 26.06.19 )
IMF chief in Bahrain: Palestinian economic
Jared Kushner, chief architect of U.S. policy on Mideast, seeks to persuade
(08:37 , 26.06.19 )
Kushner in Bahrain: No Palestinian prosperity
Trump's son-in-law and White House advisor says president has not forgotten the
(19:28 , 25.06.19 )
Palestinians protest Trump’s Bahrain conference
Protesters burn effigies of U.S. President in West Bank, chanting 'Palestine is
(17:41 , 25.06.19 )
Far right faction dismantles partnership with
The United Right Party, which was formed to ensure maximum support for Prime
(16:10 , 25.06.19 )
Russia condemns Israeli strikes in Syria,
During a three-way meeting between Israeli, American and Russian security
(15:12 , 25.06.19 )
Investigation botched by police in child rape
West Bank police district investigators failed to collect the 7-year old
(13:42 , 25.06.19 )
Fires rage on as Gaza balloon terror intensifies
20 blazes break out in Israeli communities bordering the enclave; senior Hamas
(12:30 , 25.06.19 )
Palestinian suspected of raping 7 year old
Mahmoud Katusa tells reporters on his way out of prison 'I did not rape' as
(10:07 , 25.06.19 )
Bahrain workshop begins amid low expectations
There will be close scrutiny as to whether attendees such as Saudi Arabia and
(08:47 , 25.06.19 )
Bibi and Tibi team up behind the scenes
In front of the cameras the right-wing prime minister and the veteran Arab party
(20:46 , 24.06.19 )
7-year-old girl at center of rape case delivers
Lawyers for victim's family says 'dramatic' findings made during fresh police
(18:07 , 24.06.19 )
Fearing lackluster performance, Netanyahu may
Likud sources say polls show PM likely to come off worse in repeat vote in
(15:26 , 24.06.19 )
Erekat: Bahrain workshop is a joke
Ex-PA negotiator says he heard about two-day conference aimed to boost
(14:37 , 24.06.19 )
Israeli experts doubt Bahrain workshop's chances
The major obstacle for success in Bahrain remains the lack of a political road
(11:31 , 24.06.19 )
Pompeo sets out to build global coalition
Upon departure from Washington Pompeo said: 'The goal of his talks with the
(08:28 , 24.06.19 )
18 Britons taken off plane for threatening to
The passengers of the London-bound British Airways flight deny making the
(23:10 , 23.06.19 )
Netanyahu: Israel will hear U.S. peace plan in
Prime minister says he doesn't understand how the Palestinians can reject the
(20:15 , 23.06.19 )
NIS 400 for 40 minutes: 5 Israelis charged with
The young couple at the helm of the illegal business rented at least 20
(19:55 , 23.06.19 )
Arab ministers meet on financial support for
Arab League Assistant Secretary-General says group will discuss 'providing the
(16:12 , 23.06.19 )
Fatah: U.S. peace plan is bribe to kill our
Abbas's leading faction in PA urges Arab states to reinstate 2002 peace
(13:28 , 23.06.19 )
Netanyahu meets with Bolton, says Iran running
U.S. National Security Advisor in Israel to meet with Russian and Israeli
(11:10 , 23.06.19 )
Kushner's economic plan for Mideast peace faces
Across the board Arab commentators agree the peace plan will fail with no
(08:50 , 23.06.19 )
Trump's Mideast plan envisions $50 billion
The peace proposal's main architect, Jared Kushner, says the economic part of
(18:52 , 22.06.19 ) 
Israel honors Patriots owner Kraft with warm
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Robert Kraft a "terrific champion of
(23:27 , 20.06.19 )
Trump suggests Iran's shootdown of drone was
President also says 'you'll find out' what American response to incident will
(20:19 , 20.06.19 )
Israel says it thwarted Iran spying attempt in
Shin Bet security service announces April arrest of Jordanian businessman who
(16:57 , 20.06.19 )
Israel's Arab parties to run on joint list in
A representative from each of the four parties say they will unite just as they
(15:15 , 20.06.19 )
Hamas chief says ceasefire with Israel 'in the
Ismail Haniyeh says Israelis haven't shown any 'respect' for the 2 million
(13:39 , 20.06.19 )
Netflix raising its prices in Israel
Online streaming company hiking charges for all three subscription packages by
(12:41 , 20.06.19 )
British-Israeli terror victim: UK government
Kay Wilson badly wounded and Luken murdered in brutal 2010 machete attack near
(11:18 , 20.06.19 )
Woman who killed abusive husband goes free after
Dalal Da'ud was sentenced to life in prison in 2002 for murdering her spouse who
(10:56 , 20.06.19 )
Steinitz sees U.S.-mediated Lebanese sea border
Energy minister says it is likely that as soon as the talks begin, energy groups
(22:06 , 19.06.19 )
Source: Police may drop charges if no movement
Investigators apparently believe there is a connection between Palestinian
(20:52 , 19.06.19 )
IDF holds largest drill in years to prepare for
Thousands of troops and latest military technology, including UAVs and F-35
(15:56 , 19.06.19 )
Woman released after 18 years in jail for
Dalal Da'ud's years of violent treatment by her spouse went unheeded by the
(15:12 , 19.06.19 )
Sources: Prosecution omits testimony info from
Additional inaccuracies between the charge sheet and the testimony of the victim
(11:06 , 19.06.19 )
Police announce further investigation into rape
Statement says new information, more potential suspects call for further
(21:01 , 18.06.19 )
Israeli ex-general to attend Bahrain conference
Yoav Mordechai, former head of Israel's civil administration in territories who
(18:11 , 18.06.19 )
Qatar sends technical experts to Israel, eyeing
Delegation meets with Electric Corp. officials in Tel Aviv to discuss Qatari
(14:12 , 18.06.19 )
Top police investigator takes over handling of
Siso steps in due to questions marks surrounding probe into alleged sexual
(12:43 , 18.06.19 )
Fury as Ukraine okays new homes on site of
Speaking on behalf of the country's Jewish community and government officials,
(23:32 , 17.06.19 )
White House will not invite Israeli officials to
'We'd like to make it as apolitical as possible,' says unnamed official, adding
(21:22 , 17.06.19 )
Netanyahu: World must step up Iran sanctions if
PM statement comes hours after Tehran announces it will break uranium stockpile
(14:37 , 17.06.19 )
Israel PoIice smashes alleged people-smuggling
Network of alleged smugglers accused of bringing in as many as one thousand
(13:13 , 17.06.19 )
Hamas: New phase of understandings with Israel
Gaza ruler says next stage to include improvements to the water and electricity
(12:15 , 17.06.19 )
Ethiopian-Israeli soldier speaks out over
Captain apologizes after calling subordinate the Hebrew equivalent of the
(11:18 , 17.06.19 )
Hamas gunmen open fire on Israeli troops
Special unit forced to retreat after coming under attack while trying to enter
(10:12 , 17.06.19 )
Qatari envoy delivers millions in aid to Gaza
Funds include stipends for needy families, budget for UN projects providing
(08:57 , 17.06.19 )
Palestinian charged with raping 7-year-old
The police say the suspect from a town near Ramallah met the young victim at her
(22:09 , 16.06.19 )
Israel expected to attend U.S.-led Bahrain
Foreign Minister Katz says Israelis will participate in the June 25-26 workshop
(20:28 , 16.06.19 )
Israel moves to name Golan settlement after
The new settlement, which will be known as Trump Heights, is inaugurated at a
(19:34 , 16.06.19 )
Gaza balloon terrorism continues despite
Dozens of fires break out over the weekend in Israeli communities bordering the
(18:28 , 16.06.19 )
Fatah expels official after settlers attend
Mayor of West Bank village denies having invited Modiin Illit residents to
(15:47 , 16.06.19 )
Jerusalem express line hit by more delays,
Fast train from Ben-Gurion to capital reduced to one an hour due to malfunction;
(14:32 , 16.06.19 )
Liberman: Will only join a national unity
Having pledged support for a right-wing government in the past, Yisrael Beytenu
(11:44 , 16.06.19 )
Sara Netanyahu pleads guilty as part of
PM's wife admits to deliberately exploiting mistake of others in ordering
(10:43 , 16.06.19 )
Israel Air Force set to welcome first Druze
Cadet - named only as G. for security reasons - is first to fly helicopters on
(18:41 , 14.06.19 )
Tel Aviv celebrates gay pride with quarter
Some 250,000 people flood the streets of the coastal city for the annual parade
(12:32 , 14.06.19 )
IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza flowing Sderot
Army says targets include a Hamas naval facility, terror infrastructure; no
(09:50 , 14.06.19 )
Gaza rocket hits Sderot Yeshiva
Students were away for the weekend; tensions rising in Gaza region as IDF
(21:39 , 13.06.19 )
Tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman fuel security,
Explosion near a major waterway for world oil supplies leaves one vessel ablaze
(15:45 , 13.06.19 )
Israel's top judge chides Netanyahu's new
In rare move, Justice Hayut calls Ohana's past comment, saying it was
(14:54 , 13.06.19 )
Gaza factions make incendiary balloons sent to
The new method adopted by the terror groups includes soaking slow-burning fuse
(14:49 , 13.06.19 ) 
PMO: Dirty, expensive hotels to blame for Eilat
Netanyahu's bureau hits back after critics blast decision to close small Tel
(13:27 , 13.06.19 )
2 oil tankers hit in suspected attacks in Gulf
Iranian state media says Iran has taken in all 44 people onboard the ships; one
(11:39 , 13.06.19 )
'Why punish us?' ask despairing Gaza fishermen
Chair of the Strip's Fishermen Union slams 'collective punishment,' by Israel,
(10:28 , 13.06.19 )
IDF strikes Hamas target after rocket fire on
A Hamas official told Israel national brodcaster KAN that the Israelis are not
(08:51 , 13.06.19 )
IDF reservists combat BDS at British parliament
The Human Shields Special Testimonies Project organized the London event where
(22:47 , 12.06.19 )
Labor party leader Gabbay retiring from politics
Gabbay's departure comes on the heels of the party's lackluster performance in
(21:59 , 12.06.19 )
IDF to cut number of civilian guards in Israeli
In a letter sent to heads of several communities, including those subjected to
(15:57 , 12.06.19 )
Australian man pleads guilty to rape, murder of
20-year-old Codey Hermann admits brutal attack on Aiia Maasarwe, 21, as she
(15:40 , 12.06.19 )
IDF: Lebanon drone penetrates Israeli air space
Israel Air Force scrambles jets as UAV briefly crosses from Lebanon and flies
(14:28 , 12.06.19 )
PA urges Egypt, Jordan to reconsider going to
Palestinian official calls on Facebook for 'all brotherly and friendly countries
(14:18 , 12.06.19 )
Sara Netanyahu signs plea deal in misuse of
PM's wife dodges fraud charge, agrees to plead guilty to exploiting another's
(09:52 , 12.06.19 )
Syria says air defenses thwarted another Israeli
The country's state news agency reports the attack occurred in a strategic Tal
(08:43 , 12.06.19 )
Egypt, Jordan, Morocco to attend U.S.-led
The three countries will send representatives to the summit despite the
(19:11 , 11.06.19 )
Labor leader Gabbay won't seek re-election in
Under rule of former business exec, party that founded the country sunk to
(16:40 , 11.06.19 )
Liberman: Ultra-Orthodox MKs just ‘say amen and
Yisrael Beytenu leader goes on the offensive, slamming Netanyahu for
(14:38 , 11.06.19 )
Yair Netanyahu: Donald Trump is rock star in
Son of prime minister tells U.S. conservative TV network that U.S. president is
(12:48 , 11.06.19 )
IDF misidentifies PA security personel as terror
Israeli military enter the Palestinian Preventive Security Service HQ in the
(08:42 , 11.06.19 )
Netanyahu reluctant but will attend October
The prime minister's attorney Amit Hadad said that he believes there is
(21:15 , 10.06.19 )
Weekly Gaza protests to focus on US Ambassador
Sources in Gaza announce that upcoming Friday protest to resume under slogan 'No
(19:19 , 10.06.19 )
Israeli officials: Mossad tipped UK off in 2015
Confirmation comes on heels of Sunday Telegraph report that Iranian-backed
(14:39 , 10.06.19 )
U.S. bans flying rainbow flag at Jerusalem
State Department reportedly rejects every request to raise the flag at missions
(13:32 , 10.06.19 )
Report: Hezbollah terror plot in UK foiled in
Telegraph says British domestic intelligence, acting on information from foreign
(09:10 , 10.06.19 )
Germany: 2 states is 'only solution' to
The remarks of the country's foreign minister, Heiko Maas, come only a day after
(19:10 , 09.06.19 )
U.S. reverses deportation of Palestinian who
Federal judge orders the immigration officials to bring back the West Bank-born
(16:38 , 09.06.19 )
US envoy says Israel has ‘right’ to annex West
David Friedman tells the New York Times that Jewish state entitled to 'retain
(18:38 , 08.06.19 )
IDF: Radars detect anti-aircraft missile launch
Missiles fail to reach Israeli territory and no injuries or damage were
(22:22 , 06.06.19 )
Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade kicks-off amid at
Some 15,000 people took to the streets of Israel’s capital to express their
(17:04 , 06.06.19 ) 
Civil servant indicted for stealing and passing
An unnamed civil servant was indicted for stealing secret and top secret
(14:32 , 06.06.19 )
AG rejects fresh Netanyahu request to delay
The AG has granted the premier an extension of three month to October 2-3 from
(14:22 , 06.06.19 )
Two detained as authorities clamp down on
It what can be seen as clear support for LGBTQ community as Israel marks Pride
(13:18 , 06.06.19 )
Gaza factions warn of escalation over stalled
Gaza official says Palestinians are demanding more aid be transferred from
(11:37 , 06.06.19 )
U.S. hopeful for Russian support on Iran at key
In the national security leaders meeting this month, to prevent any unintended
(08:38 , 06.06.19 )
Netanyahu names Amir Ohana as new justice
Likud MK Ohana will be the first gay man to become Israeli minister, appointed
(21:49 , 05.06.19 )
Iran accuses Israel's Mossad of 'fabricating'
Iran's Foreign Minister blames Israel for pushing Washington to accuse Tehran of
(19:48 , 05.06.19 )
First Lady Nechama Rivlin laid to rest with
Family, politicians, artists, participate in Funeral at Mount Herzl cemetery as
(16:07 , 05.06.19 )
Israel expects U.S.-mediated Lebanese sea border
Formally at war since 1948, the neighbors have long disagreed on border
(14:49 , 05.06.19 )
IMF expects global financial turnout at U.S.-led
International Monetary Fund says it and other institutions going to Bahrain;
(14:02 , 05.06.19 )
Iranian drones hit in alleged IAF Syria strike
Satellite images taken by Israeli intel company at airbase reportedly targeted
(13:03 , 05.06.19 )
Man hurt in central Israel stabbing; police
A relative of the victim - who was taken to a hospital in a moderate condition -
(11:43 , 05.06.19 )
Sources say U.S. seeks Russian support on Iran
During a rare three-way meeting between Israeli, American and Russian national
(08:37 , 05.06.19 )
Report: Corbyn visited Arafat in 2002
The British Labour Party leader visited the besieged PLO president at the height
(22:17 , 04.06.19 )
Girl, 4, dies when trapped in burning car in
Rescue workers say child was pronounced dead once flames were extinguished in
(20:05 , 04.06.19 )
Israeli bus drivers armed with tear gas after
Dan bus company employees go on strike to protest assault of a colleague, say
(17:18 , 04.06.19 )
Friends, colleagues and admirers remember the
Admired by all for her humanity and her grace, the First Lady devoted her time
(16:30 , 04.06.19 )
Report: Gaza terror groups have some 10,000
Wall Street Journal says most projectiles in Hamas, Islamic Jihad arsenals are
(15:48 , 04.06.19 )
Former British MP fired by radio station for
Ex-politician George Galloway remains defiant, threatening to sue talkRADIO for
(15:32 , 04.06.19 )
Netanyahu: Entire country mourns loss of brave
Politicians from across political spectrum pay tribute to wife of President
(13:17 , 04.06.19 )
Nechama Rivlin, wife of Israel's president, dies
First lady underwent lung transplant in March after suffering from pulmonary
(10:48 , 04.06.19 )
Israel destroys last Hezbollah tunnel from
The army showed the tunnel, discovered in Operation Northern Shield, to
(22:37 , 03.06.19 )
Settler leader: McDonald's boycotts settlements,
Head of the Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan writes to finance,
(20:11 , 03.06.19 )
Liberman: Smotrich worse than delusional hilltop
Claiming superiority of ancient rules over current system in Israel, Bezalel
(12:44 , 03.06.19 )
Last survivor of Sobibor death camp dies aged 96
Ukranian-born Semyon Rosenfeld escaped the extermination camp in 1943 during an
(11:37 , 03.06.19 )
Trump says 'not happy’ about ‘messed up’ Israeli
U.S. president calls Israel to 'get their act together' ahead of September
(09:36 , 03.06.19 )
Syria says 5 killed in another alleged Israeli
The reported attack - which killed several soldiers, damaged buildings and
(08:40 , 03.06.19 )
Annual Celebrate Israel parade brings crowds out
Jewish cultural and civic organizations marched up 5th Avenue to honor Israel's
(22:53 , 02.06.19 )
Netanyahu fires Bennett, Shaked from ministerial
Government sources say the two cannot stay on as education and justice ministers
(20:23 , 02.06.19 )
Neglect and filth greet tourists in Jerusalem,
Despite being a site of major global significance, the capital of Israel,
(18:37 , 02.06.19 )
Pompeo: U.S. ready for talks with Iran with no
Though claiming the United States is prepared for talks with Iran, U.S.
(16:51 , 02.06.19 )
Hezbollah defiant as U.S. warns Lebanon of
Al Hayat newspaper says Americans gave Lebanese government evidence of the
(16:08 , 02.06.19 )
Arab Israeli woman arrested for alleged
Ranwa Shinawi from Western Galilee, spent year in war-torn country before she
(14:54 , 02.06.19 )
IN PICTURES: Jerusalem in the 19th century
To mark the annual commemoration of the reunification of the city after the 1967
(12:49 , 02.06.19 )
Police allows Jews to enter Temple Mount on
Palestinian worshippers hurl stones and chairs as non-Muslims are allowed to
(10:50 , 02.06.19 ) 
Israel strikes in Syria in response to Golan
Three soldiers belonging to the Assad regime and 7 foreign nationals died in IAF
(08:27 , 02.06.19 ) 
2 rockets fired from Syria at Golan; no injuries
IDF says unclear who carried out launches; Golan Regional Council says one
(23:50 , 01.06.19 )
Pro- and anti-Israel demonstrations face off in
Pro-Palestinian rally to mark Al-Quds Day, which drew some 1,000 people, is met
(20:00 , 01.06.19 )
12 dead, 4 hurt as city worker opens fire in
Police chief says veteran employee, who was later shot and killed, 'began to
(09:44 , 01.06.19 )
Jaffa gridlocked and at a standstill over light
Businesses lose livelihoods and residents consider moving as Tel Aviv's older
(13:41 , 31.05.19 )
Netanyahu shows off Trump's map of Israel with
With a prospect of an unprecedented second election campaign in the same year
(21:49 , 30.05.19 )
Hamas leader threatens Tel Aviv, urges Bahranis
Yahya Sinwar says the terror groups will ‘pulverize’ the center of Israel in the
(21:09 , 30.05.19 )
Islamic Jihad releases footage of its drones
With Israeli military claiming Palestinian factions in Gaza have been trying
(18:18 , 30.05.19 ) 
Netanyahu hosts U.S. peace team in Jerusalem
Referring to Thursday vote to hold fresh elections, PM tells Kushner that
(17:00 , 30.05.19 )
Ultra-Orthodox party leader to Liberman: We
Litzman lashes out at Yisrael Beytenu chair over his refusal to compromise on
(15:34 , 30.05.19 )
Dissolving Knesset, Netanyahu blames Liberman
PM says he 'did all in my power' to avoid fresh vote, says Yisrael Beytenu
(09:01 , 30.05.19 )
Knesset votes to disperse, hold new elections on
74 of 120 MKs approve unprecedented motion to call for fresh vote after
(00:51 , 30.05.19 )
Check how your money to PA is spent, wife of
Yael Shevah, whose husband was killed in a drive-by shooting near his West Bank
(16:22 , 29.05.19 )
With coalition clock ticking, Netanyahu slams
PM has until midnight to present new government, but Yisrael Beytenu leader
(14:39 , 29.05.19 )
Deadline day: Liberman firm on coalition terms
MKs set to hold final two votes on bill to dissolve Knesset; Yisrael Beytenu
(10:55 , 29.05.19 )
Trump team to meet leaders of Israel, Jordan as
White House adviser Kushner, the chief architect of the ‘deal of the century,’
(08:36 , 29.05.19 )
Netanyahu still struggling to sway Liberman as
Yisrael Beytenu leader calls prime minister’s compromise, which would dilute
(22:38 , 28.05.19 )
Cinema evacuated as fire breaks out in central
Blaze that began at restaurant in nearby food court triggers emergency
(20:01 , 28.05.19 ) 
Liberman: Ultra-Orthodox parties' 'flexibility'
With new elections more likely after MKs approve first reading of bill to
(11:39 , 28.05.19 )
Knesset approves first reading bill to dissolve
If the bill passes its second and third reading, the new national vote is likely
(08:11 , 28.05.19 )
IDF attacks Syrian missile launcher
IDF responded to the launching of an anti-aircraft missile toward an IAF jet
(22:48 , 27.05.19 )
Mossad accused of leaking video that rattled
A former German intelligence official said that only the Mossad has the
(21:42 , 27.05.19 )
Netanyahu appeals to Liberman: We have 48 hours
In address to nation, prime minister says he failed to convince Liberman to
(20:45 , 27.05.19 )
Liberman warns Netanyahu: I won't join
As coalition deadline looms, Yisrael Beytenu leader says insistence drafting
(15:41 , 27.05.19 )
Netanyahu's son makes waves dabbling in foreign
The prime minister's 27-year-old offspring, Yair, uses Twitter to lambaste other
(14:10 , 27.05.19 )
AG slams Netanyahu immunity bid, 'overreach' in
Avichai Mandelblit says the claims made by the prime minister and his allies
(12:16 , 27.05.19 )
Palestinians slam countries participating in
PLO's secretary-general, Saeb Erekat, goes on media blitz, urging the states
(11:06 , 27.05.19 )
Israel releases former Israeli-Arab MK who
Basel Ghattas leaves prison after serving a two-year-sentence for smuggling
(09:09 , 27.05.19 )
Haredim accept compromise proposal, Liberman
Council of Torah Sages agree to accept draft quotas for Yeshiva students, a
(21:21 , 26.05.19 )
Arson, power cables might be behind Israel’s
Fire investigators say Lag B'Omer bonfires are unlikely to be cause of at least
(15:48 , 26.05.19 ) 
Rivlin 'shocked' as German official warns Jews
President says Jewish people will never submit to hate after Commissioner on
(14:30 , 26.05.19 )
Israelis homeless, reeling in aftermath of
Some 1,000 firefighters battled the same number of fires over the course of
(14:01 , 26.05.19 ) 
Coalition talks at impasse as Netanyahu
While Liberman insists on Haredi draft law remaining intact, UTJ declares issue
(10:51 , 26.05.19 )
Ukrainian lawmakers urge new president to move
Some 86 members of Ukrainian parliament submit a bill calling on the country's
(10:34 , 26.05.19 )
PA foils planned ISIS suicide bombing in Israel
Palestinian forces arrested 23-year-old woman from West Bank two weeks ago; PA
(08:35 , 26.05.19 )
Tens of thousands of Israelis protest proposed
Opposition leaders, including Benny Gantz, Avi Gabbay and Ayman Odeh, joined a
(23:09 , 25.05.19 )
Firefighters fear worst not yet over as
As Friday dawned, firefighters surveyed the damage caused by massive wildfires
(10:32 , 24.05.19 )
UN agency aiding Palestinians rejects US bid to
UNRWA chief rejects call by US envoy Greenblatt for host countries to take over
(21:56 , 23.05.19 )
Protest against violence in the Arab sector
Dozens of Arab Israelis rode a convoy from Wadi Ara to the Knesset to protest
(21:35 , 23.05.19 )
Several homes destroyed as Israel battles major
Assistance sought from Greece, Croatia, Cyprus — Turkey will likely not be asked
(14:46 , 23.05.19 ) 
Holiday feasts and gym sessions: The good life
Israel Prison Service releases data showing that security prisoners enjoy a
(13:25 , 23.05.19 )
Liberman likely to be named defense minister as
nter-party negotiations step-up as May 28 deadline nears; Yisrael Beytenu, PM
(10:23 , 23.05.19 )
U.S.: Man aided Hamas, threatened to kill Israel
FBI says Jonathan Xie transferred money to Hamas-affiliated groups and posted on
(09:47 , 23.05.19 )
Palestinians officially decline invitation to
Palestinian Authority makes the announcement just hours after Trump's Mideast
(08:58 , 23.05.19 )
Jewish pilgrims flock to Meron for Lag BaOmer
According to Jewish tradition, the 33rd day of the Omer count, the anniversary
(23:23 , 22.05.19 )
Rejecting taboos, Palestinian businessman
Ashraf Jabari: 'No Israeli PM will ever meet Palestinian demands or vice versa,
(19:04 , 22.05.19 )
Netanyahu's pre-indictment hearing postponed
Attorney General's office says hearing will take place at start of the month;
(14:12 , 22.05.19 )
Florida cabinet meeting in Israel raises
Trade mission part of GOP campaign promise, bid to woo predominantly Democrat
(11:51 , 22.05.19 )
UAE, Saudi Arabia confirm participation in
In official statement, Abu Dhabi stresses so-called workshop will advance and
(10:11 , 22.05.19 )
Israel hit by extreme heatwave and worst is yet
Unseasonably hot temperatures - predicted to stay above 40 degrees celsius in
(10:03 , 22.05.19 )
Cabbies giving Israel a bad name
Taxi union apologizes and promises to discipline driver who quoted double fare
(22:58 , 21.05.19 )
Israel approved armored vehicles for PA security
After years of refusal, Israel allowed PA security forces access to 10 light
(19:14 , 21.05.19 )
Bahrain defends decision to host White House
PA rejects economic conference, part of Trump's 'deal of the century' peace
(19:14 , 21.05.19 )
Likud MK seen as Netanyahu ally pushes for
Miki Zohar says he decided to propose amendment, which would return lawmakers'
(16:27 , 21.05.19 )
Israel expands Gaza fishing zone amid reports of
Defense establishment says the expansion is intended to ease the humanitarian
(13:28 , 21.05.19 )
Knesset gives equal treatment to same sex
Partners of gay MKs to get same rights as heterosexual husbands and wives;
(19:51 , 20.05.19 )
Fatah militant pardoned by Israel arrested for
Shin Bet says Zakaria Zubeidi and his accomplice Tarek Bargut were involved in a
(13:41 , 20.05.19 )
Why did Israel snub new Jewish president of
Not one senior Israeli official was present when Volodymyr Zelenskiy was sworn
(13:22 , 20.05.19 )
Abbas aide: U.S. peace plan will fail without
Comment comes after White House announces June summit to unveil first stage of
(12:24 , 20.05.19 )
Likud officials threaten new elections as
Time running out for the prime minister, who has just eight days to cobble
(11:25 , 20.05.19 )
US to hold economic 'workshop' in June as first
The Bahrain conference is expected to bring together government officials and
(22:29 , 19.05.19 )
Netanyahu: Potential coalition partners need to
With deadline looming, prime minister says he needs rationality to return so
(19:11 , 19.05.19 )
4 construction workers die in crane collapse,
Horrific scenes from Yavneh site as worker who was killed in accident is left
(16:41 , 19.05.19 )
Immersed in immunity: Netanyahu's legal jeopardy
Netanyahu's faces a May 29th deadline to present his new government but with
(11:56 , 19.05.19 )
Picking up the pieces in rocket-battered
'Everyone visited and then forgot we exist,' says son of 80-year-old woman
(08:35 , 19.05.19 )
WATCH LIVE: Tel Aviv hosts Eurovision Grand
With 26 entrants fighting to win the crown, thousands of Israelis and tourists
(20:26 , 18.05.19 )
Syrian TV: Damascus targeted 'from direction of'
State television quotes military source as saying that air defenses detected
(02:20 , 18.05.19 )
Germany designates Israel boycott movement BDS
Netanyahu welcomes Bundestag decision, calls on other nations to enact similar
(20:34 , 17.05.19 )
Muslim groups apologize for video: Mistake 'ours
Philadelphia's Muslim American Society took responsibility for a video showing
(23:17 , 16.05.19 )
Likud members: leaving West Bank settlements was
Knesset members say international support for imposing Israeli sovereignty over
(19:23 , 16.05.19 )
Education Ministry: more school kids must learn
In an effort to save lives, the Ministry of Education is launching a program to
(19:14 , 16.05.19 )
Education Ministry fails at enforcing gender
The report finds there is a lack of data on gender related questions as no
(19:13 , 16.05.19 )
With clock ticking, Netanyahu may have to
PM might have to settle for bloc of just 60 MKs, without absolute majority, in
(11:58 , 16.05.19 )
Legal experts seeking Nation-State Law amendment
Team including former justice Elyakim Rubinstein says they only want to enshrine
(23:05 , 15.05.19 )
Eurovision Village partying upsets nearby mosque
A 'Eurovision Village' pavilion erected on the Tel Aviv beachfront to host
(21:36 , 15.05.19 )
EU to examine hate in Palestinian textbooks
Foreign Affairs representative Mogherini confirms action to be taken following
(20:13 , 15.05.19 )
Thousands gather at Gaza border fence as
IDF bolsters troop presence in area, Gaza businesses shuttered as part of
(16:06 , 15.05.19 )
Poland demands reaction over 'racist' assault of
Prime Minister Morawiecki expresses shock over 'xenophobic act of aggression' -
(13:20 , 15.05.19 )
Polish ambassador in Israel assaulted on streets
Amid diplomatic crisis over Holocaust restitution, Marek Magierowski attacked in
(10:44 , 15.05.19 )
With eye on Gaza, Israel braces for Nakba Day
Security forces bolstered along border fence with Strip, anticipating violent
(10:20 , 15.05.19 )
Palestinian refugees still hope to return as
As Palestinians mark their 'Nakba' or 'catastrophe', one Gaza fisherman - who
(08:45 , 15.05.19 )
Persian Gulf tensions, unclear threats raise
Analysis: Iran backing away from the nuclear deal, USA adding sanctions and
(23:23 , 14.05.19 )
Eurovision kicks into high gear with first
17 countries competing Tuesday night in first live stage of contest; second
(21:09 , 14.05.19 )
Iran blames 'Israeli mischief' for tanker
Riyadh refrains from attributing blame for attack on ships from various
(15:37 , 14.05.19 )
Netanyahu's legislative push is all about
Among a raft of controversial new bills set to be passed by the incoming
(14:16 , 14.05.19 )
Data shows Israeli settlements boosted after
Both Peace Now and settler advocates have released reports claiming that Trump's
(12:41 , 14.05.19 )
Israel's NSO high-tech company linked to
Spokesman for company says spyware penetrated phones via missed calls, attacks
(11:17 , 14.05.19 )
US warns of possible terror attacks in Israel
Ahead of the anniversary of US Embassy opening in Jerusalem, which coincides
(09:05 , 14.05.19 )
Dems say Republicans twisting Rashida Tlaib's
Pelosi: Trump should apologize to Michigan congresswoman for gross
(08:57 , 14.05.19 )
Veteran Palestinian negotiator says she was
US diplomats did not respond to allegations by Hanan Ashrawi, an executive
(22:24 , 13.05.19 )
UN envoy to Mideast warns of war between Israel,
Nikolay Mladenov said now is the last chance to prevent an all-out conflict and
(22:10 , 13.05.19 )
Ministry trolls BDS supporters
Internet users seeking information regarding boycotting the Eurovision in Tel
(21:36 , 13.05.19 )
Netanyahu gets two-week extension to form
President Rivlin grants the prime minister's request in order to continue the
(16:10 , 13.05.19 )
Palestinian PM: Israel wants to destroy our
Palestinian Authority asks World Bank to monitor Jewish state’s policy of
(14:48 , 13.05.19 )
Qatari envoy enters Gaza to deliver cash boost
Mohammed al-Emadi will transfer some $30 million, meant for the impoverished
(09:50 , 13.05.19 )
Saudi Arabia says 2 oil tankers damaged by
Sunday's incident comes after the U.S. Maritime Administration, a division of
(08:07 , 13.05.19 )
Coalition deal could pave way for
Religious parties set to demand exclusive rights to new neighborhoods of
(22:02 , 12.05.19 )
Jewish terror defendant strikes plea deal in
he unnamed young man, a minor during the 2015 arson attack that killed the
(20:36 , 12.05.19 )
Eurovision kicks off in Tel Aviv with party,
Thousands expected to pack out Charles Clore park on the beachfront; contest's
(19:30 , 12.05.19 )
Netanyahu announces spot chosen for community
Existing village on Golan Heights to change its name; location picked in tribute
(17:52 , 12.05.19 )
AG: Netanyahu lawyers refuse to accept materials
Avichai Mandelblit expected to grant 10-day delay for scheduling a
(15:50 , 12.05.19 )
Jewish-Swedish astronaut prepares for blast off
Jessica Meir, whose Iraqi-Israeli father fought in War of Independence, is only
(14:06 , 12.05.19 )
Minister: Iran could strike Israel if U.S.
Yuval Steinitz tells Ynet that 'things are heating up' in the Gulf, warns Tehran
(12:32 , 12.05.19 )
Sun, sea and song: Tel Aviv kicks off Eurovision
Israelis rush to the beaches as unseasonably hot temperatures are recorded
(11:01 , 12.05.19 )
Israel reopens Gaza crossings as calm restored
Closure lifted at both Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings, six days after end of
(10:28 , 12.05.19 )
US Mideast envoy says 'deal of the century' to
Jason D. Greenblat says the Trump administration's long-delayed proposal will
(09:22 , 12.05.19 )
Eurovision week kicks off Israel amid with
Tel Aviv's Eurovision village will open Sunday with musical performances and a
(09:11 , 12.05.19 )
Palestinian killed at Israel-Gaza border protest
Gaza's health ministry says 30 Palestinians were injured by IDF fire during the
(22:46 , 10.05.19 )
Israel marks 71st birthday with barbecues, air
Israelis flocked to parks and beaches on Thursday to celebrate Independence Day,
(20:35 , 09.05.19 )
IN PICTURES: Israel Air Force marks Independence
Air show, which began in Tiberias in north and ended in Eilat in south, is
(14:07 , 09.05.19 ) 
If it's Israeli Independence Day, it must be
Beaches of Tel Aviv will be overwhelmed with the sound of 'matkot' - considered
(09:16 , 09.05.19 )
Israel celebrates 71 years of independence
IN PHOTOS: Celebration begins with annual Torch-Lighting Ceremony at Mt Herzl;
(23:40 , 08.05.19 )
Independence Day 2019 – a party for more than 9
It took 71 years, but the country that was founded with just over 800,000 people
(19:56 , 08.05.19 )
Netanyahu: Israel will not allow Iran nuclear
Speaking at a memorial service Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterating his
(12:05 , 08.05.19 )
Islamic Jihad says war with Israel coming this
Leader of the terror groups says the latest cross-border flare-up, which claimed
(11:08 , 08.05.19 )
Israelis gather at cemeteries and memorials to
More than 1.5 million people expected to visit the more than 50 military
(10:31 , 08.05.19 )
Israel remembers its fallen soldiers, terror
Following a minute-long siren at 8pm, the central Memorial Day event began at
(20:56 , 07.05.19 )
LIVE: Masa Israel's Memorial Day service
Jewish Agency Chair Isaac Herzog and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan join
(19:18 , 07.05.19 )
At Memorial Day event, Netanyahu pledges to
PM and president attend Yad LeBanim memorial service; sirens will wail at 8pm
(16:54 , 07.05.19 )
Two Israelis arrested in global 'dark' Internet
The suspects allegedly set up a site used to purchase weapons, drugs and stolen
(15:53 , 07.05.19 )
Israel prepares to remember its fallen soldiers,
Israelis will stand in silence as a one-minute siren wails across the country at
(11:49 , 07.05.19 )
Qatar to transfer half a billion dollars to
The oil-rich Gulf state vows to invest some $300 million in health and education
(09:10 , 07.05.19 )
Israelis living near Gaza border angry about
Residents feel ignored, that Eurovision set the agenda and government agreed to
(18:09 , 06.05.19 )
Netanyahu: Gaza campaign not over, preparing for
PM: IDF struck more than 350 targets during latest round of fighting; defense
(12:48 , 06.05.19 )
Tragedy strikes twice: IDF widow loses second
Iris Eden, who lost her first husband in an infamous military helicopter crash
(12:41 , 06.05.19 )
Netanyahu under fire as rivals brand Gaza truce
Benny Gantz warns agreement gave terror groups what they wanted and will only
(10:48 , 06.05.19 )
Gaza ceasefire apparently in place after violent
Army lifts all restrictions on communities bordering Hamas-ruled enclave
(08:29 , 06.05.19 ) 
U.S. may review ties with countries deemed
The State Department's special envoy for monitoring, combating anti-Semitism
(23:19 , 05.05.19 )
Victim of Gaza rocket fire laid to rest
While rockets from Gaza continued to rain down on southern cities, Moshe Agadi
(23:19 , 05.05.19 )
Fourth Israeli dies of wounds inflicted in Gaza
Major barrage fired at southern Israel Sunday evening; army says more than 600
(21:06 , 05.05.19 )
Rivlin: Israel won't stop in Gaza until calm
Visiting rocket-battered south, the president meets with community leaders and
(17:21 , 05.05.19 )
Hamas' Iran liaison killed in first IDF targeted
Israeli military say the Hamas commander, Hamed al-Khoudary, owned Gaza's main
(16:28 , 05.05.19 ) 
2 killed as Gaza rockets slam into southern
Ashkelon hospital also sustains direct hit; IDF deploys Armored Corps brigade
(15:17 , 05.05.19 )
Israeli man killed in Ashkelon as Gaza militants
The 58-year-old father of four, Moshe Agadi, died from shrapnel wounds to his
(08:10 , 05.05.19 ) 
Iron Dome deployed as Gaza rockets fired at
Hamas, Islamic Jihad apparently make good on threat to expand range of attacks
(00:08 , 05.05.19 )
3 hurt as Israel comes under massive rocket fire
80-year-old woman among the wounded as violence spirals; 2 reported dead in IDF
(13:47 , 04.05.19 )
Rockets fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon, Rehovot, IDF
Dozens of sirens heard in southern cities, border communities; IDF strikes Hamas
(09:27 , 04.05.19 )
Kushner hopes Israel will look at peace plan
Ahead of elections, PM Netanyahu vowed to annex settlements; Arab officials
(00:34 , 04.05.19 )
Islamic Jihad warns will hit major cities if
Following IDF's publication of photo of terror commander al-Atta, Gaza commander
(23:11 , 02.05.19 )
Sirens wail as Israel remembers victims of the
Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, ceremonies were to be held in honor of the
(10:30 , 02.05.19 ) 
IDF strikes Gaza overnight, two rockets launched
IDF hits several Hamas military targets in the Strip's north following the
(09:11 , 02.05.19 )
Holocaust Remembrance Day commences
Israel marking the victims and heroes of the Holocaust with a ceremony at Yad
(21:15 , 01.05.19 )
Synagogue shooter struggled with gun, fled with
Investigation into California attack reveals the teenage gunman intended to kill
(09:23 , 01.05.19 )
New Knesset sworn in, Rivlin urges coalition to
The president called on MKs to put political strategy behind and 'clean the
(17:40 , 30.04.19 )
California synagogue attack suspect due in court
Teenage gunman charged with murder and hate crime as special circumstance;
(13:25 , 30.04.19 )
The New York times publishes controversial
Despite wide-spread condemnation after an anti-Semitic cartoon was published
(11:20 , 30.04.19 )
Report: Israel to release more prisoners as part
Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reports in exchange for freeing the Syrian prisoners,
(10:16 , 30.04.19 ) 
Israeli military: Islamic Jihad behind firing of
After a relatively quiet few weeks, residents of the South were shaken by the
(09:14 , 30.04.19 )
Louisiana bill to ban companies boycotting
The southern US state is edging closer to passing a bill intended to allow
(08:37 , 30.04.19 )
FBI was tipped off about threat minutes before
Tip sent to FBI's website, phone number included link to threatening social
(21:50 , 29.04.19 )
Knesset readies for new session
Aside from Gantz, Ashkenazi and Gabbay, more than 40 new Knesset members
(19:18 , 29.04.19 )
Girl recalls synagogue attack: 'I was really,
Eight-year-old Noya Dahan, who suffered shrapnel wounds when a gunman opened
(15:38 , 29.04.19 )
PA prevents West Bank, Gaza patients from
Palestinian authorities refuse to cover medical costs for those seeking
(11:08 , 29.04.19 )
Lebanon ready to determine maritime border with
Talk of the demarcation of a maritime border gathered steam with the visit to
(09:59 , 29.04.19 )
Trump speaks of love for Israel during call with
White House confirms the president expressed condolences on behalf of American
(08:50 , 29.04.19 ) 
Leaders struggle to make sense of fatal attack
Witnesses say that Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein continued his sermon even after being
(23:15 , 28.04.19 )
Nepotism and irregularities at Independence Day
The State Comptroller issued a report finding multiple irregularities in the
(23:12 , 28.04.19 )
Terrorist exiled to Syria, disappointing fiancé
Hamis Ahmed infiltrated a Golan Heights IDF base to carry out an attack in 2005
(18:48 , 28.04.19 )
First swastikas, then synagogue attack: US no
Israel Dahan moved his family from rocket stricken Sderot to southern
(17:42 , 28.04.19 )
Israel frees two prisoners to Syria after
Israeli officials maintain the release of a Fatah terrorist and a drug smuggler
(13:44 , 28.04.19 )
Netanyahu: San Diego attack 'blow to Jewish
President Rivlin calls California shooting, on the last day of Passover, a
(12:02 , 28.04.19 )
Israeli Shin Bet foiled Hamas terror attack
Efforts by Hamas to launch attacks on Israeli targets, continue as supporters
(11:13 , 28.04.19 )
Likud official tweets support for anti-Semitic
The tween was removed following pushback citing anti-Semites and Holocaust
(10:27 , 28.04.19 )
1 killed, 4 hurt at San Diego synagogue
Lori Gilbert Kaye, who went to say Kadish over her mother; attack was six months
(08:18 , 28.04.19 )
One dead, three injured at California synagogue
Authorities say a shooting at a Chabad synagogue outside San Diego has left one
(23:30 , 27.04.19 )
Israel names two Syrians to be released as Fatah
Jewish state to release Hamis Ahmed of Fatah and drug smuggler Zeidan Tawil
(19:32 , 27.04.19 )
Israel to free two prisoners in return for
Jerusalem official confirms decision made 'as a goodwill gesture' after remains
(13:39 , 27.04.19 )
Hitler's 'suicide note' up for auction, could
Nazi leader's last memo, written to his favorite commander as the Russians were
(15:16 , 25.04.19 )
Israel issues travel warning for Sri Lanka,
Counter-Terrorism Bureau urges Israelis already on the Indian Ocean island to
(12:19 , 25.04.19 )
Iran: Israel will drag US into war it doesn't
Iranian foreign minister says Trump's 'B-team' - which includes Netanyahu and
(10:04 , 25.04.19 )
Poll finds Americans love Israel, not its
A Pew research survey found that far more Americans favor Israelis than their
(23:10 , 24.04.19 )
Greenblatt: Trump plan doesn't include
US president's envoy to the region struck down speculation regarding the
(21:09 , 24.04.19 )
Tens of thousands pack Israel's favorite sites:
From the Old City of Jerusalem to the safari park in Ramat Gan, the locals take
(18:09 , 24.04.19 )
IDF forces demolish home of terrorist who killed
Minor clashes broke out outside the home while troops were making preparation
(09:00 , 24.04.19 )
More arrests in Sri Lanka as death toll from
Police spokesman says 18 more people were detained in connection with Easter
(08:38 , 24.04.19 )
Israeli minister condemns Sanders' remarks on
Minister Tzachi Hanegbi stressed that the government was democratically elected
(23:06 , 23.04.19 )
Arab League agrees to rescue Palestinian economy
League reaffirms its commitment to provide safety net for cash-starved PA
(23:06 , 23.04.19 )
Kushner: 'Deal of the century' will require
Trump adviser and son-in-law said Israeli elections, Ramadan all a factor in
(22:56 , 23.04.19 )
Netanyahu: We'll name a Golan town after Trump
Vacationing with his family during Passover, PM announces intention to name a
(20:30 , 23.04.19 )
'Miracle' autism cure containing bleach being
MMS, marketed by American sect called Genesis II the Church of Health and
(19:14 , 23.04.19 )
Israelis flock to parks to enjoy rare Passover
Tens of thousands of visitors - including the Netanyahu family - pack out
(16:08 , 23.04.19 )
Israeli TV host implies Muslims set fire to
Popular broadcaster pushes back on criticism from colleagues, insisting the true
(15:05 , 23.04.19 )
Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri
The terror group did not provide any evidence in their statement; meanwhile the
(13:54 , 23.04.19 )
Bar Refaeli ordered to pay NIS 16 million in tax
Court rejects claim by model and TV star that her primary abode was in the US
(13:18 , 23.04.19 )
Despite calls to stay away, Israelis flock to
Some 30,000 Israelis crossed into the Sinai, ignoring defense establishment
(12:11 , 23.04.19 )
PA uncovers Hamas operation to spy on its
Agents infiltrated Palestinian Authority framework and reported back to Gaza;
(10:03 , 23.04.19 )
US presidential candidate Sanders calls Israel's
Democratic senator - who is Jewish - says he is '100% pro-Israel' but
(09:32 , 23.04.19 )
Sri Lanka arrests 40 suspects after bombings as
Sri Lankan president gives the military war-time powers - not implemented since
(08:22 , 23.04.19 )
US offers $10 million for info to disrupt
For the first time , Washington is offering a financial reward aimed at
(22:52 , 22.04.19 )
Palestinian teen: Israel shot me handcuffed and
The boy was evacuated to a Palestinian hospital where he said he was merely
(19:06 , 22.04.19 )
Sri Lanka lifts curfew as death toll from
Series of bombings at churches and luxury hotels leaves another 500 people
(09:48 , 22.04.19 )
US to cancel sanctions waivers for Iranian oil
Ending sanctions waivers to eight countries importing Iranian oil intended for
(08:28 , 22.04.19 )
Abbas: Trump mocking us, Netanyahu sends aid
Palestinian president says the White House reaffirmed its belief in a two-state
(19:50 , 21.04.19 )
Explosions kill at least 207 in Sri Lanka on
Hundreds wounded in blasts apparently targeting Christians; 27 foreign nationals
(16:17 , 21.04.19 )
Israel offers aid, joins world in condemning Sri
Netanyahu slams 'murderous attacks against innocent people', says Jewish state
(15:51 , 21.04.19 )
White Passover: Snow in the Golan, hail in the
Unseasonal weather system over the Mediterranean Sea causing snow and hail in
(15:03 , 21.04.19 )
At least 156 killed in Easter Sunday terror
Three churches and three hotels targeted in coordinated assault on Christians on
(11:26 , 21.04.19 )
Christian pilgrims march through Jerusalem for
Thousands walk through the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre,
(20:29 , 19.04.19 )
Freedom, faith and food: Israel marks start of
Thousands take to the roads to spend first night of eight-day holiday with
(18:27 , 19.04.19 )
IDF demolishes Hebron homes of suspected
Demoition comes after court rejects appeal by family of Arafat Irfayia, who is
(09:09 , 19.04.19 )
Tel Aviv to welcome Eurovision fans with Shabbat
An initiative is underway for Israelis to open their home to tourists for a
(23:08 , 18.04.19 )
No money in the West Bank, no security
World Bank warns that financial crisis will trigger security nightmare, blames
(23:08 , 18.04.19 )
Parents suspected of kidnapping, running over
Ramle couple thought to have targeted 18-year-old, who lived in a different
(20:43 , 18.04.19 )
Egypt to Vote on Constitutional Amendments Amid
Opposition, though divided on strategy, warns amendments will weaken judiciary
(12:40 , 18.04.19 )
Rivlin formally nominates Netanyahu as prime
The prime minister is given 42 days to form a government with his right-wing and
(22:01 , 17.04.19 )
Source: White House adviser says peace plan to
Jared Kushner apparently urged a group of ambassadors in a closed meeting to
(19:58 , 17.04.19 )
Netanyahu shares limelight with leaders and pop
The magazine's annual listicle - of the most influential people in the world -
(19:03 , 17.04.19 )
Palestinian PM: U.S. waging ‘financial war’ on
Mohammed Shtayyeh says Americans trying to force Palestinians to 'agree to an
(16:27 , 17.04.19 )
Was Netanyahu fooled by fake news of his heroic
Yosef Shemesh presented PM with personal items he said belonged to Yoni
(12:39 , 17.04.19 )
IDF officer warns humanitarian crisis in Gaza
COGAT colonel cites high infant mortality, lack of prospects and extreme poverty
(11:53 , 17.04.19 )
IDF demolishes home of West Bank terrorist
Salah Barghouti was shot dead by Israeli forces days after he carried out a
(09:59 , 17.04.19 )
Netanyahu vows to be prime minister for 'Jews
In a luxurious event marking his elections win, the prime minister says he won't
(23:31 , 16.04.19 ) 
Pro-equality group: Israel interrogates US
American Jew Laura Mandel of Abraham Initiatives - which advocates 'shared
(16:52 , 16.04.19 )
Police probing new information on Netanyahu
Associate of prime minister's cousin, who owned the company in question, says
(15:49 , 16.04.19 )
Rivlin: Majority of Knesset members back
President says he will ask Likud leader in Wednesday meeting to form next
(15:34 , 16.04.19 )
US counterterror expert visits Gaza border area;
'We know what the Iranians are capable of", Nathan Sales tells Israeli
(12:27 , 16.04.19 )
Fire contained after ravaging Notre Dame
Paris fire-chief: Two thirds of the roof was ravaged; French president Macron
(08:31 , 16.04.19 )
Lieberman says he will support Netanyahu for PM
Yisrael Beytenu Party chairman returned from vacation amid much speculation;
(21:13 , 15.04.19 )
Growing up under threat of rockets, teens speak
From infancy, and for the past 18 years, life, was a cycle of rocket attacks and
(13:47 , 15.04.19 )
Israel's president starts consultations on prime
The legislator with the best chance of forming a coalition will be given 28 days
(13:14 , 15.04.19 )
Mothers of 3 Israeli teens abducted and murdered
In first, three people will be allowed to light a ceremonial torch at this
(12:33 , 15.04.19 )
Former European leaders oppose the 'deal of the
The Washington Post reports the yet undisclosed plan includes Palestinian
(08:58 , 15.04.19 )
Satellite footage of missile site struck in
ISI intelligence released satellite images of the complex in Syria, believed to
(21:11 , 14.04.19 )
Israeli delegation cancels visit to Bahrain
Parliament, street protests expressed strong opposition to Israeli attendance at
(17:55 , 14.04.19 )
SpaceIL's Beresheet project set to begin a
Millionaire Morris Khan, who donated much of the funds to the Beresheet project,
(15:42 , 14.04.19 )
IDF nixes plans to integrate women in tank
Despite a successful trial period training female tank crewwomen, Israeli
(13:08 , 14.04.19 ) 
Bolsonaro: My comments on forgiveness in context
In a letter to Israeli ambassador Yossi Shelley, Bolsonaro claims I did not mean
(09:07 , 14.04.19 )
Israeli election: With the final count in, who
As President Rivlin prepares to name the person best fit to put together a
(08:32 , 14.04.19 )
Syria reports Israeli airstrike on military
Syrian media report air defenses activated outside Hama; Syrian opposition
(13:57 , 13.04.19 )
Final election results: Likud gains seat, Blue
Likud at 36-35 for Blue and White; New right Party of Bennett and Shaked, fails
(02:12 , 12.04.19 )
Beresheet spacecraft reaches moon but landing
The little craft aimed to end its six-week journey by making the Jewish state
(23:34 , 11.04.19 )
'Kosher' phones blocking sex abuse helplines
The rabbinical committee that oversees 'kosher' phones for Haredi public ordered
(21:31 , 11.04.19 )
Sudanese community in Tel Aviv celebrates
Some 7,000 Sudan nationals took to the streets of Neve Shaanan - known for its
(15:47 , 11.04.19 ) 
Prepare for landing: Israel's Beresheet
At a little past 10pm Thursday, the SpaceIL craft will begin its descent to the
(14:28 , 11.04.19 )
Bennett and Shaked demand recount after
The New Right party claims someone is 'cheating right-wing out of votes' after
(11:40 , 11.04.19 )
Expectations grow in Sudan for Al-Bashir's
An announcement by the military leadership is expected amid roumors Al-Bashir
(10:43 , 11.04.19 )
In leaky White House, Trump team keeps Mideast
Trump expected to release initiative once Netanyahu forms a coalition; plan kept
(23:14 , 10.04.19 )
Election night in pictures
From the triumph kiss of the Netanyahu couple to Gantz's premature victory
(20:44 , 10.04.19 )
Arab parties pay the price for the indifference
Hadash leader Ayman Odeh calls the turnout a 'nightmare' - as joint Balad-Ra'am
(20:32 , 10.04.19 )
Gantz, Lapid concede defeat
After final vote count made it clear that Blue and White lack the ability to
(20:30 , 10.04.19 )
Religious parties may prevent needed budget
Ultra-Orthodox parties made small gains in April 9 vote and may demand more
(17:55 , 10.04.19 )
Trump hails Netanyahu's election victory as good
President says there is a better chance of Israel and Palestinians reaching an
(17:53 , 10.04.19 )
Suit filed over gun controls inspired by
A coalition of gun rights groups want newly minted laws overturned, calling them
(14:54 , 10.04.19 )
21st Knesset: More ultra-Orthodox, fewer women
Female and ultra-Orthodox MKs will both represent a quarter of the next
(14:41 , 10.04.19 )
Record number of 'wasted votes'
Some 325,000 ballots might be essentially useless if the count of over 200,000
(11:58 , 10.04.19 )
Airbnb reverses on delisting Israeli
Airbnb announced it would donate any profits generated for the company to
(11:21 , 10.04.19 )
Netanyahu's traditional partners set to join the
A right wing and religious coalition gives Netanyahu his victory despite Likud
(09:52 , 10.04.19 )
With 97% of votes counted, Netanyahu set to form
With 97.3% of the polling stations already counted, Likud and Blue and White
(02:22 , 10.04.19 )
Fearing obsolescence, small parties seek to
While Gantz and Netanyahu both claim victory, the other end of the scale is
(01:32 , 10.04.19 )
As exit polls predict tight race, both Netanyahu
' We won, the people of Israel have spoken,' said Gantz, while Netanyahu
(23:05 , 09.04.19 )
Exit polls: Gantz inches out Netanyahu, but
Two polls show right bloc with more seats, while public broadcaster predicts a
(22:25 , 09.04.19 )
With end of voting in sight, party leaders make
Candidates lament low turnout, call upon their potential voters to get to the
(20:48 , 09.04.19 )
86-year-old leaves home for first time in 15
Bat Yam resident Zina Bar-Ness has been housebound for a decade and a half, but
(19:26 , 09.04.19 )
Beaches and ballots: Israel's 'critical
Voters arrive at the polls with their children and grandchildren, with some even
(18:13 , 09.04.19 )
Outrage as Likud activists secretly film voting
Police, elections ruling body intervene as party claims cameras placed in
(16:23 , 09.04.19 )
Israel votes: Gantz and Netanyahu cast their
PM was the last of the high-profile candidates to vote, with his main challenger
(11:47 , 09.04.19 )
Seeking fifth term in office, Netanyahu makes
With allegations of corruption looming over his campaign and polls pointing to
(10:52 , 09.04.19 )
The elderly voters who never stopped fighting
Six voters in their golden years bring in their combined 511 years of experience
(08:27 , 09.04.19 )
Polls open as Israelis pick PM, Knesset
Election Day gets underway as 6.3 million eligible voters cast their ballots at
(07:56 , 09.04.19 )
From Druze to 'dati': Face to face with the
From the settlers uncertain whether to vote for Gantz or Netanyahu to the Likud
(23:21 , 08.04.19 )
Netanyahu, Gantz make last pitches in tight
Less than 12 hours before polls open; Netanyahu faces his stiffest challenge in
(21:43 , 08.04.19 )
Election exodus: Some 60,000 Israelis abroad as
Tens of thousands will spend Tuesday in a different country, and while some made
(17:31 , 08.04.19 )
Israel goes to the polls: How it all works
Which parties will win enough votes to secure a spot in the Knesset? Who is most
(13:28 , 08.04.19 )
B'nai B'rith honors Ynet's Attila Somfalvi for
Senior anchor and political commentator praises fellow winners Antonia Yamin and
(12:00 , 08.04.19 )
President Rivlin: The election campaign filled
In an event dedicated to the memory of Israeli author Amos Oz, Rivlin expressed
(09:46 , 08.04.19 )
Ahead of elections, Israeli Arabs are
While some of Tira's residents are outraged over rightist parties that incite
(08:53 , 08.04.19 )
IDF troops vote 72 hours before ballots
Some 643 ballot boxes were set up across all military bases in what the head of
(23:18 , 07.04.19 )
Dozens of neglected animals evacuated from Gaza
Members of animal welfare group - Four Paws International - transport at least
(21:18 , 07.04.19 )
The battle for ministerial positions
With days still left before the April 9 elections, the race for the most sought
(19:46 , 07.04.19 )
PA: Netanyahu will have real problem if annexes
PA foreign minister believes the prime minister's promise to declare sovereignty
(16:50 , 07.04.19 )
Report: Labour burying, dismissing anti-Semitic
The Sunday Times reveals The Labour Party has failed to take disciplinary action
(14:08 , 07.04.19 )
U.S. to designate elite Iranian force as
Critics warn move could open U.S. military and intelligence officials to similar
(13:43 , 07.04.19 )
Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank settlements if
PM says no Israeli settlement will be under Palestinian sovereignty, and that he
(09:21 , 07.04.19 )
Experts warn of cyber threats ahead of Israel's
While Netanyahu brags that there is no country 'better prepared' to combat cyber
(20:10 , 06.04.19 )
Cairo looks outward to keep Sisi in charge until
As he heads to Trump meeting in Washington, the Egyptian president is counting
(14:13 , 06.04.19 )
'The feeling that they are just waiting for me
After giving their country their best years, Israel's elderly find they have no
(20:09 , 05.04.19 )
Sources: UN nuclear watchdog inspects Iran
International Atomic Energy Agency visited multiple times the site in Tehran the
(21:39 , 04.04.19 )
After 37 years, Israeli soldier missing since
Funeral attended by President Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and relatives of
(19:08 , 04.04.19 )
Russians demand more warning time before Israeli
Demand comes during Moscow meet between Netanyahu and Putin, as Russian leader
(17:35 , 04.04.19 )
Facebooks blocks Israeli far-right politician
'100 dead terrorists, but not a single hair will fall from the heads of IDF
(14:48 , 04.04.19 )
Putin to Netanyahu: We found remains of missing
Russia takes credit for the repatriation of deceased MIA Zachary Baumel, says it
(14:07 , 04.04.19 )
'We identified Baumel by the Hebrew on his IDF
After 37 years, incredibly preserved personal items were what gave away the
(12:29 , 04.04.19 )
A bittersweet operation: How ISIS and Russia
20 sets of remains arrive in Israel after two years of work; Moscow facilitated
(09:28 , 04.04.19 )
Brazil's president calls Nazis leftists after
Jair Bolsonaro echoes remarks made by his country's foreign minister earlier,
(21:23 , 03.04.19 )
After 37 years, body of missing soldier returns
Brooklyn-born Zachary Baumel was MIA since June 1982 Battle of Sultan Yacoub
(17:49 , 03.04.19 ) 
Report: Hamas, Islamic Jihad order end to Gaza
Haniyeh says 'no reason' why Hamas cannot discuss prisoner swap, likely
(15:07 , 03.04.19 )
Would-be Palestinian attacker shot dead in West
Israeli driver opens fire on knife-wielding man who tried to stab him inside his
(10:21 , 03.04.19 )
President's wife hospitalized in severe, stable
Nechama Rivlin, wife of President Reuven Rivlin, is hospitalized in stable
(09:15 , 03.04.19 )
Following report, Twitter blocks fake accounts
The social network removed a number of the pro-Netanyahu accounts that operated
(21:09 , 02.04.19 )
Hamas gives Israel demands for security
Terms passed via Egypt include restoring visits, ending policy of jamming cell
(15:41 , 02.04.19 )
PA officials: Palestinian killed in West Bank
Incident occurs when soldiers operating in Qalandia, north of Jerusalem, come
(12:02 , 02.04.19 )
Netanyahu to meet Putin in Moscow on Thursday
Israeli leader's office did not elaborate on the nature of the visit; the
(11:27 , 02.04.19 )
Despite setbacks, Hamas' grip on Gaza has never
Netanyahu seemingly prefers working with Hamas then with Abbas, but for Gaza
(08:04 , 02.04.19 )
Ali Express selling Nazi figurines
The popular online retailer is brazenly selling lego figures of Hitler and Nazi
(23:02 , 01.04.19 )
Last WWII partisan commander passes away
Leonid Bernstein was a highly decorated anti-Nazi fighter; he sabotaged Nazi
(23:02 , 01.04.19 )
Gantz: Netanyahu leading campaign of terror on
Blue and White leader lashes out after report says fake Facebook, Twitter
(17:31 , 01.04.19 )
Islamic Jihad planning major attack to scupper
Assessment based on unusual activity by members of group's military wing in
(14:24 , 01.04.19 )
Israel allows fishing zone in Gaza to be
Gaza fishermen's committee say they've received Israel's approval through
(12:41 , 01.04.19 ) 
An army of fake social media in the service of
New report finds synchronized system of Facebook and Twitter users aimed at
(11:58 , 01.04.19 )
Arab leaders to draft UN Security Council
22 member states of the Arab League also said they will seek a legal opinion
(08:38 , 01.04.19 )
Brazil opens Israel trade mission in Jerusalem
Move short of full embassy; Brazilian officials fear embassy move would harm
(21:28 , 31.03.19 )
With no documents and no home, desperate Syrian
Women are hardest hit in Syria because often male relatives had their names on
(20:25 , 31.03.19 )
Arab League showcase unity against Trump's
In an annual summit, 22 member states - including Washington's regional allies -
(15:43 , 31.03.19 )
Former London mayor: It’s not anti-Semitic to
Ken Livingstone, who quit Labour two years into suspension for saying Hitler was
(15:01 , 31.03.19 )
The flamingo road
Drivers on Route 4 were caught in an unusual traffic jam after a pink flamingo
(14:53 , 31.03.19 ) 
Brazil's president begins Israel visit with
Jair Bolsonaro proclaims 'I love Israel' upon landing at Ben-Gurion Airport but
(12:25 , 31.03.19 ) 
Last day of March in Israel marked by stormy
Unusually cold spring weather and heavy rainfalls hit most of the country on
(11:23 , 31.03.19 ) 
Barrage of rockets hits southern Israel but Gaza
Israeli military strikes Hamas military positions in response to rockets fired
(08:42 , 31.03.19 )
Two Palestinian teens killed by IDF fire as
Medical officials in the enclave say at least 64 protesters were wounded in
(14:04 , 30.03.19 )
German band Rammstein blasted for concentration
Jewish organizations and the Israeli government condemn hard rock band's new
(23:01 , 28.03.19 )
Netanyahu: Military operation in Gaza only as
After two days of calm, PM sends a message that a ground operation is not on the
(18:39 , 28.03.19 )
Shuttle diplomacy: Egyptian delegation returns
After presenting terror group's response to Israeli proposal for calm, team of
(14:32 , 28.03.19 )
UN Security Council nations slam US for
14 fellow members of international body all condemn Trump declaration, with
(12:52 , 28.03.19 )
At least 7 said killed in airstrike on Iranian
Syria Observatory for Human Rights says all of the fatatlities were Iran troops
(12:05 , 28.03.19 )
Report: Israel strikes Iran weapons stores in
Opposition sources familiar with Tehran's military presence in Aleppo area say
(09:32 , 28.03.19 )
Gaza terms take shape: End to border violence,
Egyptian mediators present Hamas with Israeli conditions in overnight meeting
(08:47 , 28.03.19 )
Rabbinate judges rush a divorce deal to allow
The man had just 'come out' but has already met his new life partner and wanted
(22:12 , 27.03.19 )
Egyptian mediators rush to Gaza Strip as
Egyptian delegation enters Gaza, will attempt to extend truce and end Friday
(22:11 , 27.03.19 )
Hamas leader: The resistance spoke and Israel
Ismail Haniyeh, whose Gaza City office was destroyed in Monday IAF strike, says
(16:03 , 27.03.19 )
Gantz party hunting mole behind embarrassing
Blue and White party holding internal investigation into finding person who
(14:50 , 27.03.19 )
'You lost,' Sderot mayor tells Hamas leader in
After years of attacks from the Hamas-ruled Strip, head of southern town
(13:57 , 27.03.19 )
Israel opens schools in Gaza border towns as
IDF soldiers patrol educational institutions in communities near the Strip, but
(12:30 , 27.03.19 )
Report: Hamas won't halt weekend protests at
On eve of first anniversary of protests, UK-based, Arabic-language paper says
(10:09 , 27.03.19 ) 
Gaza rockets, Israeli airstrikes resume
Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Ashkelon, while Israeli Air Force targets
(08:20 , 27.03.19 ) 
Syrians protest Trump's decision on Golan
Thousands of Syrians gathered in cities throughout the country to protest US
(23:12 , 26.03.19 )
US envoy hints at peace deal with Israeli
Ambassador David Friedman told AIPAC that the US administration is sympathetic
(19:12 , 26.03.19 )
Iran's Rouhani, Hezbollah’s Nasrallah urge
Iranian president: ‘The excessive demands of the Zionist regime and the wrong
(18:46 , 26.03.19 )
Wolf family glad to be alive despite losing
'We're a strong family, we'll survive,' say brothers after their home was
(16:58 , 26.03.19 )
Netanyahu to AIPAC: Israel will do whatever is
In satellite address from Tel Aviv, PM tells pro-Israel lobby that Jewish state
(16:35 , 26.03.19 )
No ceasefire, more hard blows on Gaza, says
Official says IDF given 'the last word'; remarks come shortly after Netanyahu
(13:48 , 26.03.19 )

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